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Skechers Men’s Soft Stride Grinnell Shoes – Complete Review

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Rating : 8.0/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Featuring a composite safety toe and Air-Cooled memory foam, the Skechers Work Malad Comp Toe Industrial Shoe keeps you comfortable while working hard for your continuous safety.


  • Robust design
  • Thick outsole
  • Composite toe protection
  • Sporty casual look


  • Feel a bit heavier than normal work shoes
  • Not waterproof



Type of Toe



2lb / 0.91kg / 32oz



Shaft Size

Relaxed Fit



Shoe type

Toe Shoe



Safety certifications


Price range

$105.00 to $200.00


The sturdy construction of the Skechers Work Soft Stride Grinnell Comp Toe Shoes allowed me to work more easily in challenging work environments. They provided me with the confidence to tackle various tasks with the assurance that the shoes can protect me from safety hazards in and around the workplace, although a completely waterproof structure would have been much better. If you prefer your work shoes to have leather components, the Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Canopy Comp Toe Shoe may be a more suitable choice that still has composite toe protection. Still from Skechers, the Work Soft Stride Galley Work Shoe is a lightweight work shoe option that will be great for working in environments that do not have impact or compression threats all around. Check out the Fila Memory Reckoning 7 Steel Toe Work Shoe that comes with a special cooling fiber and reliable protection against falling objects that can injure the foot. If you need waterproof work shoes for outdoor settings and wet work environments, the TFO Waterproof Hiking Shoe is an excellent choice that will not compromise your comfort with its shock-absorbing and breathable structure. Meanwhile, the Terra Men’s Terra Lites Athletic Composite Toe Work Shoe is another lightweight choice that comes with an athletic design and a high-rebound midsole for an extra bounce that will help moving and walking around the job site more effortless.


The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp Toe Shoe is built with a rugged silhouette for a high level of protection in various workplace scenarios. The oiled suede upper comes with ripstop mesh fabric overlays to keep the air flowing freely throughout the shoe so overheating can be prevented, even with long hours of nonstop work. The removable insole is topped with a memory foam layer for superior comfort that will last for the entire shift. The synthetic toe bumper works in tandem with the composite safety toe for enhanced foot protection as well as increased durability in the face of workplace challenges. They feel heavier compared to other work shoes, but I believe that is a small price to pay for the robust design and composite toe protection in place. Below we will go deeper into the components that make this work shoe an excellent choice, as well as the features that may need to be enhanced.

When you need superior protection in tough work environments, these robust safety shoes will bring much more than the basic requirements while ensuring all-day comfort.

Ideal For

  • Work areas that are exposed to impact and compression hazards
  • Those who prefer a ruggedly casual look for their work shoes
  • People who work in areas with slippery or wet floor conditions


Performance Analysis


The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp Toe Shoe worked well to keep my foot comfortable for long hours. The insole is built with a memory foam top layer that hugged the curves of my foot to provide a customized feel, almost like the cushioning layer was made specifically for my comfort. This padded insole was enhanced with a soft fabric lining that kept my foot protected from discomfort and worked to prevent uncomfortable chafing that may otherwise lead to the development of blisters, especially when I needed to work nonstop for the rest of the day. The midsoles of the shoes had remarkable shock absorption so my feet and joints were spared from the pain that can be caused by repetitive walking and moving in and around the work area for hours at a time.

I liked that the collar was padded as well so that I did not experience painful friction around my ankles with every movement. This component also worked to deliver a more secure fit for better ankle support that I appreciated more when walking over uneven floor conditions.

The oiled suede and mesh upper was flexible and soft so moving around in quick and efficient ways was not a problem throughout the entire workday.

I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible the outsoles were (given their thick structure) and how they did not get in the way of effortless walking and moving.

With all the cushioning and support in place within the shoe, it was still a bit uncomfortable to use overall because of the considerable weight that made its presence even more pronounced as the hours went by.



This comp toe shoe is heavier compared to other work shoes, so wearing it for the entire day can be a bit of a problem, especially when you are not used to bulky footwear. Most of the weight comes from the thick outsole that is much thicker than the ones you will often see in other work shoes, as well as from the composite safety toe caps in place. The support and protection that these components offer will more than make up for the considerable weight of the work shoes, although they may take some getting used to for those who are used to wearing more lightweight pairs.



These safety work shoes are built with thick rubber outsoles that are rugged enough to withstand demanding work environments with long-term use. These outsoles deliver powerful traction to keep you steady on your feet across slippery or wet conditions, allowing you to move efficiently without worrying that the slightest misstep or the challenging surfaces will result in a slipping accident. I managed to walk quickly and confidently on slippery floors without slipping while wearing these work shoes, so I was able to move effortlessly without compromising my productivity while finishing the required tasks. The rugged outsoles had considerable bulk and heaviness that can be off-putting with long hours of use but is also beneficial since it provides increased stability, especially when walking over uneven ground conditions.


Fit and Sizing

These work shoes are meant to have a relaxed fit, but they felt snug on my feet. They are true to size, but I think the wide fit version would have been more comfortable than the medium fit that I chose. The wide fit will be more spacious and will allow the toes to move a bit as needed to avoid painful cramping, especially when walking or staying on your feet for the better part of the day with no rest periods in between. This wide size option will be more comfortable for people with wide feet or for those who just prefer work shoes that are roomier compared to snug-fitting ones. The lace-up design works to make it easy to get to the most comfortable fit without too much effort and time involved. The padded collar hugged my ankle for increased support and security all day long and worked with the padded tongue to prevent small stones and other debris from entering the shoe.



These safety work shoes are not waterproof and cannot be relied on to keep the feet dry when you need to work in wet conditions for a long time.

