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Crocs Bistro Clog – Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.5/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Constructed with the lightweight Croslite material that’s very easy to clean, the Crocs Bistro Clog offers remarkable comfort and convenience in a variety of settings.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Croc Lock slip-resistant outsole
  • Flexible construction
  • Good value for money


  • No ventilation holes
  • Not waterproof



Type of Toe

Soft Toe


1.45lb / 0.65kg / 23.2oz



Shaft Size

2 inches


Crocs Lock slip-resistant outsole

Shoe type




Safety certifications


Price range

$35.99 to $99.00


While it may seem like the Crocs Bistro Clog has the exact structure as other Crocs clogs, I soon realized that there was more to this clog – it’s not just a copycat of the much-loved classic clog. From the start, I immediately noticed that it had a slimmer profile compared to the OG Crocs clog, giving it a more low-key look without the bulkiness that’s synonymous with rubber clogs. It’s made with the proprietary Croslite material that’s known for its flexibility, so I didn’t have any mobility issues when I used this clog. I liked how it easily adjusted to my steps, flexing along with my foot so I didn’t feel as if my normal gait was limited by stiff materials. Even the sole had a pliable structure, supporting my weight while effortlessly adapting to my foot as I walked. The footbed was shaped to follow the foot’s curves, offering lasting comfort and support to promote good foot alignment no matter how hectic the day’s activities turned out to be. I noticed that the top of the foot had a thicker Croslite material, which I found was to ensure that the foot would enjoy increased protection against abrasion and impact hazards that may be encountered in various work environments.


The closed-toe design also enhanced foot safety by forming a protective layer against liquids that can accidentally be spilled on the clog. I appreciated this clog even more when it was clean-up time because I was able to easily remove mud and dirt build-up on the surfaces without exerting a lot of time and effort on the task. The heel strap helped keep my foot in a secure position, so I was able to walk quickly when needed without compromising my steady gait. The outsole had impressively strong traction that gave me the confidence to walk over tricky surfaces without the fear of easily slipping, especially when I needed to move at a rapid pace. This article will give us a chance to dig deeper into the clog’s components so we can discover which aspects bring about enhanced performance and which ones may still need to be improved on.

For continuous comfort and support throughout the busiest shifts, this clog delivers the reliable performance that made the brand such a beloved footwear choice worldwide.

Ideal For

  • Conditions with uneven or slippery surfaces
  • Jobs in professional kitchens, food service, hospital or healthcare, and other settings that require all-day walking or standing
  • Those who are looking for clogs that offer good value for money


Performance Analysis


I had a comfortable experience using the Crocs Bistro Clog, mainly because of its flexibility and lightweight structure.

I loved the Croslite material’s ability to bend in time with my foot’s movements, almost making me feel as if the clog was a part of my body as it flowed easily with my steps.

I was a bit worried at first that the clog would feel too stiff, especially on the top, which was what I encountered with other rubber clogs. I was glad that this wasn’t the case, though, as the upper instantly flexed as it adjusted to my usual gait. This resulted in a completely comfortable experience because my foot didn’t feel like it was being pinched by stiff materials. This flexibility also resulted in a wider range of motion for my foot as the material didn’t limit my movements in any way. I enjoyed the cradling sensation offered by the Croslite sole because it had a softness that molded to my foot’s shape, letting it sink in just enough to keep it comfortably in place. I was a bit surprised that even with the softly cushioned structure, the sole still managed to support my foot, so it easily sustained its proper alignment. This supportive base made it easier for me to walk with increased stability over different floor types and surfaces without worries that my foot would unintentionally slide inside the clog.

It’s worth mentioning that the sole felt as flexible as the upper, allowing me to enjoy unrestricted mobility. The sole supported my foot while adapting effortlessly to my steps, enabling comfortable walking since there wasn’t an extremely rigid structure to hamper my movements.

This clog featured thicker construction on the top of the foot, so I was expecting this area to feel slightly uncomfortable and stiff. I was so glad when I realized that that wasn’t the case. Instead, the clog still felt very flexible even in this area, enabling me to enjoy superb comfort all throughout the footwear. I was also a bit concerned that the interior would rub painfully against my skin, especially with long hours of walking and moving around. Fortunately, the Croslite material didn’t cause painful chafing, so I was able to use the clog comfortably for extended periods while avoiding blisters.



I liked this clog’s lightweight design, which wasn’t really surprising considering that it’s made with Croslite material, which makes Crocs footwear remarkably light. It had a streamlined upper that reduced the bulky feel, which I got a bit used to when wearing the classic Crocs clog. I enjoyed using this clog for hours because it didn’t feel like a weighty block that I needed to carry around throughout the day. This clog’s lightweight profile is ideal for activities or jobs that involve staying on your feet for extended periods, such as professions in healthcare, hospital settings, food service, and professional kitchens.



