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Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket

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Rating : 7.5/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

With fleece-lined handwarmer pockets and a wonderfully lightweight design, the Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket will keep you comfortable and stylish in different settings.


  • Very lightweight
  • Sustainably sourced cotton
  • Adjustable fleece-lined hood
  • Versatile style
  • Fleece-lined handwarmer pockets


  • Not waterproof


100% cotton




178 lbs / 0.8 kg / 28.5 oz

Sizes Available

M, L, XL, 2XL




I assumed that the Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket was just like any other flannel jacket I previously tried, but it offered more than I expected. I loved the lightweight structure because it felt like I was wearing a regular flannel shirt – and not a jacket that provided extra warmth to keep me comfortable while going about my day. The sustainably sourced cotton added to my comfort as the softness allowed me to move freely without being hampered by stiff materials. The hood was just as soft and adjustable as well, making it easier for me to get the right fit around my head while keeping it secured in the proper position so it didn’t restrict my vision while doing my tasks. I liked the straightforward silhouette with plaid detailing because it added a bit of stylishness to outfits that I used, both in the workplace and in more social settings. Finally, the fleece-lined pockets in front were perfect for keeping my hands warm and held some of the items I needed for the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t a waterproof jacket, so I won’t recommend it for wet and extremely cold environments.


Key Takeaways

  • The Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket is ideal for those after a lightweight, versatile work jacket that offers some warmth and good value for money.
  • This lightweight jacket weighs as much as a hooded sweatshirt, so it’s much lighter than the average work jacket. It’s made from 100% cotton from a sustainable source, offering comfortable softness without the restrictive feel.
  • The flannel plaid style is versatile enough to be used in the workplace and casually, so it’s easy to fully maximize this shirt for different purposes.
  • The fleece lining in the hood and handwarmer pockets offer extra warmth and comfort, especially for slightly chilly days.
  • This jacket provides some warmth, but since it isn’t constructed with waterproof or insulating materials, it’s not suitable for extreme weather conditions.


Ideal For

  • Those who like versatile, lightweight flannel jackets
  • Mild weather conditions without exposure to wetness
  • People who are looking for a comfortable work jacket with a fleece-lined hood


Performance Analysis


The Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket didn’t feel like a jacket – it felt like a comfortable shirt that I could wear for different purposes. The lightweight feel, combined with the soft cotton material, made it feel like a regular shirt, offering more protection and functionality. I especially liked how the soft material moved easily with my body, so I could do my tasks without the limiting feeling of using stiff garments.

I appreciated the addition of front pockets that welcomed my hands and protected them against the cold when needed. Furthermore, these pockets were made even comfier because they were lined with fleece, adding another layer of softness while preserving the much-needed warmth to keep my hands comfortable when the environment got a bit chilly.

The hood also featured the same fleece lining, making it a lot more comfortable than the unlined hoods in jackets I previously tried. I liked the comfy fit of the hood with the inner portion lined with fleece, making it soft and welcoming while also increasing its volume, so it stayed more secure over my head.


Fit and Sizing

This shirt jacket is true to size and has a regular to relaxed fit. I liked the inner lining of quilted cotton, which added softness and warmth without making the jacket feel too tight and bulky. This jacket fits quite nicely, with enough space to let me move naturally without the fabric flapping uncomfortably with every move. The cuffs had buttons that could be opened when it got warmer and helped secure the sleeves.

Meanwhile, the attached drawcord made it so much easier to adjust the hood’s fit, so it stayed in place around my head without constantly falling off or hampering my vision.



This is a very lightweight jacket. With a weight of 1.78lbs., it’s perhaps the most lightweight jacket I’ve tried.

It weighs more like a sweatshirt with a hoodie than a jacket, so it feels as comfy as a low-profile sweatshirt. I appreciated this lightweight structure even more, when I had to wear the jacket all day because it wasn’t bulky enough to give a weighed-down feeling even when I was constantly moving around. The soft cotton material also had a lightweight feel and easily flowed with my movements.



This jacket doesn’t have waterproof materials, although it comes in a version with Hydroshield technology. Without strong waterproofing, this jacket won’t do well in settings exposed to extreme wetness, such as outdoors in the rain.



The 100% cotton material made this jacket breathable and comfortable enough to be worn for long periods – even when the surroundings got a bit warmer. The air could pass through quite freely through the jacket, so it didn’t easily heat up. As a result, I didn’t feel like sweat was building up inside the jacket even when the day turned warmer, and I was busy with strenuous activities for hours. This was a welcome change from the heavyweight jackets that I once used, which quickly turned uncomfortably warm with even a slight rise in temperature in the work area.


Quality and Durability

The Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket is made with 100% cotton that’s sustainably sourced. Its soft and lightweight structure offers a comfortable feel, but it’s still durable enough to last long, especially if properly cared for. In addition, I liked that this jacket wasn’t high maintenance since it can be machine washed in cold water with similar colors. Still, it’s less durable than other jackets made with thicker and stronger fabrics.

The versatile design looked stylish enough for work and in more social environments to enjoy this jacket even off the job.

This is a very lightweight jacket and the most lightweight one I’ve used. It weighed closer to a sweatshirt with a hood rather than a regular work jacket – something I fully appreciated when it stayed comfortable even with all-day use. The inner lining is made with quilted cotton, adding comfortable softness without making the jacket too tight and bulky for complete ease of movement on and off the work area.

The four external pockets offered plenty of storage space for the small items I needed to bring for the day. The two chest pockets were secured with flaps that had metallic buttons, which stood out nicely against the plaid fabric.

