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Merrell Moab Velocity Waterproof Mid Tactical Boot – Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.8/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Showcasing an outstanding level of traction and robust structure, the Merrell Moab Velocity Waterproof Mid Tactical Boot offers reliable protection plus enhanced comfort.


  • Slip-resistant outsole with excellent traction
  • Waterproof
  • Durable construction and unique design
  • Comfortable foamy sole


  • A bit challenging to put on
  • Textile lace loops don’t seem as strong as metallic components


Textile and TOUGHFRAME LT exoskeleton

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.8lb / 1.3kg / 45.86oz



Shaft Size

6 inches


Merrell M-Select Grip sticky rubber outsole

Boot type

Mid Tactical Boot



Safety certifications


Price range

$159.95 to $199.00


I already had an idea that the Merrell Moab Velocity Waterproof Mid Tactical Boot would exhibit enhanced durability because of the way it’s designed, but I was surprised with how comfortable it turned out to be when I finally got the chance to use it. The boot’s unique silhouette not only resulted in strikingly good looks but also worked to increase overall strength, making this an ideal choice for jobs and other activities done in demanding settings – where weaker footwear may not last as long. I liked the TOUGHFRAME LT cage that gave the boot an aggressive look without making it too bulky, ensuring that it would be rugged and strong enough to take on tough outdoor settings while retaining a sporty style that could still be paired remarkably well with casual clothes. This protective case significantly increased the boot’s protection, providing me with the assurance that my foot would stay safe and comfortable in various surroundings.


To further increase the protection level that this boot offered, it had a seam-sealed construction that delivered continuous waterproofing action, blocking wet elements so they didn’t have a chance to seep in while I was in exceptionally wet environments. The bellows tongue ensured that excess moisture and even debris would be prevented from coming in so that my foot didn’t get bothered by these unwanted elements. I loved how the contoured insole effortlessly followed my foot’s shape, bringing a foamy feel that I fully enjoyed while walking and standing for long hours at a time. The rubberized EVA midsole worked as the boot’s shock absorber, making it easier to stay on my feet for longer periods as foot fatigue was prevented from developing. I especially like the grippy rubber outsole, as it delivered an outstanding level of traction, helping me avoid slipping on tricky surfaces for enhanced safety on a variety of ground conditions. In this article, we’ll describe the boot’s qualities even further so you can discover which ones have the biggest effect on functionality and aesthetics and if there are modifications that can be done to some aspects to improve the performance.

To maintain your agile footing on and off duty, this boot is designed to withstand heavy use in tough settings.

Ideal For

  • People who are after boots with exceptionally strong traction
  • Different weather conditions
  • Those who want a comfortable tactical boot with a snug fit


Performance Analysis


I got the chance to deeply appreciate just how comfortable the Merrell Moab Velocity Waterproof Mid Tactical Boot was when I started using it for long hours of walking and standing. The insole did a great job of increasing the boot’s comfort level, resulting in my foot deeply enjoying a foamy level of cushioning. This cushy feel protected my foot so it didn’t feel like it was pressed too firmly into the hard surfaces that I walked on, making it easier for me to have a pain-free walking experience while moving over different ground conditions. The proprietary COMFORTBASE insole closely contoured to my foot’s shape, delivering superior support to promote proper alignment, so I walked and moved more stably while doing various activities.I liked the way this insole offered an almost customized feel underfoot, supportively cradling my foot without hindering my movement, so I was still able to flex my foot comfortably. I also felt the presence of the foamy cushioning in the heel area where the exclusive Merrell Air Cushion was fitted in, acting as the boot’s shock-absorbing component that effectively soaked up the impact coming from long periods of staying upright on unyielding surfaces.
The force is then spread across the boot’s structure instead of just being concentrated on the heel area, effectively protecting the calf and foot muscles against fatigue so I enjoyed using the boot for longer without intense pain getting in the way of my productivity.

I appreciated how the nylon shank efficiently provided strong arch support to prevent my arches from falling, especially when I needed to stay upright for extended periods.

