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Skechers Women’s Synergy Shoes – Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.9/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Constructed with a leather upper and a shock-absorbing sole, the Reebok Work N Cushion 4.0 Shoe is your dependable partner for pain-free walking or standing all day long.


  • Very comfortable
  • Powerful traction
  • Aluminum alloy safety toe
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Superior durability


  • Sole doesn’t clean up well
  • Not waterproof


Nubuck leather and synthetic

Type of Toe

Yes (aluminum alloy toe)


1.88lb / 0.86kg / 30.08oz



Shaft Size

4 inches



Shoe type




Safety certifications


Price range

$95.00 to $200.00


The Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe’s bright color accents were very attractive, but its performance was even more impressive. I was almost surprised to learn that it had a safety toe tucked into the sporty profile, especially since it didn’t result in a weighty structure. I liked how the electrical hazard safe design added an extra layer of protection against electrocution.


The memory foam insole was a welcome enhancement that significantly raised the shoe’s comfort level for a truly enjoyable walking experience. Meanwhile, the outstanding level of traction helped me walk with confidence over tricky surfaces. We’ll go for a more thorough look at the shoe’s characteristics to uncover which features most contributed to its remarkable comfort, protection, and durability.

When you want to brighten up your outfit, this shoe adds a vibrant splash of color without compromising safety and comfort.

Ideal For

  • Those who prefer a work shoe that stands out with a bright splash of color
  • Work environments that are exposed to impact and compression threats
  • People who are after very comfortable, durable work shoes


Performance Analysis


I can confidently state that the Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe is remarkably comfortable, making it a pleasure to use for work and while doing other activities. The memory foam insole made such a huge difference in terms of comfort as it delivered the ideal level of cushioning, protecting my foot from directly feeling the hardness of the surfaces I walked on.

I loved the cushiony feel of the memory foam base as it conformed to my foot’s curves, making me feel like the shoe was built according to my exact foot measurements.

The footbed had enough softness to ward off the pain but didn’t feel too thick, so the interior felt comfortably roomy and allowed my foot to budge from time to time. The memory foam material worked to ease the pressure on specific areas of my foot, making it possible to prevent blisters from developing even when I stood and walked for long hours without rest breaks in between activities. I was expecting the interior to feel a bit uncomfortable because of the presence of the alloy safety toe; luckily, that wasn’t the case with this shoe. The toe cap didn’t push into my foot, enabling me to walk comfortably without the protective enhancement biting into my toes with each step.

I enjoyed the feeling of the cushiony sole not only because it padded my foot against hard surfaces, but also because of the height boost that it offered.

I appreciated that the shoe made me feel a bit taller without the awkwardness that sometimes comes with footwear that has thick soles. The midsole worked doubly hard to maintain a high level of comfort as it took on the role of a shock absorber. It soaked the impact coming from continuous walking and dissipated it across the shoe, protecting my foot from foot fatigue for all-day comfort. I especially liked how this midsole also had a flexible structure that made walking much easier as it adapted to my steps, eliminating the restrictive feeling that can sometimes result from wearing shoes with stiff soles. The thick sole supported my steps and enhanced the stable feeling, so I walked more confidently and comfortably over different surface conditions. The flexibility of the sole didn’t limit my mobility, allowing me to move as naturally as possible without compromising the efficiency of my steps. I welcomed the light padding on the collar that hugged my ankle, providing enough support to keep it in a secure position so it didn’t easily twist with lateral movements and while going over challenging ground conditions. The upper, which is made with nubuck leather and synthetic panels, had a pliable structure that accommodated my foot’s movements and enabled me to walk comfortably without hard components biting into my skin from the top.



I found this shoe’s structure to be quite impressive because it managed to maintain a fairly lightweight profile even if it had a built-in safety toe. The aluminum alloy toe that was fitted into this shoe has a lighter configuration compared to steel. This allowed the shoe to deliver superior protection against compression and impact threats while sustaining the reduced weight profile. Without the excess weight, this shoe is a suitable partner for jobs and other activities that may require all-day standing or walking.



I fully appreciated the slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole as it had a remarkably strong grip even on tricky surfaces. I enjoyed working in my garden even more while wearing this shoe because I didn’t need to worry that I would easily slip on the slick ground. In fact, there were moments when it almost felt like the outsole was glued to the ground – the traction was that strong. This highly reliable grip makes this shoe ideal for walking or working in low-traction areas as it will help maintain your steady stance over challenging surfaces.


