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Timberland PRO Dry Shift Max Jacket Review

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Rating : 8.7/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

With an insulated design and waterproof yet breathable components, the Timberland PRO Dry Shift Max Jacket offers reliable durability and protection in wet or snowy conditions.


  • Solid construction
  • Waterproof
  • Removable and adjustable hood
  • Insulated and fleece lined
  • Cordura-reinforced shoulder and arm panels


  • Too warm and bulky for normal (non-winter) conditions


ReBOTL (recycled polyester made with at least 50% recycled PET)


Yes (detachable and adjustable)


1.85lb / 0.84kg / 29.6oz

Sizes Available

S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL


Timberland PRO

Warmth level:

Very High


The Timberland PRO Dry Shift Max Jacket stands out with a premium, solid build that offers superb protection in cold and wet conditions. It looks like a high-quality skiing/snowboarding jacket but also has performance features that are suitable for use in work settings. I appreciated the waterproof yet breathable lining that stopped liquid penetration and prevented sweat and heat build-up by allowing the moisture and excess warmth to dissipate quickly. The Cordura reinforcements on the arm and shoulder panels assured me that these extra-strong parts wouldn’t fray with heavy use. I appreciated the Thermolite insulation that kept me comfortably warm while working outdoors in winter, while the fleece lining added welcome softness from within the jacket. The hood is detachable and adjustable, so I was able to maximize its function while enjoying a personalized fit. However, this jacket offers heavy warmth, so it’s not ideal for normal weather conditions.


Key Takeaways

  • The Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket offers superior protection from wetness with a waterproof yet breathable lining.
  • Thermolite insulation and fleece lining keep the jacket warm and comfy in cold environments.
  • The detachable hood can be adjusted and provide a personalized fit that doesn’t restrict visibility.
  • Cordura panels reinforce the shoulder and arms to increase their resistance against damage.
  • The solid construction offers remarkable durability, but since this is a very warm jacket, it’s not ideal for use in non-winter (normal temperature) conditions.

Ideal For

  • Wet and cold work conditions
  • Those who prefer very warm jackets that don’t weigh a lot
  • People who are after comfortable jackets with adjustable features


Performance Analysis


I was expecting the Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket to feel a bit uncomfortable because of the heavy warmth it delivers, but it turned out to be quite comfy. Although it’s a bit heavier and bulkier than most regular work jackets, I’m glad its insulation didn’t feel too weighty. I could still move around normally with the jacket because it didn’t drape too heavily around my body like other insulated jackets.

The jacket offered a remarkably comfortable experience while working in extremely cold conditions, thanks to the Thermolite insulation built into the structure. The insulation material delivered superior warmth that protected me from feeling the negative effects of the surroundings’ low temperature, allowing me to continue working on my tasks without feeling painfully cold inside the jacket.

Thankfully, the insulation material is lightweight and doesn’t make the jacket feel uncomfortably tight from the inside.

I loved the soft fleece lining that boosted the jacket’s warmth and significantly softened the interior. This softness made the jacket much more enjoyable to wear since the material didn’t rub painfully against my skin, no matter how much I moved throughout the day.

The fleece lining had the right thickness to add just enough warmth to the jacket without making it too tight and bulky when worn.

This jacket is serious about warding off the unwelcome chill, with yet another enhancement in the form of a thermo-reflective panel fitted across the back. This panel is designed to retain heat, providing long-lasting warmth that kept me working comfortably in low-temperature settings.



This jacket feels slightly heavier and bulkier than regular work jackets – but this isn’t surprising since the product is packed with features that other jackets don’t have. It can also be considered a snow jacket, which justifies the extra weight. Even if it’s weightier than other work jackets, I still appreciated this jacket because it offered reliable warmth and protection in cold and wet environments. The additional weight didn’t significantly affect comfort as I could still move normally and comfortably while using the jacket.


Fit and Sizing

I tried this jacket in a size medium. It’s true to size and had a loose fit, giving me the space I needed to move without feeling restricted. It was easy to personalize the jacket’s fit because of the adjustable parts, such as the hem, that can be tightened using the drawcord for a snugger feeling. Even the hood was adjustable with a drawcord, so I got protection against wetness and cold without the hood flapping awkwardly with every movement.



The jacket is built with an exclusive RainProof waterproof lining to block liquids from entering, allowing me to work in wet surroundings without getting soaked. In addition, the full-length zipper and storm flap prevented liquid penetration, while the extended sleeves and snow cuffs stopped wetness from getting in through the opening.



Aside from providing liquid resistance, the RainProof lining is also breathable and allows the air to circulate.

I’m glad the interior didn’t become hot, even when I worked and moved around for hours. This breathable lining also disperses the moisture, preventing sweat from building up inside the jacket for a comfortably dry experience – which doesn’t compromise heat retention.


Quality and Durability

I like the Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket’s exceptionally well-built design, as it offers great functionality and aesthetics.

It looked more like a premium snowboarding/skiing jacket than a conventional work jacket but had the required qualities for wet or snowy work settings. I got the dark gray version, but more people would prefer the black one as it’s more suitable for work and is versatile enough to match other outfits. I also have some issues: the light gray portions will become dirtier (and harder to clean) compared to the black colorway.

The waterproof RainProof membrane saved me from getting soaked in the rain, stopping wetness from seeping in no matter how long I was exposed to extreme moisture sources. I loved that this waterproof lining was also breathable, making the jacket even more convenient. In addition, the lining kept the interior nicely ventilated as the air was allowed to circulate, preventing the jacket from becoming unbearably warm. The breathable membrane also helped maintain a comfortably dry feeling by moisture dispersion, while a thermo-reflective panel at the back helped sustain much-needed warmth.

