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Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Boots – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.1/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for casual, stylish, rugged boots or you’re after a pair of reliable and comfortable metatarsal boots for demanding work conditions, the Georgia Boot Hammer boot would fit the bill.


  • Remarkably comfortable fit with the exclusive Comfort Core technology that delivers a high-energy return to prevent foot fatigue
  • Strong traction on different ground and floor conditions to prevent accidental slipping
  • Internal Met-Guard protects the foot from impacts while maintaining a comfortably soft structure within the boot
  • Flexible outsoles do not get in the way of natural mobility for increased movement efficiency
  • Offered in a wide range of sizes for men and women


  • Not waterproof – this boot does not stop water, mud, and other liquid substances from penetrating, so the feet can be completely soaked and uncomfortable when exposed to wet conditions
  • Feels a bit heavy mainly because of the steel shank and the rugged outsoles, but this will not likely result in all-day discomfort



Type of Toe

Yes (steel)


3lb / 1.4kg / 49.38oz



Shaft Size

6 inches


Synthetic Oil Resistant

Shoe type

Work Shoe



Safety certifications


Price range

$164.99 to $299.00


Based on our experience while using the Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe, we can say that it stands out as a comfortable work boot particularly because of the built-in Comfort Core technology that alternately builds up and releases energy in response to the foot’s movements. It is equipped with metatarsal protection that makes it a suitable choice for working in tough environments where there are objects (such as tools and equipment) that can accidentally fall on the foot. Another option that you may want to look at is the 6-inch version of this boot from the same brand that can feel even more comfortable, as the shorter shaft allows more air to get inside. Check out the AdTec Men’s Crazy Horse Saddle Leather Work Shoe and the Georgia Men’s Homeland 8-Inch Insulated-M Work Boot if you prefer work boots that deliver excellent waterproofing protection to keep the feet dry when working in wet conditions. On the other hand, the Rockrooster Men’s Composite Toe Logger Boot and the Carhartt 8-Inch Composite Toe Climbing Boot are ideal options if you are looking for work boots that can protect your feet from compression and impact hazards without the heaviness that comes from steel safety toe caps.


The Georgia Hammer Work Boot collection features two options – the 6-inch and the 8-inch boot – with both proudly featuring the exclusive Comfort Core technology for all-day comfort. We had the chance to use the 8-inch Hammer work shoes and discovered the superior comfort that it brings for use in different environments while providing nonstop protection against safety risks in and around the workplace. Comfort-wise, this pair is one of the best among competing brands with similar safety and durability qualities. This pair packs a punch when it comes to rugged features, but that sturdiness makes its presence felt with the boots’ weight. It may bring a bit of discomfort for some. Below we go into more detail about our experience using the Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe to break down what features impressed us the most, and what we find to be lacking in this product.

Aside from its premium construction, this boot delivers an increased level of protection but doesn’t sacrifice foot comfort.

Ideal For

  • People who prefer work shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear
  • Working in dry conditions that won’t require waterproof protection
  • Those who are exposed to items that can fall on the foot and cause injuries


Performance Analysis


The Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe is one of the most comfortable boots I’ve worn, especially considering that it’s mainly constructed as a work boot with protection and ruggedness as the primary features. The high-quality leather feels strong and welcoming at the same time, as it brings a softness that makes the boot that much more enjoyable to use even after long hours of working and walking. The feature that contributed the most to this work shoe’s comfortability is the proprietary Comfort Core technology used in the removable orthotic insert. It’s easy to keep discomfort at bay with the heel plug that works to store energy when the foot is pressed down on this part. It will then release that stored energy once you lift your foot. The high rebound brought by this technology resulted in almost effortless foot movement that added to work efficiency and an overall comfortable feeling that lasted for the entire day.

I also liked the double-padded leather collar that embraced my calf snugly to prevent unwelcome wiggling at the boot’s opening, so I didn’t have to worry that the material would chafe or dig into my calf.

My feet felt like they were snuggled within the fully lined interior, although I noticed a considerable improvement in comfort when I used thick socks with these work shoes. Meanwhile, the outsole is flexible enough to make my movements effortless, which may not be the case with other boots that have particularly rigid outsoles.



