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Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof Tactical Boot – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.3/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Constructed with a waterproof liner and a shock-absorbing footbed, the Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof Tactical Boot delivers superior comfort and protection all day long.


  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable foamy interior
  • Premium construction
  • Shock-absorbent footbed


  • Plastic lace hooks may not be as strong as metallic parts


Full-grain leather

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.2lb / 0.99kg / 34.92oz



Shaft Size

8 inches



Boot type

Waterproof Tactical Boot


Under Armour

Safety certifications


Price range

$139.29 to $199.00


If you’re after a tactical boot that can offer continuous foot protection and comfort in varying weather conditions, then the Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof Tactical Boot just might be what you’re looking for. This boot didn’t disappoint when it comes to maintaining all-day foot dryness, with the waterproof lining working to keep the wet elements out even with prolonged exposure. The waterproof leather on the forefoot helped block liquids, giving me the confidence to walk on slick or muddy ground without worrying that the moisture would easily penetrate and cause my foot to become uncomfortably wet. I liked the addition of a TPU enhancement on the toe area as it delivered extra protection against abrasion and premature damage. I’m glad that it didn’t affect my boot’s mobility because it turned out to be totally flexible – unlike the rigid toe protections fitted on other work or tactical boots. I loved the cushy interior. The molded footbed followed my foot’s shape for a personalized feel, maintaining enhanced comfort even for extended hours of boot use.


I appreciated the anti-odor treatment that’s integrated into the footbed because it gave me the assurance that I wouldn’t be dealing with stinky feet even at the end of a long shift. The signature Micro G midsole added another layer of cushioning underfoot that helped ensure my foot stayed comfortably padded for hours. The outsole felt thicker than those of other tactical boots I’ve tried, delivering a more stable feel and also offering a grippy feel that protected me from slipping on tricky surface conditions. Another plus for this boot is its lightweight design, which was a pleasant surprise given the enhanced features that would’ve otherwise added a lot of extra weight to the overall structure. I just have a few misgivings about the plastic lace hooks on top as I don’t think they’re sturdy enough to last as long as metallic parts. In this article, we’ll be looking more closely at the boot’s characteristics to see which ones enhance the footwear’s functionality and if there are components that can still be improved upon for increased benefits.

To maintain your stable footing in unpredictable weather conditions, this boot has what it takes to deliver enhanced safety without sacrificing a comfortable experience.

Ideal For

  • Those who are after top-notch tactical boots with a premium design
  • Wet settings or varying weather conditions
  • People looking for comfy, shock-absorbing boots


Performance Analysis


As far as comfort is concerned, this boot is one of the top tactical boot choices I’ve tried so far. The upper felt more flexible compared to those in other tactical boots, most likely because of the combination of leather and non-leather components that resulted in a more comfortable structure. The upper didn’t dig into my foot from above, enabling me to walk normally without feeling restricted by stiff materials.

I loved how the interior had a cushy feel, with the padding surrounding my foot with enough support to prevent pain from setting in.

The footbed had a curved feel that’s not usually experienced with other boots, conforming to the foot’s shape for superior support and comfort that I was able to enjoy throughout the long day at work. This molded footbed made the boot feel like it was customized according to my unique foot shape and I loved that I was able to walk for hours at a time while feeling extremely comfortable. But while I fully appreciated the curved structure of the footbed because it provided increased comfort on my part, others may not welcome the uncommon construction, especially if they’re more comfortable with boots that have flat soles. The Contoura Support footbed worked as a reliable shock absorber, continuously soaking up the impact that comes from walking or standing on hard surfaces and keeping the force distributed throughout the boot, so my foot was saved from becoming fatigued.

I especially liked the anti-odor enhancement that’s integrated into the footbed, as it fought bacterial growth, assuring me that I’d be able to use the boot even for extended periods of vigorous physical activities without dealing with smelly feet problems at the end of the day.

The exclusive Micro G foam midsole added another layer of padding from the bottom, keeping my foot cradled so I was protected from experiencing the pain resulting from nonstop walking or simply staying upright on unyielding ground conditions, such as concrete or compact soil.

I liked how quickly the midsole responded to my steps, offering continuous cushioning while at the same time presenting a bouncy feel that helped return energy to my movements.

This responsiveness made it easier for me to fight foot pain for longer as I continued to work on the day’s tasks. Another aspect that contributed to the boot’s comfortable profile was the padded collar that hugged my calf lovingly, protecting my skin from painfully rubbing against the boot’s interior. The cushioned collar also helped keep my ankle in a secured position, stopping it from unintentionally moving or twisting when I needed to move rapidly, especially on unstable or slick surfaces. The padded tongue added welcome softness to the top while also preventing debris from entering the boot. I’d also like to mention the TPU toe cap that delivered extra protection but didn’t restrict my movements or cause any discomfort, with the flexible structure adjusting easily for almost effortless walking and kneeling as needed.



