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Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe – Detailed Review

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Rating : 9.0/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Constructed with a non-metallic toe cap and a sneaker-like profile, the Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe supports comfortable walking while promoting enhanced foot safety.


  • Composite toe cap
  • Durable construction
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent traction
  • Stylishly sporty design


  • Not waterproof
  • Not generously padded



Type of Toe

Yes (composite toe)


1.625lb / 0.737kg / 26oz



Shaft Size

3 inches



Shoe type

Toe Shoe



Safety certifications


Price range

$120.00 to $199.00


It’s hard not to be impressed with the Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe as it’s packed with almost everything that a great work shoe needs to have. The stylishly sporty profile cocoons a composite toe cap that continuously protected my foot against serious crushing injuries without unwelcome bulk. I loved the comfortably snug fit that still left my toes with sufficient wiggle room, as well as the breathable upper that worked hard to stop the interior from overheating.


I easily navigated tricky surfaces, thanks to the outsole’s excellent grip that kept my steps stable over various ground conditions. The shoe’s superior durability effortlessly kept up with demanding environments without easily getting damaged. We’ll look into the features that contribute to its greatest benefits so we can appreciate the shoe’s fantastic performance even more.

If you prioritize foot safety and comfort in equal measure, this composite toe work shoe delivers the superb functionality you’re looking for.

Ideal For

  • Those who are willing to pay more for durability, comfort, safety, and style in a work shoe
  • Harsh, relatively dry indoor work environments
  • People who are after very comfy safety work shoes with a sporty, high-traction design


Performance Analysis


I loved how the Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe looked and felt as comfortable as one of my favorite pairs of sneakers while delivering the performance that only a top-quality work shoe can offer.

The soft upper flexed effortlessly along with my foot’s movements, enabling me to walk comfortably all day long without being bothered by stiff materials painfully digging into my skin with each step. This structure was a welcome change from the rigidity of different materials that I usually encountered when using other work shoes. The textile upper gave me the freedom to walk normally and without pain as it didn’t limit my movements in any way.

Even though the interior didn’t have generously padding, it still felt very comfortable because of the OrthoLite footbed that provided ample cushioning exactly where it was needed the most.

I appreciated the low-key padding delivered by the footbed because it created a soft base that cradled my foot, easing the discomfort that would’ve worsened if I stayed on my feet for long hours at a time.

Since it wasn’t overly thick, the footbed cushioned my foot but still left enough room for comfortable movement, so I didn’t feel like my foot was forced into an uncomfortably tight space.

I liked the light padding on the collar as it protected my ankle in case of accidental contact with abrasion or objects that can cause bruising. This cushioned component also helped keep my ankle in a secured position for longer, preventing it from twisting unintentionally when I moved sideways or needed to walk quickly on unstable or inclined ground conditions. The Plyolite midsole was another welcome enhancement because it acted as the shoe’s shock absorber. It took in the effects of walking on hard floors, ensuring that the impact was rapidly dispersed across the shoe and wasn’t concentrated on the heel area alone. This strong shock absorption allowed me to avoid foot fatigue even during hours of standing or walking.

The sole had a flexible structure that supported my foot while giving it the freedom to flex as needed without compromising my comfort. It almost instantly accommodated my steps for a comfortable experience, unlike rigid soles that would’ve resulted in painful and awkward movements when walking on different surfaces.



The shoe had a lightweight feel that I appreciated since it didn’t drag on my foot with excess weight. I didn’t need to carry the shoe around in an uncomfortable way, even if it had a safety toe cap fitted inside for increased protection. The shoe’s minimized weight was a result of its lightweight components, particularly because of the fabric upper that offered a protective barrier against hazards without the uncomfortable thickness. The lightweight midsole played a role in reducing the shoe’s weight as well, providing cushioning and support with a low-key profile.



The shoe’s outsole had a low-lug design that delivered an excellent level of traction over a variety of surface conditions. I loved how powerfully it gripped the floors, increasing my confidence to walk as quickly as I needed to without compromising my steady gait. I was able to walk over steep and rocky terrains while maintaining my stable footing because the grippy sole ensured that my foot was always firmly planted on the ground, protecting me from slipping or tripping on challenging surfaces. I liked how the sole’s lug design didn’t allow debris to collect while I was walking, so it was much easier to maintain a relatively clean-looking shoe no matter how tough my activities were during a busy workday.