The shank had a molded structure that gently conformed to my foot’s curves, with the nonmetallic material maintaining a lightweight profile so it didn’t add a lot of weight the way boots with metallic shanks do. Another component that made a huge difference when it comes to providing a comfortable experience was the signature COMFORTBASE EVA midsole, delivering supplementary shock absorption to prevent pain from setting in even as it gives a slight bounce, bringing the energy back to my steps to keep me walking comfortably for longer. The rubberized EVA material had a low-profile structure that didn’t feel too bulky, making it easier for the boot to maintain its reduced weight level so it didn’t feel like it was dragging on my foot like heavy blocks while I was busy with the day’s tasks. The upper featuring the exclusive cage construction made me feel completely protected against hazards that may be present in the environment but didn’t limit my movement in any way.I also liked the boot’s opening that features a sock-like structure, as it hugged my foot with a soft texture, greatly minimizing the risk of chafing that may have happened with the all-day use of a boot with a stiff collar.



This isn’t a lightweight boot, but it isn’t extremely heavy, either. The thick sole significantly contributed to the boot’s weight but I didn’t feel that the thickness was a bad thing because of the fantastic level of traction it delivered for increased support. The boot also didn’t weigh down heavily on the foot, so I didn’t feel the increased weight even when I wore it for almost the entire day. I was expecting the cage construction protecting the upper to have a bulky feel, but surprisingly, it didn’t contribute a lot to the boot’s total heft.



Traction is another aspect that makes this boot a remarkable choice. The outsole is constructed with a signature Merrell component that feels like sticky rubber, delivering maximum grip that allowed me to walk with complete confidence on different surface conditions without worrying about slipping even when I needed to move at a rapid pace. The brand’s Select Grip technology offers an outstanding level of traction that’s perhaps the best that I’ve experienced so far in tactical boots, making this boot ideal not only for law enforcement and tactical duty but also for hiking and other outdoor activities that require high-traction footwear to keep up with extremely slick or unstable terrains.


Fit and Sizing

This boot is true to its size. I got my usual size 10 and it felt comfortable, with a snug fit that increased the secure feeling enough to keep my movements a lot steadier than if I wore spacious footwear. The snug-fitting design isn’t suitable for those with wide feet, though, or for people who prefer a relaxed fit, as it may cause a bit of discomfort, especially with hours of continuous use.



The boot’s seam-sealed construction stopped the entry of mud, water, and other liquids, enabling my foot to stay comfy in a protective cocoon even when the area I was working in became exposed to a lot of moisture. This strong waterproofing makes the boot ideal for outdoor use when it’s raining or for other settings where there are wet elements all around.



The construction that’s responsible for sealing out liquids does double duty to allow more air to enter, encouraging proper ventilation to keep the interior feeling cool and fresh all day long. I liked how the mesh lining also helped wick away moisture, dissipating it along with heat build-up so these elements wouldn’t have a chance to develop an overheated feeling, especially with extended periods of boot-wearing.


Quality and Durability

This boot delivers remarkable functionality, but I was just as impressed with its looks. I liked the unique design featuring a sock opening that not only offered increased comfort with its soft texture around my foot but also worked to enhance the boot’s style and give it a look that isn’t commonly found in other tactical or hiking boots. The distinct styling continues with the bellows tongue construction, keeping the tongue attached to the upper so it seems like these components are not separate but are instead molded into one structure.

I liked how debris and liquids were prevented from getting in with the way the tongue was strongly secured with the upper, ensuring that I wasn’t bothered by unwanted elements unintentionally getting into the boot and causing discomfort.

This design also contributed to a more secure and stable feeling, as the snug fit kept my foot firmly in its proper position even with vigorous walking.

However, the way the tongue was attached to the upper resulted in a slightly difficult way of sliding my foot in, since I couldn’t loosen the boot by pulling the tongue away from the upper’s structure the way I usually do with other boots.

