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Keen San Jose Women’s 6inch Boots Review

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Rating : 9.3/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built based on women’s foot form and featuring waterproof construction, the Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot has a toughness you can depend on in challenging work conditions.


  • Waterproof
  • Aluminum toe cap
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Remarkably tough construction
  • Excellent traction


  • A little loose and rubs against the ankle



Safety Toe

Yes (aluminum)


2.81lb / 1.279kg / 45.1oz



Shaft Size

6 inches



Boot type




Safety certifications


Price range

$189.99 to $299.00


If it’s possible to fall in love with shoes, I would’ve been halfway there while using the Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot. The robust construction didn’t reduce this boot’s stylish profile, which I got the chance to fully enjoy both on and off the job site. The KEEN.DRY waterproof lining stopped wetness from entering and protected my foot from getting soaked, while the aluminum toe cap kept my foot safe against dangerous impact and compression. I especially liked the cushioned insole that worked together with the exclusive air-infused midsole, with both components enhancing comfort without the heavy feel. Meanwhile, the high-traction outsole kept my footing stable and even contributed to the overall comfortable experience. Read on for a more intimate look at the qualities that make this an excellent boot choice.


Tested by tradeswomen in real-life conditions, this boot will deliver the comfort and support you need on the job site.

Ideal For

  • Those who are after comfortable, high-traction safety toe boots
  • Working in wet conditions or outdoors in bad weather
  • People who are willing to pay the price for premium work boots


Performance Analysis


With its aggressively strong profile, I didn’t expect the Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot to be as comfortable as it turned out to be. It felt comfortable from the start, with the thick leather giving in just enough to adapt to my foot’s motions. This enabled me to walk freely without extremely rigid components that would’ve hampered my natural gait. The tall boot structure made my steps a lot steadier as it prevented my ankle from accidentally twisting, especially when I was walking over uneven or extremely wet surfaces.

I appreciated the way the stiff shoelaces stayed in place, helping me walk comfortably and confidently without worrying that steps would be unstable – something that’s a risk when laces become undone. I liked the way the anatomically shaped PU footbed offered just the right amount of softness, protecting my foot so it wasn’t pressed painfully into the hard ground underneath. It had ample cushioning and followed my foot’s shape, promoting its properly aligned position that helped increase the stable feeling while I walked on differing ground conditions.

I was impressed with the exclusive KEEN Luftcell midsole as its air-infused structure added much-needed support from below without the excess weight.

It almost felt like I was walking on air as the midsole stabilized my weight but offered an almost weightless sensation, making it easier for me to enjoy comfortable walking without a heavy boot to drag my foot down.

The sole’s cushy feel was an extremely nice treat as it cradled my foot comfortably, preventing fatigue from setting in even when I stayed on my feet and walked for a long period of time. However, I discovered something that caused discomfort after wearing the boot several times. It felt a little loose, resulting in the back portion rubbing repeatedly against my heel. This caused painful chafing that I believe may be resolved by going down a size.

I loved the fact that this boot was built based on women’s foot anatomy, creating just enough room inside to accommodate my foot’s shape without compromising the boot’s supportive quality. The aluminum toe offered continuous protection against dangerous impact and compression but didn’t bite painfully into my foot from the top.



The boot’s weight was more or less what I expected given the thick leather structure and the safety toe enhancement. However, I happily discovered that the boot delivered an almost weightless feeling while walking, thanks to the proprietary KEEN Luftcell midsole. This component had an air-infused design that promoted comfortable walking by supporting my foot while giving a bouncy sensation. I appreciated the almost weightless feeling as it enabled me to continue walking without the need to carry around a weighty pair of boots.



I welcomed the non-marking outsole that allowed me to move from challenging outdoor settings to indoor areas without leaving dirt all around the clean floors. It was designed to quickly shed dirt and debris, so mud and dirt didn’t have a chance to build up and cause discomfort by dragging my foot down with excess weight. The outsole’s traction level was truly impressive as it powerfully dug into the ground, stabilizing my steps so I was able to move with more confidence as I avoided slipping on tricky surfaces.


Fit and Sizing

This wasn’t the easiest boot to pull on. The tall structure prevented me from sliding my foot easily so I had to exert more effort into the task, which wasn’t made easier despite there being a pull tab. The lacing system also made wearing the boot challenging as I needed to loosen them first before the opening became wide enough to allow my foot to slide in. I loved how secure this boot felt, though, especially after I tightened the laces, as they almost felt glued into place. It’s worth mentioning that the more I used the boot, the looser it felt – resulting in the back part rubbing painfully against my heel. I believe this can be improved by going down a size or by wearing thick socks.



The KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane prevented liquids from getting in. This gave me the assurance that my foot would stay comfortably dry inside the boot while I worked in conditions that were often exposed to water, mud, and other wet elements. The extended height also helped maintain lasting dryness as it stopped water from entering from the top when I stepped in puddles.



The boot’s lining allowed the air to pass through and move freely, ensuring that the interior wasn’t prone to overheating. Any pent-up heat was quickly dissipated before it could cause an overly warm sensation to set in. I liked how the breathable lining also helped with moisture evaporation, making it easier for me to avoid sweaty foot problems even when I wore the boot for a long time.


Quality and Durability

The Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot is built with thick leather that offered increased protection against the elements without negatively affecting aesthetics. Its robust construction looked quite severe at first but eventually looked very stylish once I was able to adjust the laces to the perfect fit. The narrow silhouette with its moc toe design made the boot look classy and rugged at the same time, allowing me to maximize the versatility at work as well as in more relaxed environments.

I appreciated the presence of the aluminum toe cap as it kept my foot protected against compression and impact threats that may be lurking in hazardous environments. However, it didn’t have the weight and bulk of steel, so the boot was able to maintain its sleek profile without compromising safety. It also felt a lot lighter compared to steel-toed boots, so I didn’t carry around the unwelcome weight on my foot.

The ergonomically shaped footbed delivered ample cushioning from the bottom, keeping my foot comfortable while I walked on hard surface conditions for hours. It followed my foot’s shape and helped maintain its correct alignment for steady walking. I loved the almost weightless feeling coming from the KEEN Luftcell PU midsole that delivered additional support underneath. This component gave a bouncy sensation that increased the comfortable experience without dragging my foot down with excess weight.

The sole delivered excellent traction as it strongly bit into the surfaces I walked on, allowing me to maintain my balanced gait while I avoided slipping on tricky ground conditions. Aside from its impressive grip, the sole also had a remarkably sturdy structure that delivered reliable durability to keep up with heavy use.

I liked how the sole easily shed dirt, so I was able to walk around for hours without debris buildup weighing down on my foot.

The electrical hazard protection delivered a secondary source of safety against electric shock in case there’s accidental contact with open circuits in dry conditions.

I liked the stitching all throughout the boot, which looked incredibly tough and contributed to its overall strength, making it a suitable footwear choice for demanding activities and environments. The thick laces and strong metallic eyelets enabled me to adjust the fit as needed without worrying about premature damage.

This boot wasn’t that easy to pull on, though, because of its tall structure and because I needed to undo the lacing system first before my foot could slide in comfortably. It also felt a bit too loose at times, so the back kept rubbing painfully on my heel. I believe this issue can be improved by going down a size.


Other Versions

The Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot is available in the following color schemes: gingerbread/gum, falcon/caramel café, and black/caramel café. It also comes in a soft-toed version.


The Challengers

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Toe Boot

The Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Toe Boot gives off serious vintage vibes, especially if you go for the copper rough & tough leather option with its beautifully worn look. It’s designed to deliver a comfortable fit, giving the foot enough space to shift while holding it securely in place for continuous stability. The moc toe design elevates the toe box for ample toe wiggle room that works to stop foot cramps from developing. The thick laces and metallic eyelets are designed to resist damage for a long time, with both components aiding convenient fit adjustments. The Traction Tred outsole cushions the foot against the painful impact of walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Its flexible structure supports natural walking without hindering your agility the way stiff boot soles can. The Goodyear welt construction and double stitching ensure the strong attachment of the upper to the sole, at the same time helping stop liquids from seeping in. However, this isn’t a fully waterproof boot, so it won’t keep the foot dry and protected against extreme wetness.

Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Boot

The Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Boot is made with unlined leather that molds to the foot’s shape, resulting in a customized fit that grows even more comfortable the more you use it. This material has less bulk than other leather types, so the boot doesn’t feel too weighty. It also gives the boot a cooler structure, making it ideal for use in warm conditions since it doesn’t overheat easily. The OrthoLite footbed creates a padded base that keeps the foot comfortable by cushioning it against the impact that comes from repetitive steps on hard surfaces. It has multiple layers that deliver varying levels of support and cushioning to ensure that your foot remains comfortable and stable while you’re walking. The open-cell structure of the footbed keeps the air moving throughout the boot for good ventilation, maintaining a cool feeling as heat is encouraged to quickly dissipate. This boot is fairly flexible, adjusting to my steps easily so it doesn’t feel like my walking is restricted by stiff materials. The Danner Wedge outsole offers lightweight support and ample cushioning without pulling the foot down with extreme bulk. However, its low-traction structure won’t be enough to prevent slipping when you’re walking on slick or unstable ground conditions.

