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Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Oxford Shoe – Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.0/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Constructed with a timeless 3-eye silhouette that’s offered in a wide range of leather materials and style variations, the Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Oxford Shoe effortlessly keeps up with your style and functional requirements.


  • Classic Dr. Martens silhouette
  • Premium, durable construction
  • Slip-resistant AirWair sole
  • Comfortable


  • Snug fit isn’t suitable for wide feet
  • Leather upper feels stiff at first



Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.38lb / 1.08kg / 38.08oz



Shaft Size

3 inches


AirWair sole

Shoe type

Leather Oxford Shoe


Dr. Martens

Safety certifications


Price range

$135.99 to $199.00


It’s hard not to fall in love with the iconic Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Oxford Shoe, but there’s much more to this Oxford than its classic good looks. While its appearance is one of the first things that drew me to the 1461, the benefits that I enjoyed with the shoe’s remarkable construction were also impressive and made the shoe-wearing experience more enjoyable. I appreciated the leather upper that gave the shoe a premium look, making it stylish enough to be paired with dressy clothing choices while retaining a versatile profile that also pairs nicely with more casual outfits. I was able to maximize the shoe in different settings, from the workplace straight to more laidback surroundings without worrying that my footwear would look out of place.


The 1461 shoe is offered in different types of leather, and you can be sure that each version offers top-quality aesthetics and performance. I liked the shoe’s durable construction and materials, providing reliable functionality that won’t easily deteriorate even with heavy usage in different work or leisure environments. Admittedly, the leather feels stiff at first but gradually becomes more flexible with each wear. The cushioned sole increases the comfort without unwelcome bulkiness while the signature AirWair sole delivers the supportive bounce from underneath, so I felt less discomfort with prolonged use. In this article, we’ll discuss the shoe’s remarkable qualities and the components that contribute to these benefits, as well as any aspects that may need to be tweaked to help the shoe’s performance.

As the second line of footwear produced by Dr. Martens, the iconic 1461 Oxford continues to impress with its classic silhouette and reliable durability.

Ideal For

  • All types of indoor jobs
  • Outdoor jobs in non-hazardous environments
  • Those who prefer durable shoes with a classic style and snug fit


Performance Analysis


I was surprised by how comfortable the Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Oxford Shoe turned out to be, with the main benefit coming from the bottom.

While it’s not the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve tried, it certainly doesn’t feel the most unwelcoming, either. The premium leather upper feels stiff, especially when I first tried on the footwear. Even if the tough leather material isn’t as comfortable as other boots’ soft uppers can be out of the box, I discovered that the resulting pliability after an extended breaking-in period significantly elevates this shoe’s comfort level. You’ll need to give this shoe a chance to become much more comfortable, allowing the leather to slowly become softer with each use until you reach a customized level of comfort from within the footwear. I spent a longer time breaking in this pair compared to other leather shoes, but the result was truly worth the effort and extra time. Once it starts to soften, the leather gradually followed the shape of my foot and began to feel remarkably comfortable without compromising the material’s durable and supportive construction. After breaking in the leather material, it more easily follows the foot’s movements for more effortless walking since the unwanted stiffness has been eliminated.

I liked how the footbed worked to cradle my foot with enough softness to prevent pain from developing, enabling long hours of walking and generally staying upright without experiencing intense pain.

Another aspect that I found impressive can be seen underneath, which is the exclusive Dr. Martens AirWair sole. It features an air-cushioned structure that adds a springy feel to every step, creating a platform that supports proper foot alignment while warding off pain even with long hours of continuous walking. This flexible sole helped stabilize my steps and at the same time allowed a wider range of motion because it didn’t hamper my movements the way stiff soles can. The padded tongue provided another level of comfort and protection as it prevented uncomfortable chafing while offering a cushioned layer on top of the foot.



This shoe has a satisfying heft but is far from being too heavy. I liked the premium leather upper and the air-cushioned sole that give the shoe a solid feel, making it easier to walk for hours as the footwear promoted a stable sensation. The solid weight somehow gave me the confidence to move around with ease but didn’t feel heavy enough to cause discomfort.



The Dr. Martens AirWair sole stands out in all the brand’s footwear options, and this shoe isn’t an exception. The slip-resistant sole offers a strong grip on different surfaces, providing me with the chance to walk safely on slippery or wet ground without losing my balance. I noticed that the sole has two layers – a black top layer and a transparent bottom layer that’s resistant to oil, alkali, fat, and petrol. This exclusive sole construction gave me the assurance of being able to use the shoe safely in areas where it could be exposed to these potentially hazardous substances, without worrying that the sole would quickly disintegrate or get damaged in the process.


