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Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot – Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.7/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built with multiple cushioning layers and a lightweight outsole, the Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot delivers all-day comfort and support in an eye-catching silhouette.


  • Striking feather stitching details
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Thick yet lightweight outsole
  • Multiple cushioning layers


  • Not waterproof
  • No toe protection


Full-grain leather and suede

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.25b / 1.02kg / 35.98oz



Shaft Size

8 inches


Pro Crepe Light outsole and Duratread heel

Boot type

Western Boot



Safety certifications


Price range

$106.95 to $199.00


The Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot stands out with its ability to combine a striking aesthetic along with a comfortable experience – something not often seen in other women’s Western boot options, which are usually lacking in the comfort department due to their narrow structure. This boot is built to deliver a more relaxed footwear experience with a roomy structure that doesn’t hinder foot and toe movement from within, which made it easier for me to prevent foot cramps from taking over, especially during those days when I needed to stay on my feet for long hours at a time. I got the dark cottage color that showcased a dark brown and tan combination that was accentuated with a feather silhouette that was stitched in white and light blue thread.


This aesthetic stood out without going over the top with the details, making the boot a welcome match for most outfits because it seamlessly accessorizes or blends in with jeans and even with skirts – depending on the final style statement you wish to put forward. This boot is available in multiple color and print options so you won’t have a difficult time choosing a fashionable profile that will strike your fancy and match your fashion requirements. Aside from the boot’s eye-catching design, we’ll delve deeper into the other features so we can discover which ones similarly provide benefits and if there are components that can still be tweaked in order to enhance the boot’s functionality.

When you’re tired of plain-looking footwear, this boot will effortlessly allow your personality to shine through without hindering a comfortable experience.

Ideal For

  • Those after comfortable women’s Western boots
  • Those who want premium boots with intricate stitching and/or prints
  • People who prefer a relaxed-fitting Western boot with a round toe silhouette


Performance Analysis


The Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot comes with a multi-layered footbed that aims to deliver a comfortable experience by cushioning the foot from underneath, keeping it from feeling the hardness of floors and ground for long-lasting comfort.

I appreciated this cushioned footbed, as it protected my foot from feeling discomfort, especially when I was walking and moving around for the better part of the day without a chance to rest.

This footbed also delivered a high level of rebound that returned energy to my foot with every step, enabling me to continue with my activities while stopping extreme foot pain from taking over my day. A lightweight shank worked to stabilize my footing over a variety of surfaces, so it was much easier for me to walk around normally without the need to move considerably slower when I needed to go over wet or uneven ground conditions. The lightweight structure of the shank didn’t add significant bulk and weight to the boot, so it was able to maintain a comfortable weight level while providing more than enough support underfoot for maximum stability.

I liked how the full-grain leather upper came with a premium look that elevated the appearance of the boot but was pliable enough to adjust a bit to my foot’s movements.

This lack of extreme rigidity made it much easier for me to walk around comfortably since the upper was flexible enough not to hamper my foot’s actions – which would have been an issue if I had worn boots made with stiff leather materials. The suede shaft delivered a softer feel on the upper part of the boot that gave my ankle a wider range of motion since it wasn’t restricted by an unyielding leather material.

I loved the round toes that made the boot remarkably comfortable, compared to other women’s Western boots with pointed tips, which result in toes that get pinched and cramped, especially with extended hours of boot use.



The boot came with a weight level that pretty much matched what I expected considering its height as well as the thickness of the leather upper and sole. This isn’t an exceptionally lightweight boot, but it’s not extremely heavy either, so using it doesn’t result in discomfort. Even after extended periods, I didn’t feel a dragging sensation. It had considerable bulk that required just a bit of effort to carry around – mainly because of the upper’s thickness and height.



The lightweight outsole provided only up to a medium level of traction, mainly because it lacked aggressive treads that would have worked by biting strongly into surfaces. However, the boot still maintained my stability while walking on different types of floors and terrains, since it wasn’t slippery even on smooth surfaces.