I’m impressed with the Thermolite insulation (featuring 30% recycled materials) because it retained comfortable warmth but didn’t make the jacket too bulky. Meanwhile, the fleece lining added a soft dimension and helped warm the interior further to ward off the unwelcome chill.

I also loved the internal storm cuffs as they prevented the cold air from getting in while keeping the sleeves from riding up my arms. Under the arms, zipped vents aid with temperature regulation and ventilation.

The ergonomically designed hood can be detached if required and comes with an adjuster, so it’s easy to achieve a comfortable, secure fit.

On the other hand, the hem is adjustable and can be set to the preferred fit for continuous comfort without sacrificing mobility.

This jacket is built with quite a few pockets, so I always had the space to stash the small items I needed for the day. Outside, two large cargo pockets fitted with magnetic closures offered enough storage space for items that need easy access while still being protected from wetness. Two chest pockets in the jacket’s exterior are built with waterproof zippers for storing lighter items that still need to be kept on hand. Inside, the two mesh pockets are roomy enough to secure personal belongings. In contrast, an internal zip pocket is designed to provide headphone access – perfect if you can’t go through the day without listening to music.

Cordura reinforcements on the arms and shoulders offer enhanced durability and resistance to abrasion and structural damage.

Given this jacket’s specs, I think it offers exceptional value for money as it has features often found only in premium ski jackets – which cost so much more.

However, as this jacket delivers heavy warmth, it’s not suitable for use in normal (non-winter) weather conditions where it can cause uncomfortable heat.


Other Versions

The Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket comes in two color options – black and gray (which features a combination of dark gray and light gray panels). It also comes in a lightweight version with WindRepel technology.


The Challengers

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Dickies Men’s Hydroshield Duck Hooded Shirt Jacket

The Dickies Men’s Hydroshield Duck Hooded Shirt Jacket has a no-nonsense and highly versatile design. The canvas duck material lends a ruggedness ready to take on different activities without the unnecessary bulk and weight, giving this jacket a lightweight profile that doesn’t get in the way of the body’s natural movements. The relaxed fit offers enough space for a wider range of motion, so mobility isn’t restricted in any way. The Hydroshield water-repellent technology enables you to work in wet environments without immediately getting soaked, as liquids are encouraged to roll off the jacket without penetrating the material. The hood is designed to fit closely to the head and is lined with a soft jersey fabric to give the comfortable feeling that’s mostly associated with wearing a sweatshirt. The pockets secure your items or small tools so you can easily access them when needed. It’s worth noting that this jacket offers minimal warmth and won’t be enough to ward off the extreme cold.

Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket

The Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket is constructed with rugged cotton duck to keep up with the demands of challenging activities in tough conditions. Sherpa fleece lines the body and hood to maintain comfortable warmth in cold environments. Its soft texture adds a soothing element to the jacket and helps prevent chafing, especially with all-day use while tackling difficult tasks. The quilted nylon lining keeps the sleeves warm and aids in convenient wearing. Cordura sections at the cuffs reinforce the components’ strength, making them extra-resistant to normal wear and tear for superior durability. Triple stitching on the main seams helps maintain the jacket’s structural integrity, so it won’t easily fall apart even with extensive use. Two exterior snap-button pockets keep small items intact, while the exterior slash pockets offer room for objects that need to be accessed quickly if needed. Meanwhile, the inner pockets have enough room to stash more valuable belongings. However, as this isn’t a waterproof jacket, it won’t protect you from getting soaked in case of exposure to rain or other moisture sources.

Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket

The Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket delivers serious warmth to keep you comfortable in exceptionally cold conditions. The ring-spun cotton duck is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use in tough environments but doesn’t have the rigidity that can hinder natural movements. The relaxed fit is spacious enough to allow efficient motion without compromising comfort in the process. The body and hood are fitted with a quilted flannel lining for superior warmth, while the sleeves ward off the cold with the help of quilted nylon lining. The hood’s drawcord offers convenient fit adjustments, so it’s easier to keep the hood comfortably secured and out of the way while you’re busy throughout the day. Rib-knit waist and cuffs provide a snug fit while ensuring that cold air won’t easily get in. Two internal pockets hold valuable personal items, while two exterior slash pockets have enough space to stash bigger objects that need to be reached more quickly. Unfortunately, this jacket doesn’t have full waterproofing, so it’s not the most suitable option for use in extremely cold conditions.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket is designed to bring superior warmth in cold and wet or snowy weather conditions. I appreciated the solid construction, with every component and detail included, with the goal of maximum functionality. The waterproof membrane blocks liquid penetration, making this jacket a protective companion when working in the rain or other wet environments. This lining is breathable and allows moisture and excess heat to escape quickly before they can result in uncomfortable warmth. Thermolite insulation keeps the structure warm without making it extremely bulky. I love the fleece lining as it enhanced the jacket’s warmth while adding a soft layer that protected my skin against chafing. The arms and shoulders are reinforced with Cordura panels to protect these high-stress components against premature damage. This jacket provides remarkable warmth, so it may be uncomfortable to use off-winter, in normal weather conditions when it’s not snowing.

What we like

  • Solid construction
  • Waterproof
  • Removable, adjustable hood
  • Insulated and fleece lined
  • Cordura reinforcement on shoulder and arms

What we don’t like

  • Too warm for non-winter use

Professions These Are Ideal For

Linemen, Farmers, Ranchers, Construction workers

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