I appreciated the eye-catching way the TOUGHFRAME LT cage enhanced the boot’s aesthetic, giving it the bold appeal and functionality while making it robust enough to take on tough outdoor settings. It even exuded enough style to pair nicely with more casual clothing options. This cage offered continuous protection against abrasive materials and other safety hazards that may be lurking in challenging conditions but didn’t come with extreme rigidity, allowing me to walk comfortably without hard materials biting painfully into my skin with every step – although it had the right amount of rigidity that was needed to maintain the boot’s durable and stable feel. The waterproof design sealed out rain, mud, and other liquids, enabling me to continue with my activities outdoors in inclement weather and in other wet settings while enjoying a completely dry foot environment.

I loved the COMFORTBASE insole’s contoured design, as it molded to my foot’s shape, offering an almost customized level of comfort while also working to protect my foot from unintentionally sliding inside the boot.

The comfortable cushioning is continued in the heel area that featured the Merrell Air Cushion, delivering reliable shock absorption to stop foot fatigue development, especially when I’d already spent long hours on my feet. The COMFORTBASE rubberized midsole also helped soak up the force resulting from extended periods of walking on hard surfaces, spreading the impact throughout the boot to maintain a comfortable experience for longer. I appreciated the technology behind these exclusive materials and components, and how they were combined to create a foamy interior that cradled and stabilized my foot in the most comfortable way. This boot’s comfort level was enhanced by components that aided in providing proper ventilation, specifically, the breathable seam-sealed construction and the mesh lining that allowed the air to circulate, preventing overheating even with extended boot use in high-temperature settings. I liked the top-notch laces, as they seem strong enough to keep up with numerous fit adjustments without easily breaking apart.

I noticed that the lace loops are made of fabric, though, and I’m concerned that these components may not offer long-term strength, as the metallic lace hooks on top do.

The boot’s sole looked and felt like the soles that are fitted into hiking boots, delivering an excellent level of traction that easily took on exceptionally rough or slippery ground conditions while ensuring that my stable footing wasn’t compromised in any way. This sole construction is perhaps the best that I’ve experienced among all the other tactical boots I’ve tried – with the patented technology allowing the boot to grip surfaces strongly, preventing instability and slipping accidents over challenging ground conditions.


Other Versions

The Merrell Moab Velocity Waterproof Mid Tactical Boot is available in the following colors: black, olive, and coyote. It’s offered in another version – the Moab 2 which comes in an 8-inch-high design.


The Challengers

Under Armour Stellar Tactical Boot

The Under Armour Stellar Tactical Boot is built with DWR-treated leather that stops water from easily entering, enabling the foot to maintain comfortable dryness when the boot is exposed to limited amounts of liquids. The quick-drying design allows the moisture to easily slide off and evaporate from the boot’s surface, making it easier for you to maintain the boot’s cleanliness after it’s exposed to wet elements and dirt. The polishable toe can be buffed to a high shine so you’ll be able to enjoy the boot not only in tough outdoor conditions but also in more reserved settings that may require you to dress up a bit. The OrthoLite sock liner offers ample cushioning without the extreme bulk, molding to the foot’s shape for superior comfort while leaving enough space inside the boot, giving the foot enough room for slight movements to ease the discomfort that can come with prolonged boot use. This lightweight boot is comfortable enough to be worn for all-day walking or standing, as it doesn’t drag heavily on the foot like bulky work boots do. It’s a little difficult to put on, though, and the plastic lace hooks don’t look sturdy enough to last for a long time.

Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0 Boot’s

The Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0 Boot’s waterproof construction guarantees that your foot will stay dry all day long, sealing out mud, water, and other wet elements so you can continue to work in wet settings without compromising foot comfort and safety. The minimalist look is an ideal match for uniforms as well as more casual outfits, enabling you to maximize the boot’s aesthetics on and off the clock. The Air Max unit on the heel gives the interior a foamy feel, cradling the foot in the most comfortable way to stop foot fatigue from setting in. The shock-absorbing heel takes in the force coming from hours of continuous walking on unyielding surfaces, protecting the calf and foot muscles from becoming strained to prolong the comfortable experience. The outsole contains deep grooves that deliver strong traction, preventing slipping on wet or unstable surfaces. It also featurs a thick, squarish stud that’s positioned under the foot’s arch, offering increased support to maintain comfort and stability over a variety of ground conditions. However, this boot is a bit difficult to put on, so it may not be the best choice for those who want stress-free boot use.

