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Blundstone vs Redback Boots – The Battle of Two Australian Work Boot Titans!

redback vs blundstone - Comparison

Sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the right products when facing almost similar options. The choice becomes even more difficult if the products seem to have the same level of quality and are backed by the same stellar brand reputation.

Blundstone and Redback are two legendary Australian companies manufacturing top-quality boots. Both brands have footwear options that can be used in work settings and beyond, with rigid structures to withstand beating while on the job.

There are more than a few similarities between Blundstone and Redback boots – including the use of high-quality leather and lightweight designs. In this article, we’ll go for a closer look at these brands’ details to determine the features that set them apart from each other. This way, you can more easily find out what option suits you best when it comes to top-quality boots that can be worn at work and casually.

Key Takeaways

  • Redback and Blundstone are two of the most established and popular brands that offer top-quality Australian-made boots. Both brands offer superior durability and comfort that can be used on and off the worksite.
  • Blundstone boots come in versatile, lightweight, water-resistant, durable designs with breathable interiors, more style options (compared to Redback), and outsoles resistant to chemicals and heat.
  • However, these boots need a break-in period before they become comfortable to wear, are costlier than Redback boots, and are manufactured in different countries.
  • Redback boots have rugged designs with premium leather, showcasing comfort enhancements, high-traction outsoles, and air-cushioned soles. Compared to Blundstone, these boots are more affordable and durable. They have more size options – and they often don’t need a break-in period as they’re typically comfortable out of the box.
  • However, Redback boots have limited design options and are generally not ideal for formal office environments.


Blundstone legendary has been manufacturing boots in Australia since the 1870s. The current owners have since moved most of the company’s operations overseas, although the brand continues to deliver superb quality in all its products.

Blundstone has a wide range of styles for men, women, and even children, so there are plenty of options for lifestyle and work needs.

These boots also referred to as “Blunnies” are built to be tough enough to withstand challenging conditions, offering protection where needed and ensuring that style isn’t compromised.


Key Advantages of Blundstone

Robust designs

Blundstone boots are constructed to remain robust even with all-day use in demanding environments.

The high-quality leather offers remarkable strength and aesthetics, while double stitching keeps the components strongly bonded for increased durability. Even the outsoles are designed to provide long-lasting support in varying surface conditions without easily falling apart.

Resistance to heat and chemicals

Most Blundstone boots feature TPU soles that have high resistance to heat, making them ideal for working on hot surfaces as they’ll continue to keep the feet safe against extreme heat.

The soles may also offer chemical resistance, so they won’t allow harsh substances to penetrate and won’t easily disintegrate with exposure to acidic materials.

Strong shock absorption

Blundstone uses a reliable comfort system to cushion the impact of continuous walking on hard floors for a more comfortable experience. The boots are often fitted with heel pads and midsoles that soak up the force and evenly distribute the impact.

This results in strong shock absorption and prevents painfully tired feet, especially while walking and staying upright for long periods.



Most, if not all, Blundstone boots showcase lightweight designs.

This helps streamline the boots’ profile and enhances comfort, making them convenient to wear while on the job since they don’t come with unbearable bulk.

Strong water resistance

Blundstone uses fine-quality leather that’s naturally water-resistant, and some styles are completely waterproof as well.

These boots are ready for use in inclement weather and wet work settings, as they can keep the feet comfortably dry without compromising other necessary features.


Even with strong water resistance, the leather uppers of Blundstone boots still maintain breathable structures.

This allows a good amount of air to come in, keeping the interior ventilated so that the feet don’t become soaked in sweat even after long hours of continuous boot use.


Blundstone boots typically have versatile designs that can be worn in different settings.

Depending on the style, one pair can be used in the workplace and for light hiking activities to make the most of your investment in high-quality boots.

More design options compared to Redback

Blundstone offers a wide range of designs compared to Redback.

The brand has styles that look tough enough to withstand the beating in a challenging work area and more fashion-forward designs to keep up with style requirements for various settings. With more styles, you’ll likely find one that fits your needs.

Key Disadvantages of Blundstone

Generally, more expensive than Redback

Blundstone boots typically have higher price points than Redback footwear.

These boots still offer good value for money because of their reliable durability, comfort, and aesthetics which will last a long time. However, Blundstone isn’t our top recommendation if you’re after the most affordable boots.