With a weight of 5.4 pounds for a size 10 pair, these boots are not the most lightweight that I’ve used – but they aren’t the heaviest either. I have experienced using bulkier pairs that weighed considerably more, so I still consider the 8-Inch Hammer Work Boots to be one of the most comfortable work shoes I have used – even if they aren’t light as a feather. Those who aren’t used to wearing heavy footwear may find this pair a bit uncomfortable, especially when it needs to be worn all day long with no rest periods to ease the discomfort on the feet. The little bit of discomfort with the heaviness goes away after a while – it’s just a matter of getting used to the boots’ structure for extended wear. I believe the main features that affect the weight of this pair are the rugged rubber outsoles with the aggressive treads and the steel shank that is incorporated into the sole to provide additional support.



I especially liked the extremely rugged sole that provided strong traction on the different surfaces that I walked on. These soles had a very solid structure that made me feel confident while navigating tricky ground conditions. The rubber material had a powerful grip so there was very little to worry about even when going over wet or slippery ground. As I previously mentioned, the rugged outsoles do come with considerable weight, which has its advantage and downside. The solid weight helps stabilize the boot and increase the traction for increased safety, but it can also bring discomfort when the additional bulk starts to weigh down the foot with extended boot use.


Waterproofing & Breathability

Sadly, this is one aspect that the Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe falls short on. It is not a waterproof shoe, so it does not provide any sort of protection from water or liquids. This lack of waterproofing may not a problem when your job does not involve exposure to water and other liquid substances, in which case this boot is still one of the best choices on the market for you. However, this boot is not the best option for working outdoors when there is a chance that you will encounter extreme weather or will carry on tasks on waterlogged or wet ground conditions.

Without the waterproof structure to provide ample protection, the use of this boot is limited. The only concession that may be considered when it comes to protection from excess moisture can be seen in the boot’s interior. The lining works to wick away moisture to ensure that the foot does not get soaked with sweat. I appreciated the exclusive Air Flow system that kept my feet feeling relatively dry and cool by forcing air through the insole, so the interior portion of the boot continues to enjoy proper ventilation even with extended use.


Safety Features

These may be one of the most comfortable boots I have worn, but I have not forgotten that they are still WORK boots that need to deliver some sort of protection against safety hazards in the workplace. I feel safer with the steel toe caps in place as they work with the internal Met-Guard to provide outstanding protection against items that can fall on the foot, making these boots ideal for outdoor jobs and other demanding environments where there may be impact and compression threats all around. Secondary protection from electrical hazards is also provided by the Hammer work boot, while the rugged rubber outsole offers a strong resistance against chemicals, abrasions, heat, and oil that may damage the structural integrity of the footwear.


Design and Sizing

These Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoes are true to size, eliminating the guesswork and frustrations that can come with footwear. I am a size 9 and the boots fit perfectly, so this is a pleasant discovery that gained plus points for this product in my opinion. Wearing thick socks made the boots even more comfortable and allowed me to achieve pain-free boot-wearing for the better part of the day. Another feature that contributed to the superb fit is the double-padded collar that helped maintain a snug fit throughout the day and protected my calf from chafing that may result from an inconsistent fit at the boot opening. The round toe shape delivers a snug fit in the toe box for a secure feeling that still manages to avoid painful pinching, which may be a problem with boots that have narrow toe box profiles.

It should be noted that the round-toe design may not be the most suitable choice for those with wide feet, who may benefit more from a U-shaped or roomier toe box.

This boot is made available in a wide range of sizes from an 8 to a 14 for men and women with the options appropriate for varying foot shapes and sizes.



The top-notch construction and exceptional quality leather stand out in this Georgia Boot Hammer Work Shoe. The leather has a rugged look that delivers a welcome surprise – it feels remarkably soft and flexible, so wearing the boots even for long hours at a time did not lead to significant discomfort. The premium leather reduces the strong ruggedness of the boots’ features and makes them look more stylish, so I got to maximize their use by wearing them to more casual settings such as social gatherings and other activities. Another feature that contributed to the boots’ flexibility and durability is the Goodyear welt construction that worked doubly hard to maintain the strong bond between the outsole and the leather upper, without compromising my mobility in any way.

