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Ariat Women’s Anthem H20 Boot – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 9.2/10
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Performance Breakdown



If you want to upgrade your footwear, this boot has the form and function you need to keep walking confidently in any situation.


  • Waterproof
  • Fashionable Western-style stitching
  • Impressively strong traction
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Durable construction


  • Felt a bit tight on the toe box



Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.12lb / 0.96kg / 33.86oz



Shaft Size

10 inches



Boot type

Electrical hazard safe



Safety certifications


Price range

$149.95 to $199.00


I loved how the Ariat Women’s Anthem H20 Boot delivered the Western styling I wanted with the function I needed in a work boot. It looked like a cowboy boot but offered the cushioning that I only expected from comfortable work boots, thanks to the exclusive 4LR technology that also delivered reliable support. With the Waterproof PRO construction keeping wetness out,


I didn’t mind working in the rain and in other wet conditions since my foot was kept dry inside the boot. The Duratread outsole kept a firm grip even on unstable ground with loose soil, making this the best out of any Western boots I’ve tried – including men’s models. Take a closer look at the boot’s features to better appreciate its remarkable function and form.

When you prefer work shoes that come with a classic silhouette, this high-quality footwear choice will work wonderfully for your needs in and out of the job site.

Ideal For

  • People who prefer stylish Western-style work boots
  • Wet environments or slick, unstable ground conditions
  • Those who are after comfortable, durable cowgirl boots


Performance Analysis


Cowboy boots aren’t my first choice for comfortable walking, so I was happy to discover that the Ariat Women’s Anthem H20 Boot was comfortable. The insole delivers great cushioning that’s enhanced with the proprietary 4LR technology. With four layers providing rebound where it’s needed the most, the insole gave off a slight bounce that helped me maintain my energy throughout long hours of walking and standing. The high-rebound cushioning protected my foot against fatigue, especially when I spent almost the entire day on my feet. This comfortably cushioned insole also created a supportive base that helped sustain my foot’s proper position inside the boot, preventing unwanted movement that would’ve led to an unstable feeling.

The boot had enough rigidity to keep its structure intact without causing discomfort. This was due to the lightweight shank that helped maintain stability, enabling me to walk comfortably as my foot kept its proper alignment even with quick sideways movements. I appreciated the stabilizing shank’s lightweight profile because it didn’t contribute a lot to the boot’s weight, preventing it from becoming too heavy or dragging my foot down.

I loved how the thick sole formed a protective base that cushioned my foot when I walked on challenging surfaces. I didn’t feel the rocks and twigs that I stepped on when I was outdoors because the sturdy sole soaked up the impact, providing me with a comfortable walking experience. The sole also felt flexible and allowed me to walk naturally without stiff parts that would’ve made walking painful and awkward. The EVA midsole formed an extra source of cushioning and support that warded off the pain to keep me walking comfortably throughout the day.

The removable insole was comfortably cushioned, but it was challenging to put back in. If you don’t plan on keeping this component out, I recommend against removing it in the first place. This is because it’s very hard to squeeze back in due to the boot’s tall shaft and the leather’s thickness.



The boot didn’t feel too weighty, which was what I assumed given its tall height, robust sole, and the thickness of the full-grained leather. Considering these components, I felt that the boot had a welcoming weight level – providing enough heft to stabilize my footing over unstable ground but without too much bulk, so it didn’t push into my foot with uncomfortable heaviness.



I was impressed with the outsole’s strong traction that kept me walking confidently over tricky surfaces losing my stable footing. Cowboy and Western boots usually have thin, slippery soles, so this boot stood out with its sturdy, thick Duratread outsole which turned out to be the best of any Western boots that I’ve tried so far – even including the men’s models. I loved how the sole cushioned my foot, so it didn’t feel pain from stepping on rocks and other sharp objects on the ground. Even if the sole didn’t have deep treads, this boot performed well over uneven, gravelly terrain as it dug strongly into the ground.


Fit and Sizing

This is a comfortable boot, but I felt some pinching on my right foot, while my left foot felt rather loose. It may be a good idea to go for a wide size or choose a pair that’s half a size bigger than your usual size to avoid any uncomfortable pinching. It’s also worth noting that while the insole felt nicely cushioned, it’s not a good idea to remove it (unless absolutely necessary). This is because it’s quite hard to put it back through the tall, tight boot shaft.



This boot’s Waterproof PRO construction maintained a comfortably dry interior, protecting my foot against annoying wetness while I worked on muddy ground or in the rain. The tall boot also worked to stop water from splashing in through the opening, so I easily waded through deep puddles without worrying about foot dryness.