Fit and Sizing

This boot isn’t true to size. I needed to go up a size to get a normal to relaxed fit. The round toe design of the boot provided my foot with the space it needed to be able to shift from time to time to ease some of the tension caused by tiredness. The toe box was just as spacious, making it easier for my toes to move in place when I started feeling cramps setting in as a result of continuous boot use for long hours at a time.



The full-grain leather upper offered limited water resistance that was able to protect my foot from being soaked by small splashes of water.

But because the boot isn’t made with waterproof features, it isn’t suitable for use in extremely wet conditions because the fluids can penetrate into the boot’s interior – causing structural damage to the boot and also exposing your foot to an uncomfortable experience.



The boot is fitted with a mesh lining that helps sustain a nicely-ventilated interior by allowing air to flow generously. This stops heat and sweat from completely building up inside the boot as the mesh lining dissipates excessive moisture, making it possible for the boot’s interior to maintain a cool environment even with all-day boot-wearing in warm conditions.


Quality and Durability

The Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot is a performance riding boot designed to deliver superior functionality not only for riding purposes but also for activities in and out of the work setting. The 4LR technology uses multiple cushioning layers to keep the foot fully supported throughout the day, preventing pressure points from turning into painful blisters as a result of the continuous friction coming from repetitive movements. The footbed offers all-day support and a natural bounce to return the energy to your foot with every step so your foot can be protected from feeling severe discomfort even with long hours of nonstop boot-wearing while tackling physically challenging tasks. The mesh lining works to prevent overheating by dissipating any accumulated sweat and heat to maintain a breathable environment for your foot to enjoy throughout the day.

I liked the way the boot was pliable enough to move with my foot’s actions, making it easier for me to move naturally because I wasn’t hindered by a rigid upper material that would have also caused considerable discomfort with every step.

The suede section on the shaft gave my ankle the freedom to move as naturally as possible without the restriction that can come from a stiff upper material. This boot is meant to be noticed, with multiple colors and patterns that will provide you with the chance to showcase your style using just your footwear choice.

I loved the dark cottage colorway that came with a dark brown vamp and a tan shaft, with white and blue threads featured in the intricate feather pattern to create an eye-catching silhouette that went wonderfully with jeans and even skirts.

Pull loops at the top helped conveniently get the boot on and off so I didn’t need to exert too much effort and time for the task. The Pro Crepe Light outsole came with a lightweight structure that didn’t significantly contribute to the total boot weight while delivering good traction, protecting me from slipping accidents even when I needed to walk on smooth surfaces to finish crucial tasks. The row of double stitching between the upper and sole delivers a welcome accent that also works to strengthen the bond between the two components to enhance the boot’s overall durability, allowing you to enjoy the footwear’s benefits for a long time without worrying about premature damage. The round toe shape and relaxed fit made the boot-wearing experience an enjoyable one because my foot remained comfortable within as it was able to wiggle and shift naturally when needed to ease the tension and tiredness that came from staying on my feet for long hours. I appreciated this comfortable experience that came with the striking Western-style aesthetics, which wouldn’t have been possible with other Western boots that often come with narrow toes.


Other Versions

The Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot comes in a variety of colorways and patterns – some of which feature traditional Western-style stitching, while others come with patterns that veer from the usual Western flair, such as feather stitching and an Aztec pattern. The Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot also comes in a steel toe version with pull holes insisted of pull loops, along with a version that comes with decorative perforations on the vamp.