Fit and Sizing

The 1461 shoe is true to size, eliminating the need to choose a different shoe size to get the proper fit. I got a pair in my usual size 10 and it fit comfortably. However, it locked my foot in place so there wasn’t a lot of wiggle space – which doesn’t bode well for those with wide feet. The snug fit offers a more stable feeling with the shoe holding the foot in place to stop unintentional movement. It can feel too restrictive, though, if you prefer roomier footwear that allows your foot to shift from time to time.



The 1461 Oxford isn’t waterproof, so it’s not the most suitable choice for extremely wet conditions. However, I found that it does offer a bit of water resistance, keeping the foot dry inside when the exterior gets exposed to a bit of water and other wet elements.



While I liked the comfort level that this shoe offers, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to breathability. The solid leather upper doesn’t permit air to freely flow into the shoe, so there’s a tendency for the interior to feel a bit warmer and less comfortable with long hours of wear, especially in locations that can turn hot or humid. Good thing the low-cut design still allows some air to enter, preventing the interior from becoming completely overheated with all-day use.


Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, the Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Shoe stands out among other shoes with similar Oxford designs. The top-quality leather delivers a premium look, making this shoe a great choice for pairing with formal clothing as well as office attire. I used this with jeans and the resulting aesthetic looked like a more put-together version of my usual laidback ensemble. This versatility allowed me to fully maximize the shoe in various settings, so I was able to enjoy the footwear’s remarkable qualities in and out of the workplace. The strong leather material offers enhanced durability, maintaining its strength and appearance for a long time without prematurely deteriorating even with heavy use.

I liked that even if the smooth leather started out stiff, and I had to spend a longer break-in period with this pair compared to other leather shoes, it eventually became a lot softer with regular use.

The three-eyelet style offers a timeless look, fitting in with a lot of my pants and outfit choices without appearing to be too old-fashioned. The metallic eyelets are built to stay firmly in place, resisting extensive damage while making it much easier for me to adjust the shoe’s fit as needed for better comfort and stability. The yellow stitching between the sole and upper delivers that iconic Dr. Martens look, setting this shoe apart from other choices aesthetically while also offering increased strength. The signature Goodyear-welted and heat-sealed construction ensures enhanced durability, keeping the sole and upper strongly fused together to withstand heavy, long-term use.

I especially liked the comfortable footbed with ample cushioning to softly cradle the foot while offering nonstop support for increased comfort all day long.

The AirWair sole has an air-cushioned structure, giving off a bouncy feel that returns energy to every step for comfort that lasts through long hours of walking and staying upright on various surfaces. This exclusive sole structure is slip-resistant, enabling safer movements across tricky ground conditions without compromising comfort. It’s also resistant to petrol, alkali, fat, oil, and acid – giving me the confidence to use the shoe in areas with exposure to these harsh substances without worrying that the sole would easily disintegrate.


Other Versions

The Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Oxford Shoe is available in a wide range of variations, including (but not limited to) the following: quad platform, Bex sole, Bex sole with cap toe (Made in England), plain welt, narrow plain welt, white stitch, double yellow stitch, with gunmetal hardware and buckles, Year of the Tiger (to celebrate the Lunar New Year) version, a version with contrasting color panels, with Ghillie lacing, with an Iced outsole, NEIGHBORHOOD white screen printed, camo print, and a slip-resistant version

This shoe is offered in various material constructions, including smooth leather, monochromatic smooth leather, Virginia leather, patent leather, synthetic vegan material, vegan-friendly Gloss Pull-Up, Crazy Horse leather, Ambassador leather, Lusso leather, water-resistant Abruzzo leather, Pisa leather, Quilon leather, patent leather with a faux leopard pattern, Wanama leather with studs, water-resistant Hi Suede leather, a combination of Pebble Lamper embossed leather and milled nubuck, and C.F. Stead classic calf leather with full-grain leather.


The Challengers

Clarks Vargo Plain Oxford

The Clarks Vargo Plain Oxford is a good alternative if you’re looking for comfortable Oxford shoes. The OrthoLite footbed surrounds the foot with a comfortable feel with enough padding to stop pain from setting in, even with all-day walking or standing. This cushioned footbed doesn’t take up a lot of space because the material isn’t as thick as the padding materials used in other shoes, maintaining comfortable spaciousness inside the footwear to give the foot enough room to budge when necessary. This is a lightweight shoe that can be used for hours without causing discomfort because it doesn’t pull down the foot with extreme heaviness, which can happen with bulky shoes. The interior comes with arch support, promoting proper foot alignment that prevents fallen arches and protects the foot and leg muscles from becoming painfully fatigued, especially with continuous shoe-wearing for prolonged periods. The sole has good flexibility, enabling effortless movement without the unwelcome rigidity that can hamper your movements with an uncomfortable and restrictive feeling. The EVA outsole offers decent traction to keep you comfortable and safe when walking over different surfaces. However, the sole doesn’t appear to be as strong as the traditional rubber used in other shoes, so this may lead to durability concerns in time.