Manufactured in different countries

Blundstone boots used to be manufactured in Tasmania, Australia. A small portion of the company’s product lines is still manufactured in Australia, but most manufacturing operations have been moved overseas. Most boots are now manufactured in countries such as Thailand, China, and Mexico.

This movement of operations can be considered a disadvantage, as quality may not be as controlled when manufacturing is done locally in Australia.

It needs to be broken in

Blundstone boots are comfortable, but they need to be broken in before they get to that condition.

This may not be the most favorable option for those who don’t have the time to break in the boots and need them to be ready for comfortable use fresh out of the box.

Uses of Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots come in a wide variety of styles that can be maximized by different professions, including:

  • Skilled tradespeople
  • Construction workers
  • Farmers & agricultural workers
  • Courier staff


Redback is known for manufacturing heavy-duty boots used by the Australian Defence Force for over two decades. The brand offers footwear choices primarily designed for work environments, but they also have more stylish options.

The boots are 100% made in Australia, with more work-focused designs that provide long-lasting performance in different work environments.

Redback boots are tough and comfortable enough to support the feet for all-day walking and standing without sacrificing overall functionality.


Key Advantages of Redback

Premium leather

Redback boots use top-quality full-grain leather, approximately 30% thicker than the material normally used in other leather work boots.

They’re built to last through the toughest conditions while performing well in various work settings – without compromising foot comfort. These boots are meant to be enjoyed for a long time, maintaining their top-notch look and performance even with exposure to challenging conditions and strenuous activities.

Typically, comfortable out of the box

Unlike most Blundstone boots, Redback boots are typically comfortable out of the box.

They can generally be used straightaway after purchase because they’re naturally comfortable around the feet, so you won’t need to spend a long time breaking in a new pair. The premium-quality leather is tough but also molds to the foot’s shape from the first time these boots are worn for almost effortless comfort.

More rugged/tough designs

Redback boots are known for designs that focus on high-performance use on the job rather than being exceptionally fashionable – although they’re by no means lagging in the looks department.

Their rugged profiles make them suitable for various work environments where they perform remarkably well while delivering maximum comfort and support. Meanwhile, the brand’s line of safety boots comes with steel toe caps and outsoles resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

Comfort enhancements

The boots from Redback are known for their rugged yet comfortable designs, making them great partners for jobs and other activities involving walking around or standing for long hours.

These boots usually have impressive enhancements, including supportive heel structures and a unique anatomic system that work together to keep the feet fully supported and comfortable.

Air-cushioned sole

Work boots from Redback are further reinforced by an air-cushioned midsole that takes on the role of a shock absorber.

This midsole comes with millions of small air bubbles that return energy to every step, making it easier to continue walking or staying upright for even longer without suffering from aching feet. The air-cushion design also produces a lightweight structure, so the sole doesn’t drag the foot down.


High-traction outsoles

Redback boots are fitted with TPU outsoles that deliver strong resistance to oil and slips.

These outsole treads are designed to firmly grip the ground, providing a safer way of navigating tricky surfaces without compromising a balanced gait.

The TPU soles are also resistant to acids, so they won’t easily break down when exposed to harsh substances that may be encountered in hazardous work areas.

Generally, more affordable than Blundstone

Redback boots typically have lower price ranges than Blundstone boots.

Those looking for top-quality work boots that don’t break the bank will benefit the most from Redback boots, which offer excellent value for money without sacrificing exceptional performance.

Fully manufactured in Australia

Redback boots are 100% manufactured in Australia.

This helps guarantee adherence to strict standards in manufacturing the boots to ensure that their quality remains intact, compared to having them manufactured in different overseas locations where there are higher chances of the quality and standards being compromised. The guarantee that these boots are 100% made in Australia is also a huge advantage for those who prefer the assurance of enjoying Australian-made products.

Wider range of sizes compared to Blundstone

When they were tested by the Australian army more than two decades ago, Blundstone boots had limited sizing options available. However, the sizing issues have been improved since then, with the boots now offered in wide sizes and styles that can accommodate larger feet anatomies.

The expansive size range makes it easier for more people to enjoy Redback boots for work and other purposes.

Generally, more durable than Blundstone

Depending on the design, Redback boots are generally more durable than the ones manufactured by Blundstone.

While the difference isn’t that significant, Redback boots typically last longer while continuing to perform remarkably, especially when used in challenging settings.

