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Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boots Review

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Rating : 8.6/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Featuring a waterproof lining and flexible wedge sole, the Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boot has the functional and aesthetic benefits you’re looking for in a great work boot.


  • Storm Defender waterproof membrane
  • FastDry lining
  • Stylish moc-toe wedge profile
  • Shock-absorbing insole
  • Electrical hazard protection


  • Slightly tight on the toes and loose on the ankle area



Safety Toe



2.2lb / 0.99kg / 34.92oz



Shaft Size

6 inches


Rubber wedge


The Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boot’s stylish profile was the first thing that caught my eye, but I discovered soon enough that it offered a host of functional benefits as well. I was impressed with the Storm Defender waterproof lining because it didn’t allow wet elements to come in and at the same time worked hard to dissipate heat and moisture to maintain a breathable boot interior. The high-traction wedge sole was flexible enough to adjust to my steps for comfortable walking. The PU insole offered comforting cushioning and shock absorption, although the boot’s sizing seemed a bit off in the toe box and ankle areas. The electrical hazard safe design offered a secondary layer of protection against electric shock in dry conditions in case there’s accidental contact with open circuits. Read on to discover even more of this boot’s remarkable qualities.


To keep you walking comfortably while on the job, this boot is designed to support your agility in style.

Ideal For

  • Those who prefer moc-toe style work boots
  • Wet, non-hazardous work conditions
  • People who are after comfortable, quick-drying work boots


Performance Analysis



Style and comfort don’t automatically go hand-in-hand when it comes to footwear, so I was very happy that the Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boot excelled in both aspects. The wedge sole gave me a considerable height boost that I was able to enjoy without the strange feeling that I used to experience when using boots with elevated soles. The sole had a springy feel that somehow helped me sustain my energy throughout the long hours of standing and walking. I especially liked the sole’s flexibility as it allowed me to walk normally without my mobility being restricted by rigid components underfoot.

Inside, the PU insole did a good job of warding off the pain by creating a soft enough base to cradle my foot. It was comforting enough to protect my foot against the discomfort that can come from being pressed into unyielding surfaces, but still supported my foot’s proper alignment all day long. This enabled me to walk in a more stable manner as my foot didn’t easily slide inside the boot with every step. I appreciated the insole’s shock-absorbing role as it took in the impact of walking on hard surfaces, keeping the force diffused so it wasn’t painfully concentrated on only one area.

I liked the mesh lining that surrounded my foot with a soothing texture, forming a protective barrier so my skin didn’t rub painfully against the boot’s interior. I didn’t need to worry about fallen arches, thanks to the strong arch support that cradled my foot for enhanced comfort and stability. Speaking of support, the tall height kept my ankle in its proper position, stopping it from easily twisting when I walked quickly on uneven or slippery ground conditions.

With all the comfort features in place, it’s worth noting that there were some areas that brought discomfort as well. Even with the moc toe design, the boot still felt a bit tight around the foot, causing uncomfortable toe pinching on the toes. I also felt at times that the calf area was a bit loose, yet the back portion still dug painfully into my calf.



This boot has considerable weight, but somehow, it didn’t feel as bulky as I expected it to be. I didn’t expect it to be lightweight because of the tall height, but the wedge sole definitely helped prevent the boot from becoming as heavy as footwear with lugged rubber soles. The absence of a safety toe cap also contributed to the boot’s minimal weight feel and added to its overall comfortable structure.



I liked the dual-density rubber outsole’s strong traction that effectively sustained my stable steps over slick and steep surfaces. The slip- and oil-resistant construction kept me safe from slipping accidents while navigating tricky ground conditions in a hurry. I found it cool that the treads were etched with the Carhartt logo even though it didn’t have additional functional benefits. However, I have some concerns that the treads weren’t deep enough to prevent slipping when I needed to go over exceptionally unstable terrains.


