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Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Boots – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.5/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

For a premium quality work boot that will keep you comfortable on your feet all day long, the Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is built to deliver long-lasting versatility that fits your workplace and lifestyle needs.


  • Made in the USA by one of the country’s oldest shoe companies.
  • Premium quality materials used for superior aesthetics and functionality.
  • Breathable and shock-absorbing footbed to prevent foot fatigue.
  • Stylish profile is versatile enough to be maximized in the workplace and in social settings.


  • Not waterproof
  • No toe protection in place
  • Outsoles do not offer strong traction



Type of Toe

Soft Toe


3lb / 1.4kg / 49.38oz



Shaft Size

6 inches



Boot type

Moc Toe Boots



Safety certifications


Price range

$239.95 to $299.00


The exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship used on the Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is evident from the first time I saw and used the boots. The 8-inch-high shaft offers enhanced calf coverage and ankle stability for working nonstop all day long. The stylish moc toe design works wonderfully in and out of the worksite without compromising long-lasting comfort. Thorogood’s American Heritage line features high-quality work boots that are made in the USA so you can be sure of the superior quality and construction with every purchase. This MAXWear Wedge Moc Toe Boot also comes in a 6-inch version for those who prefer a work boot with a lower cut. Meanwhile, the 8-Inch Safety Toe Moc Toe MAXWear 90 Boot is more suitable for those who need the increased safety from the steel toe protection and the 90-degree heel. Also from the American Heritage series, the Midnight Series Moc Toe Boot (in soft toe and safety toe versions) is a great alternative for those who want an all-black boot without the previous models’ signature white outsole. The Rockrooster Norwood Men’s 7-Inch Moc Toe Work Boots is a great choice for working in warm environments because of its moisture-wicking and cooling fabric lining, while the Ever Boots Steel Toe Moc Toe Construction Work Boot is an excellent option if you the steel toe protection in a soft leather structure.


The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is built with more than the basics to keep you working efficiently and comfortably all day long. The genuine leather upper, eyelets and lace hooks all have a premium look and feel that fit wonderfully with the rest of the construction. This boot has a casual appearance that looks much better than conventional work boots that have a strictly industrial look. You will not have difficulties pairing this moc toe work boot with the outfits that you wear outside the work zone because of the stylishness, which, in turn, does not compromise functionality. A slip-resistant outsole and fiberglass shank work together to promote continuous stability throughout the day, although the outsole did not work as promised when it came to more challenging conditions. Inside, a cushioned insole and shock-absorbing footbed aim to keep the feet protected from experiencing extreme discomfort even with hours of working nonstop. We will delve deeper into the features that make these boots one of the best options in the moc toe category.

We worn and thoroughly tested one of the most popular and iconic moc toe boots in America and beyond – the Thorogood Heritage! The results are summarized below.

Ideal For

  • Working indoors where exposure to water and other liquids can be avoided.
  • Workplaces with no impact or compression threats.
  • Those who prefer a work boot that is also handsome enough to be used for dressing up.


Performance Analysis


The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is fitted with an exclusive cushioned insole that cradles the shape of the foot, along with a shock-absorbing footbed within the boot as well. This helped with significantly reducing the pain that can come from the repeated impact that my foot experienced with the constant movement throughout the day, allowing me to keep going with the tasks at hand while keeping discomfort managed easily.

With most of the impact absorbed and with the right amount of cushioning inside the boot, I was able to continue working without feeling that my foot was pressed into the hardness of the outsole. The full-grain leather upper had a nice premium feel that did not need a long break-in period, so I was able to enjoy the boots’ benefits to the fullest a short while after receiving the package.

The leather was not too stiff, but it also was not too soft. The texture was just right to allow me to move without restrictions but also had a satisfying heft that contributed to the overall stable feeling of the boot. There was a bit of cushioning on the collar that aided with keeping the calf area comfortable as it prevented chafing on this area. The high shaft height felt secure and comfortable without getting in the way of my movements, so I had no trouble finishing the various activities in and out of the workplace for the rest of the day.