Rockport Channer Oxford

The Rockport Channer Oxford has a lightweight structure that won’t cause pain even with long hours of continuous use. This shoe gives off a feeling of having almost nothing on your foot, allowing you to keep walking or staying upright for longer pain-free. The cap-toe feature enhances the classic Oxford silhouette and elevates the shoe’s aesthetic, so you’ll definitely be able to enjoy it in varied settings. The smooth leather delivers a touch of class with its elegant finish, making this shoe a great match to dress pants and even with jeans if you want to give your usual casual look a dressy kick. The latex footbed has strong shock absorption capabilities, soaking up the force that’s produced by hours of standing or walking and dispersing it evenly throughout the foot to fight foot fatigue development. This foam footbed comes with a bouncy structure, providing ample cushioning to surround the foot with welcoming softness while ensuring that energy is returned to every step for a higher level of comfort that you can enjoy for longer. The EVA outsole is flexible enough to allow you to walk and move around freely and won’t get in the way of your natural agility the way rigid outsoles do. It should be noted that the flexible outsole has its downside too – it doesn’t have the strength and durability of the rubber material found in other shoes, so this component may break down more easily as a result.

Solovair 3-Eye Gibson Shoe

The Solovair 3-Eye Gibson Shoe is built with premium leather, exuding a stylish appeal that pairs handsomely with jeans for a classy update on your laidback outfit. It’s also dressy enough to be paired with other pants, allowing you to enjoy the shoe’s aesthetic benefits in more settings. The interior is lined with leather and synthetic material, surrounding the foot with a comforting texture that also works to prevent painful chafing from disturbing your comfortable experience. The heel portion features a foam layer, protecting this area from pain by providing the cushioning that’s needed to reduce the shock resulting from walking or standing on hard surfaces for long hours. The Goodyear welted sole ensures long-lasting performance as the upper and sole are bonded firmly, preventing them from falling apart even with heavy usage for nonstop activities. The sole of this shoe, however, feels a bit rigid (certainly stiffer than the 1461 shoe) and may cause a bit of discomfort with long hours of use.

Boss Men’s Eastside Plain Toe Oxford

The Boss Men’s Eastside Plain Toe Oxford is a superb addition to your wardrobe, as it effortlessly elevates your outfit’s aesthetic in a subtle yet effective way. The streamlined look delivers a perfect match to suits for a seamless look that still manages to create a lasting impression. The classy silhouette also pairs remarkably well with jeans, creating a stylishly rugged look that you can maximize in a variety of settings. The leather or patent leather showcases a no-frills profile, blending harmoniously with your outfit without the bells and whistles that other shoes sometimes come with. The lace-up design makes fit adjustments a breeze, without obvious metal hardware that can negatively affect the clean lines of this shoe’s profile. The Goodyear welt results in an impressively strong bond between the upper and sole, guaranteeing reliable strength to maintain the shoe’s structural integrity for a long time. This shoe isn’t true to size, though, so you may have to go for a smaller size to enjoy the proper fit.

Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Oxford Shoe

The Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Oxford Shoe showcases remarkable aesthetics that you’ll be able to fully maximize in the workplace, in casual settings, or for lounging around. The premium leather upper has a buttery texture, providing an elegant vibe that instantly boosts your outfit’s appearance as the shoe pairs nicely with jeans and even dressier pants. This soft leather upper accommodates the foot’s actions, bending easily to every step to make walking almost effortless since there won’t be stiff materials to dig painfully into the foot with every movement. The brogue accents make the shoe more interesting to look at and add a fashionable boost to different attire. The sole is constructed with exclusive cushioning materials, keeping the foot protected from feeling the hardness of the floors and other unyielding surfaces so you can comfortably walk for longer. The EVA midsole delivers reliable cushioning and support for increased stability. The rubber outsole adds a sporty touch to the shoe’s silhouette, delivering a somewhat playful twist to the footwear’s handcrafted beauty. It’s worth mentioning that this shoe runs small, so a bigger size may be a better option for complete comfort.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Oxford Shoe is a great choice if you’re looking for no-nonsense shoes with a classic design. I enjoyed the premium quality of its construction that not only brought aesthetic benefits but also enhanced performance. It offered a wonderful surprise by being more comfortable than I expected it to be, although I did need to spend much longer on the break-in period, allowing the leather to soften to the point where it started molding comfortably to my foot. The AirWair sole impressed me with its strong traction for a safer walking experience, along with a cushioned feel that added to the overall comfort.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!