With its enhanced features, I was surprised to discover that this boot had quite a lightweight profile. I was expecting it to have a hefty feel because of the thick sole (which was thicker than the ones I’ve seen in other tactical boots), but this boot was able to maintain a minimized weight level. I walked for long hours using this boot and I’m happy to say that it didn’t cause discomfort because it didn’t have the heaviness to pull down on my foot – something that can be experienced when using bulky work or tactical boots. Even the interior had a lightweight feel, considering the generous level of cushioning that’s incorporated to prevent foot pain.



The boot’s slip-resistant rubber outsole offered good traction that helped me walk over slippery and unstable ground conditions without easily losing my balance. This rubber had a nice grip on various surfaces, allowing me to plant my foot more firmly on the ground to avoid slipping or falling. However, I still felt that the boot didn’t have the outstanding traction that’s needed to promote safety while walking on extremely slick or unstable surfaces. I believe this is affected by the short spikes on the outsole, which I assume was constructed that way to keep the weight to a minimum.


Fit and Sizing

This boot is true to its size, and I didn’t have any trouble achieving a comfy fit when I went for my usual size 10. I noticed, though, that there was some space left in the toe area, so I’m assuming that a size 9 or 9.5 would’ve provided the perfect fit. However, this extra space in the toe area does make the boot ideal for those with wide feet, because the structure is designed with just enough room to deliver a naturally secure fit for increased stability without sacrificing comfort in any way. Unlike other tactical boots I’ve tried, this one was quite easy to put on, so I didn’t have the difficulties that I usually encounter when trying to pull on a tactical boot. The upper easily gave way to accommodate my foot, allowing it to slide in easily.



I fully appreciated the boot’s waterproof structure when I needed to work in wet conditions, with the waterproof leather upper ensuring that liquids wouldn’t stand a chance of getting in even with long-term exposure. The waterproof liner further guaranteed that my foot stayed comfortably dry all day long as it sealed out extreme moisture, making me more confident to continue with my activities since I didn’t need to worry about my foot’s comfort and safety against the elements.



The boot is designed with mesh panels on the upper that let air enter to promote a cool feeling inside. The mesh material also helps with dissipating moisture and heat, but I felt that the interior would’ve been a lot better if there were more cooling or breathable components built into the structure.


Quality and Durability

I appreciated the Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof Tactical Boot’s premium construction not only for its aesthetic value but more importantly because of its functional benefits. The solid construction enhanced the advantages that the high-quality materials offered, resulting in a durable boot that easily took on a variety of activities and settings without giving in to premature damage. The boot’s robust profile gave me the assurance that I could rely on the boot’s performance without worrying about early deterioration even with heavy use. The leather upper felt thick enough to keep my foot protected against the elements and any hazards that may be present in the workplace, yet still managed to deliver nice flexibility that contributed to a comfortable experience as it didn’t bite painfully into my foot with every step.

I liked how the UA logo that’s embossed in the leather created a nice accent without negatively affecting the boot’s aesthetics, since it was integrated discreetly.

This boot was designed to keep the foot protected and comfortable in varying weather conditions, and I was able to take advantage of the boot’s waterproof structure when I needed to work under the rain or in wet environments. The waterproof leather upper worked together with the waterproof lining to block water, mud, and other liquids, keeping my foot protected in a dry cocoon to ensure a comfortable experience even with extended periods of exposure to wet elements on and off the work site. The TPU toe enhancement reinforced the toe area, keeping it strong enough to resist abrasions and scratches when encountering abrasive objects. What made this enhancement even better is its flexibility, allowing me to crouch or kneel easily without the discomfort that comes from rigid toe protection. The Contoura Support footbed showcased a curved design that molded to my foot’s curves, delivering a personalized feel that increased my comfort while also absorbing most of the shock coming from all-day walking on hard surfaces. The footbed’s anti-odor enhancement prevented unwanted smells from developing by inhibiting bacterial growth. The insole is removable so I was able to keep it clean and well-maintained with minimal fuss.

I liked how the midsole quickly responded to my foot’s movements, providing much-needed padding while also returning the energy that helped me walk and stand comfortably for longer.

The slip-resistant rubber outsole had a nice grip on different surfaces, although I felt that it wasn’t strong enough to resist slipping on exceptionally uneven or slick ground conditions.

I also observed that the plastic lace hooks don’t look as sturdy as metallic components, so they might not hold up nicely with long-term use.


Other Versions

The Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof Tactical Boot is offered in a black leather structure. It’s also available in a non-waterproof version and a mid-height option.


The Challengers

Under Armour Stellar Tactical Boot

The Under Armour Stellar Tactical Boot is built with durable water-repellent leather that keeps the foot protected against extreme wetness, stopping water, mud, and other liquids from penetrating to maintain a dry interior. This quick-drying boot allows moisture to quickly evaporate, helping maintain the clean look for longer even when the boot is used for physically taxing activities in tough settings. The 900 Denier nylon panels are designed to strengthen the upper, keeping it protected from the damage that may result from boot exposure to challenging environments and abrasive items. The OrthoLite insole molds to the foot’s contours, delivering enhanced comfort with a customized feel while stopping blister development by easing the foot’s pressure zones all day long. This insole is treated with anti-odor technology to stop the growth of bacteria that can cause unwanted smells, providing you with the assurance that you’ll get to enjoy a fresh feeling inside the boot even with extended hours of use. The insole’s open-cell structure helps maintain breathability as it permits air to circulate inside the boot, preventing heat and moisture from accumulating so overheating won’t be a problem in humid or hot conditions. However, this isn’t a fully waterproof boot, so it’s not recommended for extremely wet settings. Its plastic lace hooks also don’t look strong enough to resist damage with long-term use.