Key Disadvantages of Redback

Fewer style options than Blundstone

As Redback boots focus more on functionality in the workplace, there aren’t that many stylish options to choose from.

This is especially true compared to Blundstone, which has a wider array of designs that cater to varying style preferences.

Less suitable for formal office settings

Redback boots have more industrial designs that are ideal for tough work settings and can also be paired with casual wear.

The rugged profiles make these boots unsuitable for formal office settings and won’t look good with suits.

Uses of Redback Boots

Redback boots are designed primarily for use in tough job sites, making them ideal for these professions:

  • Carpenters
  • Construction workers
  • Auto mechanics
  • Warehouse staff

Blundstone vs Redback Boots – Comparison Table

Boot Type




  • Sole has a high resistance to chemicals and high temperatures
  • Reliable shock absorption
  • Durable designs
  • Lightweight
  • Strong liquid resistance
  • Breathability
  • Versatile
  • More style options compared to Redback

  • Generally, costs more than Redback
  • Mostly manufactured overseas
  • Needs a break-in period

  • Top-quality leather (30% thicker than other leathers)
  • Usually, comfortable out of the box
  • More rugged profiles
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Grippy outsoles
  • Generally, cost less than Blundstone
  • 100% manufactured in Australia
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Typically, more durable than Blundstone

  • Fewer style options compared to Blundstone
  • Typically, unsuitable for formal office settings

Personal Testing Experience

We had the chance to use two of Blundstone’s and Redback’s Chelsea-style boots – the Blundstone 1306 Dress Chelsea Boot and the Redback Bobcat Chelsea Boot. The Blundstone 1306 Boot is made with water-resistant leather that protects the foot to keep it dry with exposure to light rain and minimal wetness. It has a stylish profile with a touch of ruggedness that makes it suitable for casual work settings and more laid-back environments. Its lightweight construction doesn’t drag on the foot, while strong shock absorption prevents fatigue from setting in. The twin gore panels help ease the foot’s entry for maximum convenience, but without stitching between the sole and upper, we don’t expect this boot to last very long.

Meanwhile, the Redback Bobcat Boot has a fully waterproof design that blocks liquids, protecting the foot from getting soaked even with prolonged exposure to extreme wetness. In addition, it’s equipped with steel toe caps that keep the toes safe from being crushed in case heavy objects roll or drop onto the top of the boot. The TPU outsole delivers exceptionally strong traction and grips the ground firmly to prevent slipping and, at the same time, flexes easily for unrestricted foot movements. This boot has ample padding, resulting in a wonderfully cushioned interior that provides fantastic foot comfort. However, this boot is a bit heavier compared to similar styles of boots, and the relaxed fit can feel unsupportive for those who prefer a more secure or tighter fit.


Blundstone and Redback are Australian brands that build boots with superior quality, comfort, and performance. These brands’ boots have a lot in common but also distinct features that stand out. Blundstone boots are versatile styles and have robust yet lightweight as well as breathable designs, offering good resistance to chemicals, heat, and liquids, and have more design options than Redback – but they’re also more expensive than Redback, need to be broken in, and are manufactured in different countries. On the other hand, Redback boots are made with premium leather that’s 30% thicker than other work boots’ uppers, are fully made in Australia, and feature comfort enhancements, air-cushioned soles, rugged designs, and grippy outsoles. These boots typically don’t need to be broken in as they’re comfortable out of the box, and compared to Blundstone – they’re more affordable, more durable, and have a wider array of sizes. However, they’re not ideal for formal office settings and have limited style options.


Are all Blundstone boots waterproof?
No, there are only specific products – such as those in the gumboot and thermal product lines – that are waterproof. However, Blundstone boots use naturally water-resistant leather that shields the feet against minimal wetness.
What gives Redback boots’ outsoles a distinctive look?
Redback boots are built with outsoles featuring a layer of translucent material responsible for high heat and chemical resistance, offering superior protection in hazardous work areas.
Can Blundstone boots be re-soled?
Most Blundstone boots have soles created by injecting the PU compound into a mold and are not stitched onto the upper – so they can’t be re-soled. However, the brand has a Heritage line that features boots with Goodyear Welted soles, which can be re-soled.
Are Redback boots only available in pull-on styles?
No, Redback boots in lace-up designs, with or without safety toes, can be worn in different work settings.

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