Ariat Recon Lace Boot

The Ariat Recon Lace Boot showcases a well-crafted structure that’s versatile enough to fit in with different work areas, with enough stylishness that allows you to go straight to more casual environments after clocking out. The thick leather upper has stitching accents that not only work to elevate the boot’s aesthetics but also ensure that the structure maintains its integrity and durability even with heavy use. The footbed has four layers of cushioning to cradle the foot in the most comfortable way, at the same time ensuring that it has the continuous support needed to promote a stable walking experience. A lightweight shank provides the required rigidity underfoot to help maintain the boot’s strength and keep your footing stabilized while you navigate challenging ground conditions. The moc toe design gives the toes enough space to wiggle as needed, preventing uncomfortable cramping without compromising the foot’s secure position inside the boot. The PU outsole offers super cushioning and flexibility so you can walk naturally without feeling restricted. The metallic eyelets and lace hooks won’t easily break apart so you can rely on these components to deliver long-term benefits. However, the sole’s traction is limited, making this boot unsuitable for use on extremely slippery or uneven surfaces.

Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge Boot

The Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge Boot has a rugged appeal that seamlessly transitions from the work site to more laidback environments, so you can easily maximize the boot in different settings. The Poron comfort insole delivers generous cushioning to soften the blow of walking for hours on unforgiving surfaces, protecting your foot against severe pain. The footbed is created to absorb most of the shock coming from staying on your feet for long periods, allowing you to continue walking for longer in a comfortable way. The fiberglass shank adds the needed rigidity underneath to maintain the boot’s structural integrity, and at the same time keeps your steps stabilized. This component doesn’t weigh as much as a steel shank, performing as needed without weighing your foot down. The moc toe design gives the boot a roomy interior, with enough space for the foot to budge to stop foot cramps from setting in. The slip-resistant outsole keeps you steady on your feet but may not be as grippy as other boots with thick rubber outsoles. This also isn’t a waterproof boot, so it’s not the most suitable choice for use in exceptionally wet job sites.

Birkenstock QS 700 Boot

The Birkenstock QS 700 Boot has a sporty silhouette that makes it look more like a basketball shoe rather than a work boot. This athletic vibe makes it a great partner not only for uniforms and workwear but also for casual outfits that you can maximize off the clock. The sporty design conceals a steel toe cap that offers maximum protection against impact and compression threats to ensure that your foot won’t be crushed by safety hazards. The energy-absorbing heel soaks up and disperses the impact that’s produced by walking for long periods on hard surfaces to protect the foot from becoming fatigued. The water-resistant leather stops wetness from quickly seeping in to maintain dry foot comfort. The rubber outsole offers good traction to prevent slipping and provides antistatic protection as well. It’s also penetration-resistant to keep your foot safe from getting punctured by sharp objects that you may unknowingly step on. This boot feels a bit heavy, but it’s not enough to cause serious discomfort.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot is a remarkable choice that’s easy to fall in love with. I easily maximized its stylishly rugged profile on and off the job site, enjoying the versatile design with workwear as well as with more relaxed attire. The waterproof construction stopped liquids from soaking my foot, while the aluminum toe cap offered continuous protection against impact and compression threats without the weighty feel. The structure looks incredibly tough and can last through heavy use in challenging work conditions without easily succumbing to damage. Even the outsole didn’t disappoint, with strong treads that delivered outstanding grip on different surfaces. This comfortable boot felt a little loose at the back, though, so I experienced some discomfort as the material rubbed against my heel.


What we like

  • Waterproof
  • Electrical hazard safe
  • Incredibly tough
  • Stylish
  • Excellent traction

What we don’t like

  • Slightly loose – rubs against the ankle

Professions These Are Ideal For

Warehouse staff, Carpenters, Electricians, Construction workers, Truckers, Plumbers

Emma Ray

Emma is a senior editor at where her role mainly involves testing and writing about women’s safety work wear. Emma has 12 years of experience with leading work wear stores in Houston and San Antonio alike, where she helped hundreds of customers to choose the right work wear for their profession.