I was expecting this clog to have the same decent level of traction as the classic Crocs clog. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it had a stronger grip on surfaces because it was enhanced with the exclusive Crocs Lock outsole. This tread pattern delivered strong slip resistance, keeping me steady on my feet as the clog gripped even tricky surfaces. This enhanced traction allowed me to walk confidently over varying ground conditions without fearing that I’d easily lose my balance, especially when I was walking rapidly to increase my productivity and efficiency.


Fit and Sizing

This clog is true to its size. I used a size 9 instead of my usual size 10 and I felt my toes slightly rubbing against the interior of the toe box. Naturally, this felt a bit uncomfortable, so I’d suggest that you go with your regular sizing with this clog for a more comfortable experience. I was able to adjust the fit by using the back strap, which can be maneuvered up or down. The strap helped to keep my foot secured in place, preventing it from sliding uncontrollably inside the clog for added stability, especially when walking on unstable surfaces. I would’ve preferred the adjustable heel strap that was fitted into the Bistro Pro LiteRide clog, though, because its design (that can be tightened on both sides) enabled me to customize the fit even further.



The Croslite material is designed to prevent water and other liquids from seeping in. The closed-toe design and the absence of holes on the upper increased this clog’s resistance to liquid penetration. However, the back part is open, so wet elements can easily get in when you walk on extremely wet floors. Without fully waterproof qualities, this clog isn’t recommended for exceptionally wet conditions.



I noticed from the start that this clog didn’t have holes on the upper, which was good for keeping the foot protected against wetness from accidental spills in different environments. However, the lack of ventilation holes had a negative effect on the clog’s breathability. It tended to become uncomfortably warm with long hours of use since heat and moisture weren’t allowed to readily escape. The solid upper structure also didn’t allow a lot of air to get in, causing the interior to feel a bit overheated with extended use. I’m glad that the back portion was open because it permitted a bit of air to come in, just enough to prevent extreme sweatiness and overheating to develop.


Quality and Durability

The Crocs Bistro Clog delivers the effortless comfort that’s synonymous to Crocs footwear, along with some extra features that make it beneficial in more professional settings. The Croslite material was developed to deliver lasting strength, easily keeping up with challenging environments that you can encounter for leisure or work-related activities. I felt like my foot was encased in a protective shell, with the Croslite material acting as a shield against abrasive objects and other hazards that may harm my skin. This material had remarkable flexibility, immediately responding to my foot’s movements so I was able to walk more freely and comfortably without stiff materials that can bring discomfort.

I enjoyed this flexible feeling on the upper and sole, enabling me to walk naturally without the restricted feeling that I encountered when I used clogs that were made with hard rubber materials.

This lightweight clog didn’t drag on my foot with excessive weight, allowing me to walk comfortably for longer since there wasn’t a bulky feeling pulling on my foot and leg muscles. The lightweight construction makes this clog a great choice for those who work in healthcare or hospital settings, food service, professional kitchens, and other industries that require walking or standing for long hours at a time. The upper had a closed-toe design that worked to keep the toes and the top of the foot protected against spills, increasing the foot’s protection against unwelcome wetness in different work environments. I liked how the top portion was enhanced with thicker Croslite material, keeping this foot zone safe from being easily harmed in case of exposure to impact or abrasion hazards that may be encountered on and off the workplace. The heel strap helped keep my foot in a steady position inside the clog, securing it in place so it didn’t easily slide around. This foot security resulted in a more stable walking experience even on challenging surfaces. I was impressed with the Crocs Lock outsole as it delivered a higher level of traction compared to the classic Crocs clog. This enhanced traction allowed me to walk with more confidence over slippery or uneven ground conditions while maintaining my balance for a safer walking experience.  The Croslite sole offered ample cushioning that cradled the foot while delivering increased support, making it easier to walk stably. I especially liked the slightly bouncy structure that brought energy back to my steps, protecting my foot against pain so I was able to walk comfortably for longer.

I just have some issues with the clog’s breathability, which was negatively affected by the lack of ventilation holes. Without perforations on the upper, the clog tended to feel overly warm since the air wasn’t able to circulate inside. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a waterproof clog, so it’s not the most suitable option if you’d like to ensure lasting foot dryness in exceptionally wet settings.

I’d recommend this clog for those who are looking for a reasonably priced option that offers good value for money.


Other Versions

The Crocs Bistro Clog is offered in black, navy, white, slate grey, and printed colorways. It’s also available in a version with an insole that’s made with the proprietary LiteRide material.