Fit and Sizing

This shoe is true to its size, enabling me to enjoy a secure fit without worrying about whether to upsize or downsize for comfort. It fit snugly around my foot but didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way, keeping my foot properly secured in place. This resulted in a more stable feeling that increased my confidence and safety even with all-day walking or standing.

The snug fit was even more pronounced when I wore the shoe with thick socks. There was still some space left on the toe box to allow my toes to move up and down but not side to side – again, not entirely uncomfortable, but it would’ve been nice to have a bit more room for my toes to freely wiggle. I also liked the padded collar that embraced my ankle snugly, preventing it from accidental twisting without limiting its movements in any way.



The fabric construction didn’t have waterproof components, making this shoe unsuitable for work conditions that are always exposed to mud, water, and other liquids. The shoe won’t provide a high level of liquid resistance so wet elements can quickly penetrate and cause uncomfortable foot soaking.



The lightweight upper had a breathable construction that allowed air to pass through freely while encouraging excess heat to disperse quickly. I liked the OrthoLite footbed’s open-cell structure as it also contributed to the shoe’s breathability by enabling good air circulation, sustaining the cool interior for longer even during times when I spent hours on my feet in humid or hot environments.


Quality and Durability

The Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe stood out among other work shoes I’ve tried in terms of aesthetics, durability, comfort, and safety. It looks like a sleek hiking shoe, with an athletic design that goes remarkably well with work attire yet also blends in nicely with casual wear for an effortlessly laidback aesthetic.

I liked the combination of teal, grey, and black colors that gave the upper a sporty vibe, so I was still able to enjoy the shoe’s superb benefits away from the workplace without worrying that it would look out of place in more relaxed settings.

The thick shoelaces had the same color scheme, adding a youthful yet discreet accent while ensuring that I can achieve the perfect shoe fit without too much hassle. I liked the upper’s no-sew construction which offered enhanced durability, allowing the shoe to maintain its structural integrity even in demanding work settings. The upper had a breathable structure that encouraged a lot of air to get in, promoting a properly ventilated shoe interior for longer periods. I felt that the heel loop was a nice touch as it helped me pull the shoe on with minimal effort.

The shoe had a stylishly sporty silhouette that concealed a safety toe enhancement. The composite toe offered continuous protection against compression and impact threats that may lurk in harsh work environments.

I especially liked how the composite toe offered enhanced foot safety in a low-key way, giving the toe box enough space so the toe cap didn’t painfully dig into my toes when I walked.

The composite material isn’t as weighty as steel, so the shoe maintained its minimal weight profile and didn’t pull my foot down with annoying bulkiness. The sole and heel are made with non-conductive materials, offering a secondary layer of electrical hazard protection for increased safety in case of unintentional contact with live currents in dry conditions.

I was impressed with how comfortable this shoe was. I just wished that it had more generous padding, although this didn’t mean that it was uncomfortable in any way. The OrthoLite footbed cushioned the impact of walking on hard surfaces, leaving my foot cradled by sufficient softness all day long. It had a fairly thin structure that didn’t take up too much room inside the shoe, so my foot wasn’t squished painfully into an extremely tight space.

However, although my toes had enough room to move vertically in the toe box, there wasn’t much room to wiggle sideways, especially when I had thick socks on.

The footbed’s open-cell structure sustained good air circulation to prevent the interior from heating up.The rubber outsole is slip- and oil-resistant, and I appreciated its powerful grip that enabled me to walk confidently on tricky surfaces without compromising my safety. The outstanding traction level made it easy for me walk on slick or rocky terrains while still maintaining my balanced footing. I also appreciated the low-lug design of the outsole that prevented debris from building up on the bottom, making the shoe more convenient to clean and maintain after being used in demanding settings. It should be mentioned that this isn’t a waterproof shoe, so it’s not ideal for extremely wet work areas.


Other Versions

The Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe is available in teal and dark shadow color schemes. It’s also available in a version with an ESD sole, and one with an abrasion-resistant upper.