However, the robust construction of the shoes may provide adequate foot protection against wetness when you need to work outdoors in the rain for a short period of time.

The thick outsoles will also be beneficial in keeping the feet dry when working on a shallow puddle of water since the outsoles work to elevate the shoes – and the feet – from the wet ground conditions.



The mesh panels on the upper are designed to permit continuous airflow so that the boot interior can remain cool and comfortable throughout the long workday. The mesh fabric dissipates accumulated heat from within the boot before it can build up to extreme warmth that will bring a great deal of discomfort with long hours of use. The breathable upper also works to fight a sweaty feeling and allows the wetness to quickly dry off from the skin.


Quality and Durability

These safety work shoes are constructed with composite safety toe caps that work to protect the foot from being crushed when something heavy falls or rolls from a significant height in and around the work area. The oiled suede and mesh panels work together to deliver a sturdy exterior that resists premature damage, which would be extremely beneficial when working in demanding settings for work and other purposes. The midfoot is designed to have a stabilized structure to provide increased support to make walking on uneven floors and ground conditions much easier to manage. The rubber outsoles have an impressive thickness for remarkable strength and durability that can keep up with the requirements of challenging workplaces for long-term benefits. These outsoles are slip-resistant and work hard to prevent slipping in wet and slippery floor conditions for increased safety in the workplace. Synthetic toe bumpers are put in place to keep the critical toe part protected from abrasions and other challenges in the work area. The work shoes come with electrical hazard protection to offer a secondary safety layer against live currents in dry conditions. The shoes come with a ruggedly casual silhouette that goes well with uniforms and overalls but will also look great with jeans – great for those times when you want to go and unwind elsewhere coming straight from the job site.


Other Versions

The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp Toe Shoe is available in the following colorways: navy & gray, brown & black, and all-black. The work shoe can be enjoyed in either a medium or a wide fit option, depending on your fit preference for superior comfort. There is no other version of this model, but there are other options that you can consider from the same Soft Stride line. The Canopy Comp Toe Shoe comes with almost the same features of thick slip-resistant outsoles, composite toe, and electrical hazard protection – with the addition of leather components working together with the mesh overlays on the upper. Meanwhile, the Skechers Work Soft Stride Galley Work Shoe might be a better option for those who do not need the safety toe features and prefer more lightweight work shoes.


The Challengers

Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride

The first challenger is the Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Canopy Comp Toe Shoe, which has basically the same features as the Grinnell but comes with slight enhancements. These shoes both have composite toe caps to protect the foot from grave injuries when something heavy rolls or falls on it from a high area in the workplace. They both come in electrical hazard safe designs to provide another layer of protection from live electrical currents in dry conditions and are fitted with memory foam insoles for superior cushioning to keep discomfort at bay for the better part of the workday. However, the Canopy Comp Toe Work Shoe is enhanced with scuff-resistant leather on the upper for increased durability and aesthetics that you can enjoy in and out of the job site.

Skechers Work Soft Stride Galley Work Shoe

If you prefer a no-frills work shoe without all the bells and whistles, the Skechers Work Soft Stride Galley Work Shoe may be more up your alley. This slip-resistant work shoe will prevent accidental slipping when you need to work on wet or slippery floors as you finish your tasks for the day. The black leather upper comes in a lace-up design that goes with most uniforms, overalls, and other work-related outfits without clashing with the overall aesthetic. These work shoes come with electrical hazard protection that can keep you safe when you are accidentally exposed to live currents in dry conditions in and around the work area. This is a great lightweight work shoe choice that will be ideal for working in settings that do not have compression or impact threats because there is no safety toe component in place.

 Fila Memory Reckoning 7

The Fila Memory Reckoning 7 is another work shoe choice that brings the comfortable and protective features that are beneficial in various workplaces while showcasing a silhouette that looks more like an athletic shoe. It designed to look and feel like a running shoe so you can be sure that you can enjoy all-day comfort while benefiting from the supreme protection of the steel toe safety toe caps in place. The shoes also come with memory foam inserts to provide maximum cushioning and support to keep foot pain at bay even with long hours of walking or staying on your feet. The exclusive COOLMAX fiber works with the mesh panels to maintain a cool interior so that the feet can stay comfortable and dry for the entire shift.

TFO Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The TFO Waterproof Hiking Shoe is designed to deliver supreme comfort and protection not only on the trails but also in various work settings. It comes with waterproof construction to keep the feet protected and dry in outdoor conditions and indoor environments that are exposed to significant levels of moisture. A patented system promotes good air circulation within the shoes to maintain a comfortable temperature, while the ergonomic design provides reliable ankle support and cushioning throughout the day. The tear-resistant leather upper offers impressive durability that you can count on to maintain a strong construction in the face of tough work surroundings and activities.

The Terra Men’s Terra Lites Athletic Composite Toe

The Terra Men’s Terra Lites Athletic Composite Toe Work Shoe is yet another athletic shoe-looking option that hides a multitude of features that will be extremely beneficial in a variety of workplace settings. A breathable and moisture-wicking lining helps maintain a comfortably dry and cool feeling within the shoes to prevent discomfort from overheating. The proprietary footbed is fitted with pressure pods on the zones that are exposed to the highest levels of impact for maximum cushioning and bounce to keep you moving in the most agile manner without compromising your comfort. The monofilament ripstop material of the upper is designed to deliver superior durability without considerable weight to maintain a lightweight work shoe profile that will not drag on your feet even with long hours of nonstop work.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp Toe Shoe is a great safety shoe option that delivers the durability and strength needed to withstand various challenges in the workplace. These shoes come in a relaxed fit and are available in medium and wide size options to cater to varying comfort requirements. They are a bit heavier than other work shoes but may be a small price to pay for the composite toe caps and the robust design that will keep your feet protected in and around the job site.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!