The boot had a mesh lining that effectively promoted good air circulation to keep the interior cool for a longer period of time. It worked to dissipate heat and moisture so they didn’t have a chance to build up to uncomfortable levels, protecting my foot from feeling overheated when I used the boot for extended periods.


Quality and Durability

I felt very stylish while wearing the Ariat Women’s Anthem H20 Boot. It’s approved for riding and looked like a fashionable cowboy boot, with Western-style stitching on the shaft that delivered an eye-catching dimension against the rich, full-grain leather. It paired nicely with workwear and injected a rugged appeal to give otherwise plain, casual outfits a striking aesthetic. I liked the height as it provided extra coverage against abrasive materials and unwanted elements in tough settings, at the same time working to protect my ankle from accidental twisting when navigating unstable terrains.

I appreciated the pull loops that were fitted into the opening. Although they were designed to make foot entry a lot more convenient, these loops didn’t entirely eliminate the difficulty of pulling the boot on. I did welcome the scooped shape of the opening because it somehow made it easier for me to slip my foot in before I encountered a bit of tightness on the tall shaft. Meanwhile, I was grateful for the thick leather on the shaft because it worked to keep my ankle stabilized, protecting it from unintentional twisting when I was trudging on loose, unstable ground conditions.

The Waterproof PRO construction was a blessing in wet conditions as it stopped the rain, mud, muck, and other liquids from seeping in. The interior of the boot remained dry while I worked outdoors in inclement weather and in other wet conditions, so I didn’t suffer from annoying foot wetness. I welcomed the enhanced height because it helped stop moisture sources from getting in from the top, allowing me to wade in puddles and still maintain the interior’s comfortable dryness. The boot’s components, including the upper and sole, all seemed very durable, so I expect the boot to maintain its remarkable form and performance for a long time. It has a mid to high price range that’s justified by its notable qualities, offering superb value for money.

This comfortable boot had multiple layers of cushioning to promote pain-free walking for hours. The insole delivered a bouncy feel that worked to re-energize my steps, making it much easier for me to keep walking for a long time without feeling a great deal of pain. The sole had ample padding to cradle my foot comfortably while also providing enough support to keep my steps stable. I won’t recommend taking off the insole, though (even if it’s supposed to be removable) because putting it back was such a challenging task due to the boot’s extended height and tight leather shaft. It’s also worth noting that the boot’s fit is a bit off, with my right foot feeling a bit cramped while my left foot had a somewhat uncomfortably loose fit.

This boot stands out even more because of its Duratread outsole, which is the best cowboy boot I’ve worn. Instead of the thin, slippery soles that are often built into Western boots, the boot’s Duratread sole had a thick structure that was robust enough to keep my foot supported through tough environments. I loved how the sole’s thickness also worked to cushion my foot to prevent discomfort when I walked on rocky ground. The high-traction outsole promoted stable walking as it bit strongly into unstable surfaces, allowing me to navigate challenging ground conditions without easily slipping or losing my balance in the process.


Other Versions

The Ariat Women’s Anthem H20 Boot is offered in a distressed brown color. It also has a non-waterproof option, an 8-inch Shortie version, and one with VentTEK mesh panels. There’s also a version with a less rugged style (Anthem 2.0) that’s not waterproof, as well as one with a composite toe cap.


The Challengers

Durango Lady Rebel 10-Inch WP Composite Toe Boot

The Durango Lady Rebel 10-Inch WP Composite Toe Boot offers femininity and toughness in equal measure. It has a robust construction featuring a composite toe cap to protect against serious injuries in case of exposure to dangerous impact or compression.  A waterproof inner membrane is bonded to the upper, creating an impenetrable barrier that seals out mud, water, and other liquids to keep the interior moisture-free as you work in wet environments. The intricate stitching injects a stylish Western vibe to instantly elevate your workwear’s appearance and can also make a plain casual outfit more fashionable. The proprietary Durango Suspension System features a cushioned footbed to cradle the foot, contouring to its shape for superior comfort. It includes a fiberglass shank to keep the boot stable and provide much-needed arch support while maintaining a lightweight profile. The molded EVA midsole offers strong shock absorption to stop foot fatigue in its tracks. The dual-density outsole strongly grips various surfaces to prevent slipping, while the rocker heel helps increase stability for comfortable, safe walking. It’s worth mentioning that this boot runs big, so you might want to downsize to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