The Challengers

The Rockport Women’s Trustride Safety Toe Shoe

The Rockport Women’s Trustride Safety Toe Shoe is built with a steel toe cap to keep the foot shielded against serious injuries that can be caused by heavy objects dropping from high spaces in harsh work environments. The electrical hazard protection offers a non-primary level of safety against electrocution in dry conditions if there’s accidental exposure to electrically charged components. The shoe has a pull-on design with a zipper, making foot entry and exit a breeze since you won’t need to deal with shoelaces with every use.  The truTECH footbed absorbs the shock that’s produced by hours of standing or walking and stops intense foot pain. However, the shoe’s odd fit dimensions can cause discomfort as it feels weirdly loose on some parts and uncomfortably tight on others.

The Timberland PRO Women’s Reaxion Composite Toe

The Timberland PRO Women’s Reaxion Composite Toe Work Shoe features durable construction to withstand demanding activities and work settings while maintaining superior structural integrity. Its sporty design makes it versatile enough to be maximized not only in job sites but also in more laidback surroundings, enabling you to take full advantage of the shoe’s remarkable features in a wide variety of environments. The composite toe cap guards the foot so it won’t easily be harmed by compression and impact threats that you may encounter in hazardous workplaces. The anti-fatigue technology protects the foot against extreme pain by soaking up and dispersing the force that’s produced by extended periods of standing or walking. This shoe delivers a high level of traction to ensure a stable walking experience over slippery or uneven ground conditions. The sole gets dirty quickly, however, and makes squeaking noises on wooden floors.

The KEEN Utility Women’s Vista Energy ESD Shoe

The KEEN Utility Women’s Vista Energy ESD Shoe is enhanced with a carbon fiber safety toe that offers superior foot protection against pieces of equipment, tools, and other heavy items that can accidentally be dropped on the shoe. The non-metallic toe cap doesn’t have the heaviness of steel, enabling the shoe to maintain a minimized weight level without compromising foot safety in harsh work areas. The mesh upper keeps the air flowing freely into the shoe, helping sustain good ventilation inside to prevent it from becoming uncomfortably warm, especially with long periods of use in hot or humid work settings. The ESD outsole offers a safer and more comfortable walking experience in locations that are prone to static electricity build-up. However, the safety toe causes discomfort as it pushes down on the toes even when you’re not walking.

The Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy

The Skechers Work Women’s Synergy – Sandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe has bright splashes of color that instantly perks up your outfit for work or leisure. This is an exceptionally comfortable shoe with a memory insole that easily molds to the foot’s curves, delivering a customized level of comfort. The memory foam structure does double duty to prevent blister formation by easing the foot’s pressure zones. The thick sole provides a nice height boost without the awkward feeling that can sometimes be felt when using shoes with very thick soles. The alloy safety toe ensures that the foot won’t be gravely harmed if impact and compression threats are accidentally rolled or dropped on the shoe from elevated locations in the workplace. It’s worth mentioning that the outsole is a bit hard to clean so shoe maintenance may be more challenging to deal with.

The Reebok Work Fusion Flexweave Cage Composite Toe Shoe

The Reebok Work Fusion Flexweave Cage Composite Toe Shoe is fitted with a metal-free toe cap to protect the foot against serious harm if impact and compression hazards unintentionally fall onto the shoe. The exclusive Floatride Energy Foam base delivers lightweight cushioning, cradling the foot with soothing softness without contributing much to the shoe’s overall weight. The upper that’s made with Ultraknit and Flexweave materials promotes continuous ventilation while also forming a durable, flexible cocoon to keep out unwanted elements. The slip-resistant outsole has lugs that adapt to the foot’s motion and provides strong traction to help you walk safely over challenging ground conditions. However, the pull loop on top of the laces tend to rub repeatedly on the skin, causing discomfort while walking.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Danner Women’s Run Time Composite Toe Shoe is a fantastic pair that has nearly everything I’d want in work footwear. I’m confident the durable construction will last for a long time while maintaining its protective and comfortable features. It has a safety toe but doesn’t feel too weighty, while the OrthoLite footbed delivers maximum comfort even if the interior isn’t as generously cushioned as other work shoes. I loved the stylishly sporty profile because it was versatile enough to be enjoyed on and off the worksite. This shoe may be on the expensive side but I believe that the price tag is more than justified by its outstanding performance and aesthetics.


Emma Ray

Emma is a senior editor at where her role mainly involves testing and writing about women’s safety work wear. Emma has 12 years of experience with leading work wear stores in Houston and San Antonio alike, where she helped hundreds of customers to choose the right work wear for their profession.