Meanwhile, the two slash pockets on the lower front kept my hands warm, especially since they’re lined with fleece for extra comfort.

The full-length zipper helped secure the front of the jacket, but it seemed thinner than the ones fitted into sturdier work jackets.

I liked the fleece-lined hood that felt much more comfortable around my head compared to the unlined jacket hoods I’ve tried before. The lining also added a bit of thickness inside the hood that helped it stay in a more secure position for longer. The attached drawcord made it much easier to personalize the fit so the hood stayed in place and didn’t block my vision. I’m glad the cuffs were fitted with buttons, as these offered a convenient way of opening and rolling the sleeves up when the conditions worsened.

This lightweight jacket provides a bit of warmth in mild weather.

However, because it isn’t insulated or waterproof, I won’t recommend it for extremely cold or wet places as it won’t offer ample protection against the elements.


Other Versions

The Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket is available in the following colors: black/timber ombre plaid, ink navy/brown duck ombre plaid, English red/black ombre plaid, and military green ombre plaid. It also comes in a version with Hydroshield waterproofing.


The Challengers

Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket

The Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket looks like a regular light jacket but offers more when it comes to functionality on and off the worksite. It’s made with 100% cotton that’s soft and easily adapts to the body’s movements for unrestricted motion. The structure is much lighter than the average work jacket, making it more comfortable for longer periods since it doesn’t drag heavily on the body like bulkier garments. The quilted inner lining helped preserve adequate warmth to promote a comfortable experience in colder settings but thankfully doesn’t make the jacket feel too bulky or tight. Multiple pockets offered ample space to hold the items that needed to be carried around during a busy day. In addition, the water-resistant fabric prevented liquids from easily penetrating, so small amounts of liquids won’t get you completely soaked. However, since this isn’t a fully waterproof or insulated jacket, there are better options for extremely wet or cold settings.


Carhartt Men’s Big Tall Storm Defender Loose Fit Jacket

The Carhartt Men’s Big Tall Storm Defender Loose Fit Jacket has a robust structure that offers superior performance without compromising comfort. The Storm Defender technology stops rain and other liquid from entering to keep the interior comfortably dry in exceptionally wet conditions. The full-length zipper is equipped with inner and outer storm flaps to ensure moisture won’t easily seep through the front of the jacket. The same technology promotes a breathable structure by allowing the air to move freely, preventing heat and moisture from building up even when the jacket is used continuously for long hours. The hood and sleeves feature a taffeta lining that makes these sections easier to slip into and out of. Inner and outer pockets offer enough room to store various items that need to be accessed quickly throughout the day. The ergonomically designed sleeve hems and internal rib-knit storm cuffs help maintain a comfortable fit while working to block cold air. However, this jacket is unsuitable for severely cold areas without proper insulation.


Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket

The Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket looks like a premium ski jacket but offers much more functionality. It features the RainProof waterproof technology that effectively seals out liquids, ensuring complete protection against uncomfortable wetness even with constant exposure to rain and other wet elements. The technology also made the jacket breathable, so the air can fully circulate and allow sweat to disperse before it can build up to an uncomfortably moist feeling. The polyester fleece lining makes the interior invitingly soft while adding a bit of extra warmth. Its Thermolite insulation seals in the warmth for maximum comfort in cold environments, with a lightweight structure. The thermo-reflective enhancement in the middle of the back retains much-needed warmth to enhance comfort even further. It’s worth noting that this jacket is exceptionally warm and bulky, so it’s only suitable for very cold environments.


Carhartt Firm Duck-Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket

The Carhartt Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket is designed to keep the cold out while allowing you to move as freely as possible. The rugged cotton duck creates a sturdy structure that can withstand extensive use without easily showing signs of damage. The durable construction makes this jacket ideal for challenging conditions where it can last long while performing its intended function. Two inner pockets offer secure areas for keeping more sensitive items, while the front slash pockets are suitable for stashing items that need to be easily accessible. The quilted flannel lining keeps the body warm in cold conditions, with the same material lining the hood for superior comfort throughout the jacket. The hood has a drawcord for convenient fit adjustments, making it much easier to secure. The rib-knit design on the cuffs and waist areas helps block the cold air so that the interior can preserve the cozy warmth for longer. This jacket isn’t made with waterproof materials, so it’s not the best choice for wet conditions.


Conclusion & Verdict

The Dickies Fleece Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket is a great choice for those looking for a versatile, lightweight flannel jacket that can provide warmth. The soft, lightweight cotton fabric felt truly comfortable and easily flowed with my movements without the restrictive feeling that often comes from stiff materials. This is the most lightweight jacket I’ve tried, and it felt as light as a hooded sweatshirt instead of a regular work jacket. The quilted lining made the interior warm enough for mild weather, while external pockets offered the space I needed to bring along the items I needed for the day. The fleece lining in the hood and handwarmer pockets enhanced overall comfort without contributing a lot of bulk. I liked the comfortable fleece-lined hood and the attached drawcord, making it quite easy to achieve the right fit. This jacket offers some warmth, but since it isn’t waterproof or insulated, it’s unsuitable for extreme weather conditions.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Sustainably sourced cotton
  • Adjustable fleece-lined hood
  • Versatile
  • Fleece-lined handwarmer pockets

What we don’t like

  • Not waterproof or insulated

Professions These Are Ideal For

Delivery personnel, IT professionals, Teachers/Professors, Retail sales staff

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