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Dr Martens 2976 Boots – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.7/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Featuring the classic look of DMs and enhanced traction with the exclusive GRIP-TRAX tread, the Dr Martens 2976 Slip-Resistant Boot is designed to help you walk more safely on tricky surfaces.


  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Classic DMs design
  • Easy to put on
  • Durable construction


  • Quite inflexible
  • A bit heavy


Full-grain leather

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


3.25lb / 1.47kg / 52oz



Shaft Size

6 inches


PVC and rubber with GRIP-TRAX tread

Boot type



Dr Martens

Safety certifications


Price range

$169.95 to $179.95


At first glance, there is no difference between the Dr Martens 2976 Slip-Resistant Boot and the universally loved classic DMs. However, I was so glad to be proven wrong as this boot offered more in terms of performance, as it’s designed to be a work boot rather than a casual footwear choice – although it stands out in design as well. I got the boot in black leather, and it had the same yellow stitching all around the sole – which also looked just like other DMs. This boot’s outsole offers stronger traction, thanks to the GRIP-TRAX tread that made the boot more suitable for work settings with challenging surface conditions. I appreciated the durable construction, especially the large pull tab at the back that helped make the boot easy to pull on. However, the robust design affected the boot’s weight, making it quite heavy but insufficient to cause serious discomfort. I also wished the sole felt a bit more flexible for easier walking, although that may be a small price for the enhanced traction and longevity of the boot’s structure.


Key Takeaways

  • The Dr Martens 2976 Slip-Resistant Boot looks like other DMs but is enhanced with components that deliver better performance and improved strength.
  • The sole has the same appearance as the ones in other Doc Martens boots but offers a superior grip with the exclusive GRIP-TRAX tread.
  • The boot’s PVC sole is strengthened with a rubber compound insert to increase its durability.
  • Thanks to the elastic side panels and relaxed fit, it’s very easy to put on.
  • The boot’s reinforced structure also resulted in drawbacks, such as increased weight and inflexibility.

Ideal For

  • Professionals in the service industry
  • Those who work or move around slippery floors
  • People who prefer premium leather Chelsea boots


Performance Analysis


Dr Martens boots aren’t exactly known for being exceptionally comfortable, so I wasn’t expecting much from this pair. However, I was surprised at how easy it is to pull on the boot because the leather isn’t the softest one that I’ve come across. I liked how the large pull tab fixed into the back of the opening made it easier to pull on the boot since the upper didn’t flex enough to allow the foot to ease in effortlessly. I got the boot in the black smooth leather version that’s a bit stiff initially, but I’m assuming the nubuck leather will feel much more flexible. I did notice that the leather eventually softens after the break-in period, becoming even more pliable with long-term use.

I appreciated the addition of the elastic side panels as this helped with easier foot entry, especially in the beginning when the leather hadn’t considerably softened from being broken in. These elasticized sections quickly stretch when the foot goes in, greatly reducing the risk of discomfort and shortening the time needed to wear the boot. These panels also helped increase comfort by allowing the ankle to move more freely without too many restrictions coming from rigid leather.

Even if the boot felt quite stiff (especially with no break-in period), it still didn’t feel entirely uncomfortable. This was because of the nicely cushioned interior that soothed whatever discomfort I felt with the inflexible leather and sole.

In addition, I loved the memory foam pods built into the heel and forefoot areas, where most of the impact is concentrated when walking on hard surfaces for long periods. These foam pods absorbed the force and distributed it, relieving the pressure so I didn’t end up with extremely painful feet by the end of a busy workday.



This boot is heavy, so it will not work best for all-day walking or standing. However, I wasn’t surprised by the extra weight considering the boot’s robust construction, which offers the longevity that only some lightweight boots can provide. The boot’s thick, reinforced outsole also contributed to the heaviness, although this seemed a small sacrifice compared to the sole’s slip resistance and strength benefits.



The boot’s sole looks like most of the ones you’ll see in Doc Martens boots. However, enhancements built into this sole offered improved performance, making the boots suitable for professional use. The classic 1.25-inch-thick PVC sole features a rubber compound component, making the structure much stronger and more resilient than the regular soles found in other DMs. In addition, I appreciated that this boot featured the proprietary GRIP-TRAX tread with enhanced traction to prevent slipping.

However, the traction level isn’t exceptionally strong, so that I won’t recommend this boot for use on extremely slick floors or rocky terrain.