Most of the boot’s weight rested on the thick outsoles and I definitely felt this bulk but in a good way since the extra weight made the boot feel more stable on slippery surfaces. With the increased shaft height, I believe it was an advantage that the outsoles had that extra weight on them to balance things out on the top and bottom. While I was using the boots all day long, I did not feel like I had cinder blocks weighing my feet down, so it was much easier to keep working efficiently throughout the day in a more comfortable manner.



While the outsole is made of a proprietary slip-resistant PU material, I felt that it lacked the strong traction needed to be able to navigate trickier ground conditions. These outsoles may work great in some wet indoor floors that are moderately slippery, but the lack of aggressive treads may have contributed to the less-than-stellar traction overall. Going over uneven surfaces was a bit difficult with these boots on; I did not feel confident with my movements and was forced to slow down out of fear that I might accidentally slip on the challenging surfaces. The outsole situation makes this boot a suitable choice for indoor settings but not for outdoors with more difficult ground conditions.


Fit and Sizing

These boots have a relaxed fit that made the overall experience comfortable. The moc toe design left a bit of room on the toe box that allowed the toes to wiggle if needed, which was a blessing when the long working day started to take its toll and I started to feel a bit of cramping on my feet. The relaxed fit of the boots made me feel like I could downsize to a full smaller size, although I have heard of other users saying that the boots felt true to size, and some others said that the boot sizing ran small – so I guess it all boils down to differences in foot anatomy. It was easy to get to the most comfortable fit with the help of the lace-up design that kept the boot fitted snugly and securely over my foot and calf. This prevented my foot from shifting inside the boot, so I was able to move confidently throughout the day without worrying about feeling uncomfortable or twisting my ankle.



This is not a waterproof boot, so it is not recommended for use in wet or waterlogged conditions, especially outdoors when there is a chance of rain. However, the oil-tanned leather material of the upper is water-resistant so it can withstand small splashes of water without compromising the dryness of the foot inside. But to be on the safe side, it is better to use the boots in relatively dry conditions since exposure to water and other liquids may lead to wetness seeping into the boot interior.



The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is equipped with a Poron Comfort insole that provides ample cushioning to prevent discomfort all day long. This exclusive material also works hard to maintain breathability within the boot, allowing air to move freely so that the inside feels relatively fresh and cool even with the long hours of boot-wearing. The breathable cushioning is a considerable advantage in this boot given its high shaft, which otherwise would mean that the inside can become unbearably hot with just a few hours of use.


Quality and Durability

This made in the USA boot is manufactured by a company that is run by employees (who know first-hand what matters when it comes to great boots) and is one of the oldest shoe companies in the country. The oil-tanned full-grain leather used for the upper has a premium feel and appearance that marks the level of quality that this boot delivers.

The leather felt comfortable right out of the box, so I was able to use it almost immediately since there was no need for a long break-in period.

The oil-tanned leather is also resistant to scratching to provide dependable aesthetics and functionality that you will be able to enjoy for a long time.

Although this leather upper is water-resistant, it is not completely waterproof, so the boots are not recommended for use in wet conditions and outdoors.

The moc toe design offers a comfortable fit with a bit more spaciousness inside, at the same time creates a stylish profile that you can take straight from the job site to a more social setting without worrying that the boot will look out of place paired with your casual clothes. A fiberglass shank works to maintain stable footing, especially when navigating uneven ground conditions and other challenging surfaces, without adding significantly to the overall weight of the boot. The boots do not have safety toes so they are not suitable for harsh working conditions where there may be threats of objects that can fall down on the foot. The Goodyear welt construction guarantees a strong bond between the outsole and the upper while providing you with the chance to get the boots re-soled in the future whenever needed.