I am particularly impressed with the rugged rubber outsole that is slip- and oil-resistant that gave me the confidence to move quickly and efficiently no matter what ground and floor conditions I navigated over the course of the day.


Other Versions

The Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer Work Shoe is also available in a 6-inch option that is brimming with basically the same power-packed features including the steel safety toe, electrical hazard protection, rugged slip-resistant outsole, the anti-impact Met-Guard, and the Comfort Core technology that makes these boots superbly comfortable even with the shorter shaft height. The Hammer collection used to include a waterproof version with composite safety toes a few years ago, but this option doesn’t seem to be available anymore. These two versions of the Hammer work shoe are available in one color – briar brown – in a wide range of sizes from 8 to 14, for both men and women.


The Challengers

Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe

The Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe is a tough act to follow when it comes to maximum comfort in a work boot, but there are other options that are worth considering. The first one is the 6-inch version of the Hammer Work Shoe that comes with the same collection of premium features. This option may be the better option if you don’t need the extended shaft height that is more suitable for harsh outdoor settings, since the shorter version may come off as more comfortable for long hours of use. With a price difference of roughly $10, though, the additional calf protection brought by the 8-inch boot may be a great investment in the long run, depending on your need.

AdTec Men’s Crazy Horse Saddle Leather Work Shoe

The next worthy competitor is the AdTec Men’s Crazy Horse Saddle Leather Work Shoe. With its waterproof crazy horse leather upper material, it offers a much higher level of protection against extreme wetness than the Georgia Hammer Work Shoe that does not have waterproof features. This boot also comes in a comfortable structure that only needs a short break-in period before you can fully enjoy its premium features to the fullest. With durable construction, safety features, and a price below $100, this boot is a great budget-friendly choice that does not scrimp on the essentials.

Rockrooster Men’s Composite Toe Logger Boot

The next product for consideration is the Rockrooster Men’s Composite Toe Logger Boot that is packed to the brim with features that deliver maximum protection while maintaining a comfortable feeling all day long. The innovative fabric inside the boot offers excellent insulation to maintain foot comfort in varying temperature conditions, while a puncture-resistant plate protects the bottom of the boot from being pierced by sharp items from underneath. The carbon fiber safety toe caps protect the foot from compression and impact dangers but don’t make the overall structure of the boot heavy, so you won’t need not drag that extra weight around all day long.

Georgia Men’s Homeland 8-Inch Insulated-M Work Boot

Another noteworthy competitor from the same brand is the Georgia Men’s Homeland 8-Inch Insulated-M Work Boot. It is a waterproof boot that guarantees dry and comfortable feet while you work in wet, muddy, or waterlogged surroundings – something that the Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe cannot deliver. This boot keeps feet warm in cold weather and works just as marvelously to maintain a comfortably cool sensation when you need to work in hot environments, with 600 grams of insulation that won’t contribute to a bulky boot interior.

Carhartt 8-Inch Composite Toe Climbing Boot

Last on the list of competitors is the Carhartt 8-Inch Composite Toe Climbing Boot that can be used for a variety of jobs and activities, with its ability to easily withstand extreme outdoor conditions. The composite safety toe keeps the foot protected from serious injuries when something heavy or blunt falls on it and maintains a lightweight structure that does not contribute to the overall weight of the boot. The waterproof construction ensures all-day foot protection against wetness as water is prevented from seeping inside the boot.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Georgia Boot Men’s Hammer 8-Inch Work Shoe works excellently for people who want their work boots to be as comfortable as possible. It goes all-out with comfortable qualities to prevent discomfort from foot fatigue while working twice as hard to protect the foot from falling objects that may cause serious injuries. It should be noted that this pair is not waterproof, so it’s not a suitable option if you are working in wet environments or when you often work outdoors and may be exposed to rain. Otherwise, this work boot is an outstanding choice that delivers a high level of performance, comfort, and protection in a well-crafted structure.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!