Fit and Sizing

This shoe is true to its sizing. I got it in my usual size 6 and it felt comfortable enough to support my foot without being excessively tight. I liked how the interior had a very roomy feel, giving my foot the space that it needs to move around to ease the discomfort resulting from hours of walking or standing. This spacious structure provided a generous allowance in the toe box, so my toes had enough room to wiggle from time to time when needed. I didn’t encounter the uncomfortable feeling of the safety toe cap pressing into my toes because of the generous vertical clearance on the toe box.



This shoe wasn’t built with waterproof components, so it didn’t do much when it came to liquid resistance. The synthetic panels on the upper easily let in water and other liquids, especially with extended exposure to wetness. As it doesn’t have waterproof features, I won’t recommend this shoe for use outdoors in inclement weather and in work environments that are heavily exposed to wet elements.



The synthetic panels on the upper welcomed more air to get into the shoe, keeping it properly ventilated so it didn’t easily overheat even with continuous use in humid or extremely warm areas. I appreciated the interior which felt relatively cool as it prevented excessive sweatiness and heat from building up, so my foot stayed comfortable throughout the day.


Quality and Durability

I loved the Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe’s look, with its bright splashes of color giving my footwear an energetic vibe that instantly perked up my entire outfit. Its sporty silhouette was fully maximized because I wore the shoe not only for work but also for casual outings. The versatile design was very easy to match with uniforms, workwear, and even clothing options for more relaxed settings.

I appreciated the thickness of the sole that delivered a noticeable height boost, making me feel a bit taller without the weirdly bulky feeling that can be experienced when using shoes with significantly thick soles.

The thick laces made fit adjustments convenient, so it was quite easy for me to achieve the perfect fit without going through a lot of hassle.

I liked the lightly padded collar that protected my ankle from chafing against the inner part of the shoe while also securing my ankle in place. The alloy safety toe ensured that my foot would be protected from serious harm in case heavy objects, such as machinery or heavy equipment pieces, are suddenly dropped on the shoe from elevated areas in the workplace. The toe cap formed a shield over my foot, giving me the confidence to work in hazardous environments without worrying too much about impact and compression threats. I was impressed that the shoe remained quite lightweight, given the presence of a safety toe. The aluminum alloy enhancement didn’t weigh as much as steel, enabling the shoe to reduce its overall weight without sacrificing its protective features.

The electrical hazard safe design provides a secondary level of protection against electric shock in case of contact with electrically charged items in dry conditions. This is an exceptionally comfortable shoe that I enjoyed using for hours on end. The memory foam insole effortlessly adapted to my foot’s shape, delivering an almost customized level of comfort as it cushioned my foot against the hardness of the floors and other surfaces that I needed to walk on. This material also eased pressure points and prevented blisters from forming as I walked for extended periods. The proprietary FlexSole midsole had a lightweight construction that didn’t add a lot to the shoe’s weight.

It provided extra cushioning and support underfoot for a more stable walking experience while flexing in time with my steps so I was able to move around freely. This midsole absorbed the shock resulting from walking nonstop, spreading the effect of that force evenly throughout the shoe so foot fatigue was prevented from fully setting in, especially when I’ve been on my feet for a long time. The slip-resistant rubber outsole powerfully gripped the surfaces I walked on, helping me maintain my balance so I easily avoided slipping on uneven or slick ground conditions.

It’s worth noting that the sole tends to accumulate dirt and is quite difficult to clean.

I was a bit surprised that this shoe had quite a high price tag because I’ve always regarded Skechers as an affordable brand. However, I still consider this to be a smart purchase that offers great value for money because its impressive features more than justify the shoe’s price tag.


Other Versions

The Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe is offered in black and blue and black and pink color schemes. There are no other versions of this shoe.


The Challengers

The KEEN Utility Women’s Vista Energy ESD Shoe

The KEEN Utility Women’s Vista Energy ESD Shoe has hydrangea-colored accents that work to elevate the aesthetic without compromising its sleek silhouette. The carbon fiber toe cap protects the foot, so it won’t get seriously injured in case compression and impact hazards are suddenly dropped onto the shoe from high spots in the workplace. The ESD outsole works to conduct the charge from the body to the ground for safer and more comfortable walking in areas that are prone to static electricity buildup. The mesh upper lets in plenty of air to maintain a nicely-ventilated interior, preventing heat and moisture from accumulating to prolong a cool and fresh feeling even in humid or hot environments. The exclusive KONNECTFIT system secures the heel, preventing the foot from moving unnecessarily inside the shoe to sustain a stable walking experience. The PU footbed follows the foot’s shape, securing it in a properly aligned position for all-day support. The lacing system ensures that the laces stay in place throughout the day for long-lasting foot stability. This shoe’s nonmetallic design makes it a great option for jobs in high-security areas since it won’t accidentally trip metal detectors. It’s worth noting that this shoe can be quite uncomfortable to use as the safety toe tends to dig into the toes.