The Challengers

Ariat Fatbaby Cowgirl Steel Toe Work Boot

The Ariat Fatbaby Cowgirl Steel Toe Work Boot is a more suitable option if you’re looking for increased foot protection for more challenging scenarios. This boot is made with multiple layers of cushioning to keep the foot cradled most comfortably, relieving pressure spots so blisters can be prevented from forming even with long hours of continued boot use. The footbed adds a welcome bounce to your step to return much-needed energy and fight foot fatigue throughout a long day of work or while engaging in your favorite leisure activities. This boot is equipped with steel toe caps that provide increased safety against serious injuries when heavy tools and other items fall onto the boot from an elevated location. The Duratread outsole is non-marking with a slip-resistant structure that will help you maintain your steady footing even in wet, slippery, and uneven ground conditions. The boot features pull holes instead of pull loops for a striking look that complements the intricate stitching on the upper.

Ariat Delilah Round Toe Western Boot

The Ariat Delilah Round Toe Western Boot delivers your style and comfort needs in a lightweight package. The full-grain leather upper features a multicolored pattern with contrast piping that draws the attention while maintaining a dainty air. The extended coverage of this 10-inch boot protects the calf and most of the lower leg from the elements while showcasing the six-row Western-style stitching. The proprietary 4LR technology brings much-needed cushioning and rebound to keep you moving as agilely as you can while preventing foot discomfort. The Pro Crepe Light outsole comes with a lightweight profile that doesn’t add a lot to the overall boot weight to maintain the footwear’s comfortable wearability while providing strong traction to prevent slipping on wet floors and other low-traction surfaces.

Durango Lady Rebel Western Boot

The Durango Lady Rebel Western Boot comes in a ruggedly stylish silhouette that brings a comfortable experience for work and leisure purposes. The shaft is accentuated with intricate Western stitching that beautifully contrasts with the solid color of the faux leather material of this part of the boot. A cushioned footbed offers flexible cushioning to ensure all-day comfort that won’t restrict your movements, while the fiberglass shank increases the stability underfoot to make it much easier for you to navigate difficult terrains. This boot is equipped with a dual-density rubber outsole that resists abrasion and slipping, with a 90-degree heel that bites firmly into uneven ground conditions to help stabilize your footing. The rocker heel also delivers enhanced stability while helping you move more comfortably over a variety of surface conditions without sacrificing your safety in any way.

Old Gringo Carolyn Western Boot

The Old Gringo Carolyn Western Boot is the boot of your dreams if you want footwear that will stand out most exceptionally. Elaborate stitching on the shaft exudes a bold elegance that will easily accentuate the plainest outfits. The toe and collar areas are enhanced even further with gold contrast leather fitted with butterfly accent stitching for eye-catching details that will elevate the aesthetics of your entire outfit. A smooth leather lining surrounds your foot with only the most welcome of textures as you enjoy the boot’s form and function. The lightly cushioned insole brings the required level of padding and support that your foot needs to carry on with the activities of the day without experiencing discomfort. This boot underwent a 250-step handmade production method that includes the tanning and development of leathers to come up with this masterpiece of a product.

Alegria Charlette Boot

The Alegria Charlette Boot is a wonderful choice that comes with an interesting design without the over-the-top detailing. A decorative harness hugs the lower part of the boot, so it looks like you’re wearing two boots in one. Zippers on both sides of the boot offer maximum convenience so you won’t have any difficulties when putting on and taking off the footwear, especially when you’re pressed for time. The cushioned footbed is lined with leather for a supple and comforting sensation that cradles your foot for long hours to stop discomfort from setting in. The thick rubber outsole comes with strong traction to maintain your stability while walking on different surfaces, with the 90-degree heel working hard to keep you steady on inclined or uneven ground conditions.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot is an ideal choice for women after a pair of comfortable Western boots that can be maximized in indoor and outdoor settings. The premium leather and colorful stitching (and prints, depending on the design you choose) give the boot a bold look that will seamlessly blend in or embellish your outfit, whether you’re using jeans or a skirt that you can enjoy in more relaxed settings. The relaxed fit and round toe profile of the boot deliver an enjoyable experience that’s much more comfortable compared to pointy-toed Western boots that can cause painful toe pinching. It’s worth mentioning that as this boot wasn’t built with waterproof materials or safety toes, it isn’t suited for use in harsh surroundings.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!