Magnum Panther Steel Toe Boot

The Magnum Panther Steel Toe Boot comes with a strong leather upper that’s fitted with mesh panels, welcoming plenty of air to promote good ventilation inside the boot so overheating can easily be prevented. The steel toe cap delivers outstanding protection against compression and impact threats, keeping the foot safe from serious injuries in hazardous work environments. The rustproof hardware offers dependable functionality that won’t easily deteriorate with heavy use, with a matte black finish that blends in with the rest of the black leather construction. The inner lining quickly wicks away moisture, helping maintain a cool interior by preventing moisture build-up when you’ve already been using the boot for hours. The molded insole is created to follow the foot’s natural shape, providing ample cushioning to ward off pain while also ensuring continuous support for a stable gait. The rubber outsole grips various ground conditions, although the traction level may not be enough to prevent slipping on exceptionally unstable or slick surfaces. This boot can also be a bit difficult to put on without first loosening the lacing at the top.

Nortiv 8 Side-Zip Military Boo

The Nortiv 8 Side-Zip Military Boot offers the essential features of a good quality tactical boot in an affordable package. The abrasion-resistant suede material helps maintain the boot’s functional and aesthetic benefits for a long time even when it’s used in challenging settings. The mesh panels encourage a lot of air to come in, promoting a well-ventilated interior to easily stop heat and moisture build-up so that the boot will feel fresh for longer, even with long hours of use in hot or humid conditions. The side zipper makes it more convenient to pull the boot on and take it off, cutting the prep time since there’s no need to fiddle with the entire lacing system. A hook and loop strap system ensures that the side zipper stays secured, allowing you to enjoy the comfortable and snug fit for hours. The cushioned insole absorbs the impact produced by long periods of walking on hard surfaces, preventing foot fatigue by spreading the force across the boot. The extended height enhances the ankle’s stability so it’s easier to walk quickly while avoiding painful ankle-twisting on uneven surfaces. The oil- and slip-resistant outsole grips the ground firmly with good traction and flexes along with each step for unrestricted movements. The boot’s light-colored upper, however, tends to become dirty quickly – and it’s quite hard to remove the stains that may easily set into the material.

Skechers Work Wascana Benen Boot

The Skechers Work Wascana Benen Boot features a no-frills profile that easily blends in with uniforms and other attire required for duty. The smooth leather can be polished to make the boot more presentable in more reserved settings. The mesh fabric helps with moisture and heat dissipation, promoting a cool boot interior for longer even with extended use in hot or humid surroundings. The waterproof seam-sealed design blocks liquids, preventing them from seeping in so the foot can stay comfortably dry in settings exposed to exceptional wetness. The memory foam insole conforms to the foot’s contours for enhanced comfort, continuously relieving pressure spots to stop blisters from forming. The cushioned collar helps maintain ankle stability, supporting it in its secured position to prevent ankle-twisting on tricky surfaces. The electrical hazard safe design offers a secondary layer of protection against electric shock if there’s accidental contact with electrically charged items. The outsole doesn’t look that robust, though, so it might not last as long as thick rubber soles.

Irish Setter Big Game Hunt VAPRTREK Boot

The Irish Setter Big Game Hunt VAPRTREK Boot showcases the proprietary UltraDry waterproof system, effectively sealing out wet elements to ensure that the foot remains dry and comfortable even in very wet conditions. The ScentBan technology prevents the development of foul smells by stopping bacterial growth, so you won’t need to deal with smelly feet issues. This boot feels like a tall sneaker, with a lightweight structure that doesn’t weigh the foot down, promoting almost effortless walking even for long hours. The memory foam insole conforms to the foot’s natural curves, delivering a superbly comfortable feeling that you’ll get to enjoy even when you need to walk or stay upright for the whole shift. The ArmaTec XT material gives the upper a high level of abrasion resistance for enhanced strength and durability. The exclusive CuShin Comfort technology features a tongue structure that reduces the pressure on the shin for all-day comfort. This boot delivers excellent traction, so you won’t easily lose your balance while walking on slick or unstable surfaces. It’s only available in camo colors, though, so it might not be the most suitable option for those after light-colored or black tactical boots.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof Tactical Boot comes with upgraded features that may not be present in more basic tactical boots. I recommend this product if you’re after a top-notch tactical boot with a premium construction, offering strength and durability that you’ll be able to maximize for long-term use. The waterproof profile ensures long-lasting foot protection in extremely wet settings, allowing you to continue your outdoor activities even with sudden weather changes. The contoured footbed delivers ample cushioning and supports the foot’s natural shape, delivering a foam-like feeling for a remarkably comfortable walking experience. The plastic lace hooks can be improved, though, as they may not last as long as metallic lace hooks.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!