Fit and Sizing

I tried this boot in size 10 and it’s true to size, but it’s closer to a snug fit than a regular one. The snug fit helped keep my foot in place for continuous stability while walking over varying floor conditions.

However, for those who don’t feel comfortable using snug-fitting boots and prefer a more relaxed fit, I suggest getting this boot in an option that’s half a size larger than the usual choice.



This isn’t a waterproof boot, so it isn’t the best choice for working in wet surroundings or outdoors in the rain.

The high-quality leather upper offers some water resistance, though, so liquids spilled on the boot won’t automatically penetrate and get the feet wet.



I assumed that this boot would end up overheating before long because of the thick leather upper. I was so happy to be proven wrong as I discovered that the boots had a ventilated interior. The exclusive Software sock liner promotes superior breathability, allowing the air to flow continuously to prevent the heat from building up inside the boot. It had a raised grid design that kept the air moving unhampered, helping maintain a cool feeling inside the boot for much longer.

I also liked this sock liner’s moisture-wicking quality as it drew moisture away from the skin, protecting my foot from the uncomfortable, sweaty feeling – even after long hours of boot use.


Quality and Durability

The Dr. Martens 2976 Slip-Resistant Boot has the classic good looks of beloved DMs but has amped-up features to make it more suitable for professional use. It has the distinctly premium feel in almost all Doc Martens boots. I got the black leather option that showcased a standout shine that works for those who want an elegant look. If you prefer a more low-key look without the shine, you’re better off choosing the gray suede option with white soles that also exude a casual aesthetic. It’s easy to assume that this boot has a steel toe because of the way it’s designed, but the truth is, the toe area is just reinforced.

The boot’s outsole looks exactly like those built into other Doc Martens boots, but it’s enhanced to significantly improve the boot’s performance and make it suitable for work settings. It has distinctive yellow stitching all around and the translucent appearance seen in other DMs, with the reinforcement of a rubber compound, inserted to strengthen the sole’s resistance to wear and tear. In addition, I appreciated the exclusive GRIP-TRAX tread that enhanced the sole’s traction level, promoting stable footing over various ground conditions – although I don’t think this boot is the best choice for navigating extremely rocky terrains.

The boot’s interior features components that provide a comfortable walking experience. I liked the memory foam pods that cushioned the blow of continuous walking on hard surfaces, protecting the heel and forefoot areas against extreme discomfort when I’ve already been walking for a long time. These cushioned pods absorb and dissipate pressure to prevent foot fatigue over extended periods of boot use. In addition, I’m impressed with the Softwair sock liner that kept things cool by allowing the air to circulate, so it was easier to stop heat and moisture build-up. This lining also helped prevent odor development, so I didn’t worry about smelly feet problems even with all-day boot-wearing.

This boot’s robust construction speaks of its ability to resist premature damage. The reinforcement in the sole increases the boot’s strength, so you can look forward to enjoying the footwear’s benefits for a long time.

It’s not waterproof, but the thick, high-quality leather offers some resistance to liquids. The boot’s price range is higher than similar Chelsea boots’ but with this being a Dr Martens boot – you pay for the quality of materials, classic design, and durability.

It’s worth mentioning that the thick sole can feel inflexible, so walking for a long time can become uncomfortable. The reinforced sole also felt heavy and contributed significantly to the boot’s total weight.


Other Versions

Dr Martens 2976 Slip-Resistant Boot is available in several versions, such as those with faux fur lining, WinterGrip sole, toe and backstrap reinforcements with water and abrasion resistance, and one with a 2.3-inch platform sole. It’s also offered in different materials, including waterproof leather, vegan leather, Crazy Horse leather, animal print, milled nubuck leather, and Ambassador leather.


The Challengers

Ariat Spot Hog Boot

The Ariat Spot Hog Boot is equally rugged and elegant, showcasing a full-grain leather upper that’s tough enough to keep up with your activities without sacrificing good looks. The EVA midsole works as a shock absorber and soaks up the impact of continuous walking over hard surfaces, protecting the foot and leg muscles against fatigue. The sole offers superb comfort, with generous cushioning giving the insoles a foamy feel, making this boot a great choice for walking or staying on your feet for the entire day. This is a remarkably lightweight boot, so it won’t feel like it’s dragging on the foot even when they’re used continuously for long hours. The outsole delivers excellent traction, strongly gripping the ground to prevent slipping in tricky conditions. However, the sole’s material is quite soft, so it may only last for a short time as the thick rubber soles are built into other boots.