Justin 8-Inch Wanette Waterproof Round Toe Boot

The Justin 8-Inch Wanette Waterproof Round Toe Boot features perforations and stitching accents that give a feminine Western vibe to an otherwise tough-looking leather structure. The perforations also help some air get in, promoting better ventilation so the interior doesn’t get overly warm. The round toe style showcases the familiar work boot silhouette, with a steel toe enhancement that offers superior protection from grave injuries in case heavy items, such as tools or pieces of equipment, are accidentally dropped on the boot. The electrical hazard protection is an additional source of safety against electric shock if there’s accidental contact with electrically charged materials in dry conditions. The pull loops aid in more convenient foot entry. The exclusive comfort system comes with a flexible, cushioned insole to promote unhampered mobility. The rubber outsole is designed to last for a long time, with the heel biting firmly into unstable or inclined surfaces to enhance your stable gait. This isn’t a waterproof boot, though, and isn’t recommended for use in wet surroundings.

Double-H Boots Ari Composite Toe Boot

The Double-H Boots Ari Composite Toe Boot features beautiful Western-style stitching that draws the eye without reducing the boot’s rugged appeal. The molded pull holes help with convenient boot-wearing and are shaped to blend into the leather upper for a seamless appearance that doesn’t compromise functionality. The composite toe protection guards the foot against impact and compression threats that may be encountered in hazardous working conditions. The electrical hazard safe design offers a non-primary source of protection against electrocution should you unknowingly touch live wires or open circuits in dry conditions. The dual-density PU footbed cushions the foot to promote all-day comfort, protecting it from feeling the hardness of differnt surfaces. The slip-resistant rubber outsole keeps you walking safely as it delivers strong traction, enabling you to maintain your balance on tricky surfaces. However, this boot doesn’t have waterproof materials and won’t keep the foot dry in wet settings.

Tony Lama Women’s Gladewater Composite Toe Boot

The Tony Lama Women’s Gladewater Composite Toe Boot has a waterproof design that stops water and other liquids from getting in to keep the interior feeling comfortably dry while you’re in wet surroundings. The teal upper portion makes the boot stand out with a pop of color, enhancing the attractive cowgirl boot vibe without reducing its rugged appeal. The pull holes blend in with the stylish upper and allow for more convenient boot-wearing. The composite toe cap protects the foot against severe crushing injuries that may be a risk in hazardous settings where heavy objects can suddenly fall from elevated areas. The cushioned insole supports the foot’s proper alignment while warding off the pain that can come from hours of continuous walking on unyielding surfaces. The electrical hazard safe design offers a secondary layer of protection from electric shock in case you unknowingly come in contact with electrically charged components in dry conditions. However, the boot’s vibrant color may be less desirable to those who prefer only solid or dark colors on boots.

Irish Setter Marshall Women’s 9-Inch Safety Toe Pull-On Boot

The Irish Setter Marshall Women’s 9-Inch Safety Toe Pull-On Boot’s top features a bright blue hue that brings in a Western vibe in an eye-catching way. This portion looks almost metallic and contrasts well with the rich brown leather that’s showcased in other areas of the boot. Pull holes make it easier for the boot to be pulled on while also allowing more air to come in for improved ventilation. The steel toe cap offers maximum protection against heavy items that may suddenly drop on the boot, keeping the foot safe from grave crushing injuries. The UltraDry construction stops liquids from penetrating the boot to keep the interior comfortably dry. The electrical hazard protection adds another layer of safety against electrocution if there’s accidental contact with live currents in dry conditions. Created with exclusive RPM technology, this boot delivers comfortable cushioning, support, and durability without unwelcome heaviness. It runs a bit small though, so you may want to consider upsizing for a comfier fit.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Women’s Anthem H20 Boot is a great choice if you’re looking for a stylish cowgirl boot that performs well in work settings. I loved how the Western flair seamlessly worked with the rugged construction, delivering remarkable aesthetics and performance in equal measure. The waterproof construction sealed out liquids and easily maintained a comfortably dry interior when I was in wet environments. I was impressed with the flexible, high-traction Duratread outsole, which I consider the best out of all the Western boots I’ve tried. This insole is comfortably cushioned, but I did encounter some pinching on the toe box – something that may be resolved by going up half a size and/or getting a wide size option.


What we like

  • Waterproof
  • Fashionable
  • Strong traction
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • Tight toe box

Emma Ray

Emma is a senior editor at where her role mainly involves testing and writing about women’s safety work wear. Emma has 12 years of experience with leading work wear stores in Houston and San Antonio alike, where she helped hundreds of customers to choose the right work wear for their profession.