Fit and Sizing

The boot’s sizing seems to be a bit off because I felt discomfort for different reasons. The boot fits a bit tight over my foot, resulting in painful pinching in the toe area that worsened with long hours of continuous boot use. On the other hand, the calf area felt loose – yet the collar still bit painfully into the back of my calf when I walked. Going up a size may resolve the issue of pinched toes, but that may only worsen the looseness of the calf area.



This boot features the proprietary Storm Defender waterproof membrane that stops water from entering, ensuring that my foot stayed dry and comfortable while I worked in extremely wet environments. I liked that this lining was also breathable, which contributed to the long-lasting foot comfort that I enjoyed in the workplace.



The same lining that blocked wet elements did double-duty as it also promoted breathability by allowing moisture and heat to escape. This kept the interior feeling cool for longer as the air is allowed to flow continuously, preventing an overheated feeling from developing even when the boot is used nonstop in humid or hot conditions. Helping further with temperature management is the FastDry lining that wicked away moisture, keeping my foot comfortably dry so I was saved from the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with having sweaty feet.


Quality and Durability

The Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boot has a superb design that stood out appearance-wise but also delivered notable functional benefits.

I liked the moc toe design as it was a refreshing change from the usual round toe work boot silhouette. It easily boosted the aesthetics of workwear but also worked remarkably well with casual attire, enabling me to fully appreciate and maximize the boot on and off the job site.

The white stitching throughout the upper delivered a bold accent against the rich leather while also reinforcing the strength of the components’ bond to one another. The metallic lace eyelets and hooks likewise added to the boot’s rugged appeal with a bit of shine, at the same time offering lasting strength to keep the laces in place. I appreciated the thick laces that were sturdy enough to accommodate numerous fit adjustments without easily fraying in the process.

This boot featured an impressive Storm Defender waterproof membrane that stopped mud, rain, and other liquid substances from getting in, maintaining a completely dry interior even when I spent a long time in exceptionally wet settings.

Aside from keeping the wetness out, this lining also let in plenty of air and kept it circulating inside. This enabled the boot to maintain a cool interior for longer even with long hours of use on humid or high-temperature settings. Meanwhile, the FastDry technology draws moisture away from the skin to keep the foot comfortably dry with all-day boot use. The electrical hazard safe design offered a secondary level of protection against electrocution in dry conditions should there be accidental contact with electrically charged objects.

With the footbed designed to follow the foot’s shape, it also delivered strong arch support that kept my foot secured in its proper alignment. Aside from saving me from the pain that might’ve resulted from fallen arches, the arch support also helped stabilize my steps, so I was able to walk confidently without feeling unsteady over varying surface conditions. The footbed provided reliable shock absorption and took in the force that’s created by walking nonstop on hard surfaces, keeping it dispersed throughout the boot, so it was easier for me to avoid foot fatigue.

However, the boot had some fit issues as the toe area felt too tight while the calf area was uncomfortably loose.

The high-traction rubber outsole strongly gripped various surfaces, helping me walk safely across slick or unstable ground conditions without worrying about slipping accidents. Walking on steep and uneven surfaces didn’t pose any problems as the sole firmly dug into the challenging conditions. It also gave me a wonderful height boost without the awkward thickness that can sometimes come with wearing boots that have elevated soles.

I especially liked the flexibility of this sole as it allowed me to continue walking comfortably without unwelcome stiffness underfoot to limit my steps.

The Goodyear welt construction helped stop wet elements from seeping in, even in wet surroundings. I do have some concerns that the not-so-deep treads won’t do so well to prevent slipping in extremely unstable ground conditions.


Other Versions

The Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boot is available in oil-tanned leather in black, brown, and dark brown color schemes. It also has a steel-toed version.