Puma Xelerate Comp Toe Shoe

The Puma Xelerate Comp Toe Shoe has a fiberglass toe cap that protects the foot from grave injuries if impact and compression threats are accidentally rolled or dropped on top of the shoe. This composite safety toe doesn’t feel as weighty as steel, preventing the shoe from becoming too heavy and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. The Evercushion BA footbed delivers ample cushioning to make walking comfortable as the foot is protected from feeling the hardness of the surface conditions that you need to navigate. The knit upper welcomes a generous amount of air, allowing it to circulate freely so that the shoe won’t easily overheat even when it’s used for prolonged periods in humid or extremely hot settings.  The midsole is enhanced with the Flexible Anti Penetration technology which uses specially coated fibers to stop sharp objects from penetrating, shielding the foot from puncture injuries in case you unknowingly step on broken glass, nails, and other piercing hazards. The IdCell element on the heel absorbs the shock that’s produced by nonstop walking to prevent foot fatigue. The outsole’s traction level is a bit limited, though, so it may not be enough to prevent slipping on tricky surfaces.

Dunlop Maine Work Shoe

The Dunlop Maine Work Shoe looks like one of your favorite running shoes but packs a surprisingly protective structure that makes it suitable for hazardous work environments. The streamlined profile blends in with uniforms and other workwear but seamlessly pairs with casual attire, allowing you to fully maximize the shoe’s aesthetics on and off the job site. The steel toe cap delivers maximum foot protection to prevent severe injuries from compression and impact risks. What’s impressive about this shoe is that even with the steel toe enhancement in place, it manages to maintain a lightweight structure that significantly contributes to an overall comfortable experience. Without the excess weight dragging on the foot, this shoe can be worn for pain-free walking for long hours at a time. This shoe offers great value for money, with a much lower price compared to work shoes with similar features. However, it doesn’t come with waterproof features, so it’s not the best choice for work settings that are frequently exposed to wet elements.

Timberland Reaxion Work Shoe

The Timberland Reaxion Work Shoe showcases a design that stands out with an athletic look while delivering the qualities of a high-performance work shoe. The ripstop nylon upper provides reliable strength to keep up with demanding work environments. It also allows plenty of air to enter and circulate to maintain a properly-ventilated interior, preventing overheating by helping heat and moisture to quickly evaporate before these can build up to uncomfortable levels. The carbon fiber safety toe guards the foot against pieces of equipment, tools, and other heavy objects that can fall on the shoe, preventing grave injuries in hazardous work conditions. The electrical hazard protection provides a secondary layer of safety against electrocution if you are unknowingly exposed to open circuits in dry conditions. The exclusive Aerocore midsole offers superior energy return to keep you walking comfortably for longer. The Anti-Fatigue Technology footbed works as the shoe’s shock absorber to keep you walking pain-free throughout the day. This shoe isn’t waterproof, though, so it’s not recommended for wet conditions.

Fila Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe

The Fila Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe has a leather and synthetic upper that protects the foot all day long. It showcases a sleek style that goes well with workwear but can also pair nicely with casual clothes, enabling you to take advantage of the shoe’s stylishness in different settings. The thick sole delivers maximum foot support to promote a stable feeling while walking without the awkward feeling that sometimes comes with wearing thick-soled footwear. The memory foam sock liner conforms to the foot’s shape and delivers good cushioning without excessive thickness. The oil- and slip-resistant outsole strongly grips various surfaces, increasing your stability and preventing slipping on challenging ground conditions. However, the footbed doesn’t feel soft enough to prevent discomfort, especially with long hours of use. In addition, the top portion on the upper seems a bit too narrow and causes painful pinching on the toes.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe may be priced higher than similar work shoes, but I still consider it a great buy that offers remarkable value for money. I feel that the shoe’s price is more than justified with it being packed with high-performance features. It has an alloy toe cap and electrical hazard safe design, delivering superior protection against threats in harsh work environments. I loved the shoe’s exceptionally comfortable construction which was also remarkably durable for lasting benefits. It’s worth mentioning that the sole is a bit challenging to keep clean as it easily accumulates dirt and other debris.


Emma Ray

Emma is a senior editor at where her role mainly involves testing and writing about women’s safety work wear. Emma has 12 years of experience with leading work wear stores in Houston and San Antonio alike, where she helped hundreds of customers to choose the right work wear for their profession.