Timberland Stormbucks Chelsea Boot

The Timberland Stormbucks Chelsea Boot has a premium look that doesn’t scream for attention, making it a great choice for those who prefer high-quality yet low-profile footwear. The streamlined silhouette goes well with jeans and chinos, so it’s easy to maximize the boots in different surroundings and for various activities. The leather is sourced from an eco-conscious tannery recognized for its environmentally friendly procedures. At the same time, the fabric lining is built with materials that contain a minimum of 50% recycled plastic bottles. The elastic side panels accommodate the foot’s entry, eliminating the discomfort when trying to pull on tight or stiff leather boots. The rubber lug outsole adds a rugged edge to the boot while offering strong traction and maintaining secure footing over challenging surfaces. However, the boot’s snug fit may feel uncomfortable for those wide feet or people who prefer relaxed-fit boots.


Clarks Paulson Up Chelsea Boot

The Clarks Paulson Up Chelsea Boot has a versatile look, with a low-key silhouette that can pair nicely with work wear – but it’s also stylish enough to be enjoyed in more relaxed and social settings. The elastic sections on the sides easily stretch to welcome the foot without discomfort, making the boot-wearing and removal quicker and hassle-free. The OrthoLite footbed offers good cushioning without the extra bulk, soothing the foot’s pressure spots but doesn’t make the interior feel uncomfortably tight in the process. This footbed also allows the air to move continuously, so overheating can be prevented even after long hours of continuous boot use. The boot has a snug fit, though, and may feel uncomfortable for wide feet. The outsole is thick, durable rubber that can support the wearer’s weight with long-term use. However, the traction level is quite limited, so this boot isn’t suitable for use in unstable or slippery conditions.


Redcat Bobcat Chelsea Boot

The Redcat Bobcat Chelsea Boot has a steel toe cap for protection against impact and compression hazards that can accidentally fall from high areas. The Lighter Air Cushion gives the interior a remarkably foamy feel, greatly increasing the boot’s comfortable feel even as it absorbs most of the impact of walking to prevent foot fatigue. This waterproof boot stops water, mud, and other liquids from entering, keeping the foot comfortably dry inside, even with exposure to extremely wet surroundings. It has an anatomically supportive design to cradle the foot comfortably, maintaining its proper alignment to reduce discomfort. The oil and acid-resistant sole feature multidirectional treads, providing strong traction to maintain steady footing over challenging ground conditions. The comfortably loose fit may be a drawback for some, specifically on stability, especially while walking on uneven surfaces.


Caterpillar Pelton Steel Toe Boot

The Caterpillar Pelton Steel Toe Boot is built with a steel toe cap that guards against heavy falling objects to protect the foot from serious harm in hazardous work environments. The elasticized panels on the sides help ease the foot in without hassle and discomfort, stretching to accommodate the foot’s entry most conveniently. The boot’s solid construction offers a comfortable walking experience without compromising its protective features. The robust outsole is sturdy enough to support the foot with long-term strength while providing good traction at the same time. The relaxed fit contributes to an overall comfort by allowing the foot to move naturally without many restrictions. Still, it can also be seen as a disadvantage by those who need to keep their feet stable while doing crucial tasks on the job site.


Conclusion & Verdict

The Dr Martens 2976 Slip-Resistant Boot showcases the classic Doc Martens silhouette, delivering the beloved style with enhanced features that make it suitable for work. The full-grain leather is strong enough to keep up with different activities and offers a bit of water resistance to stop accidental spills from getting the foot soaked. I’m impressed with the slip-resistant outsole, which has a good grip on most surfaces, promoting stable walking on unstable or slippery ground conditions. The sole is reinforced to make it more resistant to normal wear and tear, so it can be relied on to provide its benefits for a long time. The durable construction is designed to maintain the boot’s structural integrity for long-term use. I loved how easy it was to put on this boot, thanks to the elastic side panels stretching to welcome the foot conveniently and comfortably. The boot is relatively heavy and inflexible – although these may be small inconveniences compared to the other benefits that the footwear offers.

What we like

  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Classic DMs design
  • Easy to put on
  • Durable construction

What we don’t like

  • Quite inflexible
  • A bit heavy

Professions These Are Ideal For

Servers / food service staff, Bartenders, Barbers/hair salon professionals, Retail and Sales staff

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