The Challengers

Birkenstock Prof-Birki Clog

The Birkenstock Prof-Birki Clog features a water-resistant PU upper to keep wet elements out, ensuring that you’ll be able maintain comfortable foot dryness while you’re in wet environments. This construction also protects the foot against accidental spills, so it won’t get thoroughly soaked. The material resists dirt, making it easier for you to maintain the clog’s clean and well-maintained profile without going through a lot of inconvenience. The clog has a raised heel portion that protects the foot from the back, at the same time encouraging the foot’s natural rolling motion to keep you walking comfortably without compromising your efficiency. The non-slip PU outsole delivers strong traction to help you navigate tricky surfaces with increased safety, maintaining your steady footing so you won’t easily slip even when you need to walk quickly. This clog is resistant to oil and grease, so the material won’t easily deteriorate when it’s exposed to these substances on a regular basis. It’s sturdy enough to be machine-washed in temperatures reaching up to 80° Celsius, but not before removing the PU insole first (which can be washed at up to 60° Celsius). It doesn’t have holes on the upper, though, so it may feel a bit too warm with extended use.

Dansko XP 2.0 Clog

The Dansko XP 2.0 Clog showcases a leather upper, delivering a style that’s both professional and rugged to keep up with the demands of the job. It features the proprietary Dansko Natural Arch technology that uses memory foam to surround the foot with ample cushioning, warding off the pain while relieving pressure zones to stop blister development. This memory foam component offers an almost customized level of comfort, molding to the foot’s shape for continuous support and pressure relief. The EVA midsole takes on the role of shock absorption, soaking up the force that results from hours of walking or standing to protect against foot fatigue. This clog has a spacious toe box with enough room to give the toes sufficient wiggle space, helping to ease the tiredness to stop foot cramping. The rocker bottom supports the natural gait, promoting proper foot alignment for a more comfortable walking experience. The TPU heel counter helps the heel to move freely for superior comfort and stability while protecting the skin against chafing. The slip-resistant rubber outsole maintains your stable movements over different ground conditions to prevent slipping accidents. The hand-stapled construction offers increased durability that you can count on for long-term use. However, the clog needs to be broken in first to make it a lot more comfortable to wear.

Skechers Work Fourche Shoe

The Skechers Work Fourche Shoe has a casual lace-up style that pairs nicely with uniforms that are used in the food service and retail industries but is still stylish enough to work well with different attire both on and off the workplace. The memory foam insole contours to the foot’s shape for personalized comfort that you’ll be able to enjoy all day long. This memory foam insole also helps prevent blister development by easing pressures spots along the foot. The relaxed fit design leaves enough room for the toes to shift inside the shoe, preventing foot cramps from developing when you’re on your feet for extended periods. The midsole absorbs the impact resulting from walking on hard surfaces, keeping the force dissipated to protect the foot against fatigue. The slip-resistant outsole grips surfaces strongly to help maintain your steady footing. This isn’t a waterproof shoe, though, so it won’t be able to maintain comfortable foot dryness in wet environments.

Keen PTC Slip-On II Shoe

The Keen PTC Slip-On II Shoe is made with water-resistant leather that blocks water and other liquids to keep the foot comfortably dry. The elastic panel accommodates different foot shapes, making it easier to slip the foot in with minimal discomfort. A layer of memory foam follows the foot’s contours, delivering ample cushioning that feels customized, so you’ll be able to enjoy maximum comfort all day long. This memory foam layer works with cork and recycled PU, creating a signature KEEN.CUSH footbed that delivers the perfect level of cushioning and support to keep you walking as comfortably as possible. The TPU shank increases the stability from below, helping to stabilize your steps, especially when walking on unstable ground conditions. The rubber outsole is supposed to be slip-resistant, but the tread pattern easily wears off, resulting in the shoe being unable to prevent slipping on exceptionally slick or uneven surfaces.

Reebok Sublite Cushion Work Shoe

The Reebok Sublite Cushion Work Shoe is fitted with an alloy toe component that protects the foot against serious injuries. It forms a protective shield to block impact and compression threats that may be encountered in harsh work environments. The upper features mesh and microfiber sections that allow the air to freely flow into the shoe, promoting good air circulation to stop overheating even with continuous use for long periods. The memory foam footbed offers personalized comfort as it conforms to the foot’s contours while cushioning the impact of walking on hard surfaces. The sporty profile makes this shoe a stylish addition to work and casual outfits. However, it’s not waterproof, so it isn’t ideal for wet settings.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Crocs Bistro Clog features a lightweight and comfortable structure that makes it a superb choice for kitchen or hospital work and for other settings that require long hours on your feet. I liked its flexible construction that promoted comfortable walking without the restricted feeling that can come with using stiff rubber or leather clogs. I was impressed with the Crocs Lock outsole that delivered strong traction as it made walking on challenging surfaces comfier and safer to manage. However, the upper didn’t have perforations so breathability was compromised, resulting in the interior feeling overly warm with prolonged use.


Luke Davis

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