The Challengers

The Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot is built with an air-infused midsole that delivers a virtually weightless feel while walking, enhancing comfort as it brings a nice bounce to your steps. The aluminum safety toe guards the foot against crushing impact or compression so you can walk more safely in hazardous work environments. The waterproof construction ensures that your foot stays dry by preventing wet elements from seeping in when you’re in exceptionally wet settings. This boot is designed with a robust structure that can take on challenging work conditions without giving way to premature damage. The electrical hazard protection offers a secondary layer of safety against electric shock in dry conditions in case of unintentional contact with live currents. The outsole has strong traction to prevent slipping on tricky surfaces and quickly sheds dirt and mud to stop them from building up. The ankle area of the boot feels a bit loose, though, and tends to rub painfully against the skin.

The Avenger Work Boots Wedge Composite Toe Boot has a waterproof construction that completely blocks mud, rain, muck, and other liquids, ensuring that your foot remains dry while you’re in wet work environments. The contrast stitch detail all throughout the upper creates a bold look while also reinforcing the attachment of the components for lasting durability. The same contrast stitching is used to strengthen the bond between the sole and upper. The carbon fiber safety toe shields the foot against heavy objects that can accidentally roll or fall from high spots in hazardous work settings. The boot’s design meets electrical hazard safety standards for protection against electric shock if there’s accidental contact with electrically charged items. The tongue and collar are fitted with pull loops to make it easier for the boot to be pulled on. The PU foam insole cradles the foot with enough softness to stop the discomfort, while a breathable lining helps the air circulate inside the boot. It’s worth mentioning that this boot runs a bit large, so it may be best if you choose a smaller size.

The Red Wing Heritage 6-Inch Classic Moc Toe Boot has a sleek moc toe silhouette that beautifully complements workwear and seamlessly blends in with more casual outfits. The full-grain leather has a soft texture that eliminates the need for a prolonged break-in period, allowing you to fully maximize the boot’s benefits without the long wait. The contrast stitching on the upper keeps the components strongly attached to one another, at the same time delivering an eye-catching dimension to the leather upper. The water-repellent leather stops liquids from entering so you can be sure that your foot won’t get thoroughly soaked by accidental spills. The Traction Tred outsole has a flexible structure that keeps you moving comfortably and almost effortlessly as it doesn’t hamper your mobility in any way. The leather-lined footbed conforms to your foot’s shape, creating a personalized fit that offers enhanced comfort. The moc toe design provides ample wiggle room for the toes to keep cramping at bay. However, the fit tends to be narrow, so this boot may not be the best choice for wide feet.

The Irish Setter Wingshooter 7-Inch Waterproof Boot is made with waterproof leather that’s enhanced with the exclusive UltraDry waterproof system to completely seal out liquid substances, maintaining your foot’s comfortable dryness while you’re in wet work areas. The metallic eyelets and hooks keep the laces secured in place, so you’ll always enjoy a comfortable boot fit throughout the day. These components are built to last for a long time, so you won’t need to worry about premature damage even with heavy boot use. The padded collar protects the calf against impact and helps maintain the ankle’s proper position so it won’t easily twist with quick sideways movements. The PU footbed and EVA midsole work together to cushion the foot from the bottom, at the same time supporting it to promote a stable walking experience. This boot has a narrow fit, though, so it may be uncomfortable for those with wide feet.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Carhartt Women’s Waterproof 6-Inch Wedge Boot is a fashionable choice that offers lasting durability. The moc toe design gave my work attire and casual outfits an edgy vibe without compromising style and performance. The wedge outsole flexed along with my steps for a comfortable walking experience. I loved the waterproof membrane that’s also breathable, providing efficient moisture management that kept up with the challenges of varied work settings. The insole’s shock absorption helped me avoid foot fatigue after I’ve walked for hours. The boot felt uncomfortable in some areas, though – fitting tightly over the toes while being uncomfortably loose on the ankle.


What we like

  • Waterproof, breathable membrane
  • FastDry lining
  • Stylish moc-toe wedge profile
  • Shock-absorbing insole
  • Electrical hazard protection

What we don’t like

  • Slightly tight on the toes and loose on the ankle area

Professions These Are Ideal For

Farmers , Delivery personnel, Warehouse staff, Ranchers, Indoor office workers

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