Other Versions

The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is part of the brand’s American Heritage Moc Toe series of boot that comes with a classic look that works superbly on and off the workplace. This boot, which is available in the color tobacco oil-tanned and trail crazyhorse versions, is offered in wide and regular sizes. It is also available in a 6-inch profile with the same features (apart from the shaft height). There is another version of the 8-inch moc toe boot that comes with a 90-degree heel as well as steel toe protection for added safety in the workplace. Within the same American Heritage Moc Toe series, there are different variations of the moc toe wedge boot, including the Midnight Series boots that have an all-black profile (as opposed to the MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot’s white outsole and brown leather colorway). The Briar Pitstop boots, still from the same collection, comes with waterproof uppers that are more suitable for working in wet conditions. There is also a moc toe pull-on Wellington boot with a safety toe feature made with Trail Crazyhorse leather.


The Challengers

6-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot

The first challenger is the 6-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot from the same Thorogood American Heritage line. It is fitted with the same Poron Cushion footbed that offers a breathable interior to prevent overheating, as well as the fiberglass shank for all-day support without excessive weight. This boot may be a better choice if you prefer a work boot with a lower shaft that can also be paired with more casual outfits. With a more lightweight profile, this boot can also be more comfortable to wear for long hours of work.

Men’s 8-Inch Safety Toe Moc Toe MaxWear 90

The Men’s 8-Inch Safety Toe Moc Toe MaxWear 90 is another great alternative from the American Heritage collection. The enhanced height will work well for those who need the added calf coverage for increased ankle stability, comfort, and protection in various workplace conditions. The moc toe design offers a comfortable fit that can keep you going for the better part of the day and can easily be used for a night out after work. The most noteworthy enhancement to this 8-inch is the addition of the steel safety toe that will provide protection against objects that can roll or fall on the foot to prevent serious injuries at work. This boot is also fitted with an outsole with a 90-degree heel that offers increased stability when going up and down ladders and while working on uneven ground conditions. The $10 difference from the American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is a small price to pay considering the amplified foot protection that the MAXWear 90 boot can deliver.

Thorogood American Heritage Midnight Series 8-Inch Black Moc Safety Toe

The Thorogood American Heritage Midnight Series 8-Inch Black Moc Safety Toe comes in an all-black profile that can be seen as more stylish compared to the brown leather and white outsole combination of the previously discussed boot models. This boot comes with a wedge outsole that is slip and oil resistant for superior traction on challenging surfaces. The shock-absorbing footbed stops foot fatigue from developing, especially during long days at work when resting and stopping in between tasks is simply not possible. With a steel safety toe in place, this work boot is suitable for hazardous work environments where there may be a danger of tools and other objects falling on the foot from a great height.

Rockrooster Norwood Men’s 7-Inch Moc Toe Work Boot

The Rockrooster Norwood Men’s 7-Inch Moc Toe Work Boot is another superb moc toe boot that works great in a workplace setting and will not look out of place when paired with dressier clothes. It comes with strong arch support to prevent foot fatigue and delivers continuous impact absorption to keep you going throughout the day with minimal discomfort. Inside the boot, the Coolmax technology works to maintain a fresh and cool feeling all day long to stop an overheated feeling from enveloping the entire foot. The TPU outsole comes with long-lasting durability and is resistant to low temperatures, making this boot a suitable choice for working in cold environments.

Ever Boots Steel Toe Moc Toe Construction Work Boot

The Ever Boots Steel Toe Moc Toe Construction Work Boot comes with steel toe protection for increased foot safety from tools, equipment, and various objects that are in danger of falling on the foot from a significant elevation. This boot also has a steel shank in place to maintain all-day stability while easing the pressure off the foot, especially when climbing ladders or going downhill and uphill for the better part of the day. The soft leather of the upper does not need a long break-in period to help you immediately maximize the boot’s benefits. With a price under the $80 mark, this boot is hard to beat when it comes to great value and overall functionality.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8-Inch MAXwear Wedge Moc Toe Boot is a versatile boot that offers superior functionality in the job site while delivering a stylishness that can fully be enjoyed with non-work-related outfits and settings. The premium materials guarantee long-lasting durability that can be relied on for comfort and support to keep you going all day long without compromising your productivity in the workplace. However, the lack of safety toe features and waterproofing makes this boot an unsuitable choice for hazardous environments.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!