Oakley Light Assault Leather Boot

The Oakley Light Assault Leather Boot comes with a streamlined structure that pairs well with uniforms and even with casual outfits, allowing you to enjoy the minimalist design for work and in more relaxed settings. The Nappa adds a premium vibe and is polishable, making it quite convenient for you to keep the boot’s clean look for longer so it can be used even in more reserved settings without looking out of place. The boot’s understated elegance doesn’t scream for attention, with the brand displayed discreetly on the tongue instead of being showcased boldly on the upper. The braided nylon laces look strong enough to keep up with frequent fit adjustments without fraying, working with the metallic lace hooks to offer superior functionality and aesthetics that you can enjoy for long-term use. Even if the sole feels a bit too flat, this boot is still a standout when it comes to comfort because of its minimized weight profile. This is the most lightweight boot I’ve tried among numerous tactical and work boots with similar features, making this an excellent choice for those after comfy boots that don’t have extremely bulky profiles.

Irish Setter Big Game Hunt VAPRTREK Boot

The Irish Setter Big Game Hunt VAPRTREK Boot has a waterproof structure that prevents mud, rain, mulch, and other liquids from coming in, keeping the foot protected in a dry shell for all-day comfort when you need to work in settings exposed to wet elements. The structure feels and looks like a tall sneaker, allowing you to move naturally without any rigid materials getting in the way of your comfort and agility. The exclusive Scent Ban technology enhances the boot’s materials, killing bacteria that can cause unwanted smells to ensure that you won’t need to deal with stinky feet issues. The RPM technology works to keep the boot’s weight at a minimal level, offering the performance and durability of conventional materials without excessive bulk. The upper is built with the ArmaTec XT material that delivers enhanced abrasion resistance, reinforcing the boot to keep it strong enough to fight premature deterioration when exposed to abrasion and other hazards in the environment. This boot is only available in camo colorways, though, so you might want to check other options if you want a monochromatic look for your footwear.

Puma Safety Conquest Comp Toe Boot

The Puma Safety Conquest Comp Toe Boot has a versatile look that can be mistaken for a tall sneaker while delivering the functionality that’s required for tactical boots. The composite toe cap offers strong protection against compression and impact risks, ensuring that the foot won’t be seriously harmed by large or heavy objects that can come crashing down from elevated spots. It’s also lighter than steel so the boot doesn’t feel as weighty as steel-toed footwear. The waterproof lining stops liquids from seeping in, maintaining a dry and comfortable interior for your foot to enjoy even when the surrounding area is exposed to wet substances. The breathable lining dissipates moisture and heat, preventing them from building up to ensure that the boot won’t easily overheat, especially with extended use in hot or humid conditions. The TPU heel support keeps the heel secured in its proper position for added stability and safety while walking on tricky surfaces. The side zipper makes the boot more convenient to put on without needing to deal with the laces. The light-colored upper easily becomes dirty, though, so this may not be the best option for those who want their tactical boot to always look clean and well-maintained.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Merrell Moab Velocity Waterproof Mid Tactical Boot is a remarkable choice for those after durable, protective tactical boots. I admired the cage construction, as it reinforced the boot’s strength for long-term performance, while the waterproof structure sealed out liquids for reliable foot dryness. This is a comfortable boot with a foamy feel, with shock-absorbing components that stopped foot fatigue from forming even with hours of continuous use. The outstanding level of traction elevated the boot’s profile, making it as grippy as top-notch hiking boots so it easily delivered increased safety on challenging surfaces.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!