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Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket Review

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Rating : 7.7/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Featuring a water-resistant material and a soft quilted lining, the Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket offers a comfortable experience and protection in slightly wet surroundings.


  • Soft lining (in the body, front slash pockets, and hood)
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple pockets
  • Lighter than the average work jacket
  • Versatile design


  • Not suitable for cold or extreme weather conditions


100% cotton


Yes (non-detachable)


2.44 lbs / 1.1 kg / 39 oz

Sizes Available

XS, S, M, L. XL, 2XL, 3XL




The Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket has a low-key design that didn’t strike me as anything more than a light jacket for slightly cold days. However, I’m happy I got to try it out because it was more useful than my initial expectations. The 100% cotton material was soft and comfortable to use, especially since it was lightweight enough not to interfere with my movements. It feels lighter than most of the work jackets I’ve used, which makes it a great companion for mild weather conditions. On the other hand, it’s also designed to keep up with slightly cold weather conditions, with a soft quilted lining that adds warmth and comfort when the temperature suddenly drops. I was impressed when I discovered that the jacket was built with water-resistant fabric that protected me from getting soaked when I was working outdoors in light rain. However, as this jacket isn’t fully waterproof, I still won’t recommend it for severely wet environments. Without proper insulation, it’s also unsuitable for extremely cold conditions.


Key Takeaways

  • The Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket is ideal for a lightweight, comfortable jacket with water resistance.
  • The hood, body, and front slash pockets are lined with soft materials, making the jacket more comfortable without increasing the overall weight.
  • The durable water-repellent coating resists liquid penetration to make it more comfortable to work in wet surroundings without getting completely soaked.
  • This jacket is lighter than the average work jacket and is versatile enough to be used for work and in casual environments.
  • However, this jacket is only ideal for extremely wet or cold conditions with full waterproofing and insulation.


Ideal For

  • Those who are after a comfortable, lightweight work jacket
  • Mild and lightly wet conditions
  • People who prefer versatile, water-resistant jackets


Performance Analysis


I wasn’t expecting the Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket to be comfortable, and I’m glad I had the chance to try it because it surpassed my initial assumption. The softness of the 100% cotton material was a welcome texture that also didn’t feel too bulky. In addition, I enjoyed using this jacket for long hours because it didn’t come with a weighed-down structure which would’ve felt too uncomfortable if used continuously.

I appreciated the addition of slash pockets on the lower front part of the jacket because they served as accessible compartments for my essentials and contributed to the comfortable experience. These pockets were lined with a fleece-lined material that welcomed my hands with comfortable softness and provided much-needed warmth to keep my hands from feeling chilled when I worked in cold environments.

The hood is lined with a jersey material that I liked because it framed my head with soothing softness, offering enhanced comfort even as this component works hard to protect against wetness. In addition, this jacket had a somewhat relaxed fit that contributed to the overall comfort as it didn’t feel too tight but maintained a secure, supportive fit.

The quilted lining in the body added to the comfortable feel, and I’m happy that it didn’t make the jacket feel uncomfortably tight.


Fit and Sizing

This jacket is true to size, and I enjoyed the comfortable fit when I chose my usual medium size. It was regular to relaxed, so there was more than enough space inside to allow my body to move as freely as possible without sacrificing function. In addition, I liked how this jacket didn’t feel too bulky, even with the roomy fit, enabling a wider range of motion as the lightweight structure flowed along with my movements.



This jacket is lighter than the average work jacket, so I didn’t feel discomfort even when I wore it for most of the day.

The cotton material isn’t too thick but still felt comforting enough to ward off the slight chill without dragging heavily on my body. I found it quite surprising that this jacket reduced the weight even with the fleece-like lining in the front pockets and the jersey lining in the hood.



The DWR finish on this jacket resisted liquid penetration, so I stayed dry when working outdoors while it was drizzling. This water resistance also helped protect me against becoming soaked when the jacket was exposed to small splashes of liquids.

However, because this jacket isn’t made with fully waterproof materials, I won’t suggest its use in extremely wet surroundings.



This isn’t my top choice when considering breathable work jackets, but there are better options. It’s not fully breathable, but some air can get in, and the roomy fit allows whatever air gets in to circulate to prevent heat and sweat build-up.


Quality and Durability

The Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket is a well-made jacket that will last a long time, especially when properly maintained. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and doesn’t restrict movements, with a lightweight quality that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the jacket to keep its weight to a minimum. In addition, this jacket is lighter than other work jackets I’ve tried, making it a reliable companion that also delivers a comfortable experience.

I like this jacket’s versatile design, which can be worn at work and casually—the streamlined design pairs well with cargo pants and jeans without clashing with the overall look.

The full-length zipper keeps the front secured and offers convenient wearing, with buttons on the top to help protect the zipper against the elements and even from abrasion. In addition, the metallic structure of the zipper and buttons enhanced the jacket’s look, offering a nice contrast against the fabric’s solid color.

The body is lined with a soft quilted material that adds a soft dimension but doesn’t make the jacket feel too tight. I loved the fleece-like lining in the front slash pockets that kept my hands warm when I’ve already been working for a long time in cold areas. Even the hood has a jersey lining that enhances comfort with added softness while protecting my head from wetness.

Multiple pockets in front offered spacious areas that held the items I needed to bring to get the job done efficiently throughout the day.

I would’ve liked this jacket even more if it had internal pockets, as it only has external compartments for storage.

This jacket’s water-resistant structure helped me maintain comfortable dryness while working in areas exposed to mild wetness, such as outdoors when it’s drizzling.

Without fully waterproof components, though, I won’t recommend this jacket for use in exceptionally wet environments – such as outdoors when it’s seriously pouring. It’s also not ideal for extremely cold settings because it doesn’t have insulation.


Other Versions

The Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket is available in black and brown duck. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in other versions.


The Challengers

Carhartt Men’s Big Tall Storm Defender Loose Fit Jacket

The Carhartt Men’s Big Tall Storm Defender Loose Fit Jacket is made to provide superior functionality in demanding settings. The waterproof nylon material blocked liquids, ensuring continuous protection against wetness to make it easier to continue working in wet surroundings without becoming soaked. The seams and full-length zipper are waterproof, so rain and other wet elements don’t have a chance to penetrate through these parts. The proprietary Storm Defender technology allows the moisture to disperse quickly, so sweat build-up won’t be a problem, even if the jacket is used for the whole day. The hood can be removed and adjusted, making it very convenient to achieve a customized fit and maximize the jacket’s use even without the hood attached. The inner and outer pockets offer more than enough space for stashing small items that need to be brought along for the day. It’s worth noting that this jacket isn’t suitable for use in extremely cold conditions as it doesn’t have insulation.


Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket

The Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket has a robust construction that can easily keep up with challenging conditions. It looks similar to a snowboarding or skiing jacket but offers more in terms of functions that are beneficial to different work environments. The RainProof waterproof membrane seals liquids, so it’s effortless to stay dry even when exposed to severely wet surroundings. This lining is breathable, preventing heat and sweat from building up even with continuous jacket use while engaging in physically demanding activities. The Thermolite insulation keeps the interior comfortably warm but doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the jacket’s structure. The fleece lining made the interior feel softer and warmer, while a thermo-reflective panel helped preserve comfortable warmth. The hood is adjustable and can be removed, so it’s easier to customize its use along with the jacket. However, with the multitude of components keeping this jacket extremely warm, there are better choices for mild or non-winter conditions.


Carhartt Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket

The Carhartt Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket has a rugged construction that still manages to showcase enough style, making it versatile enough to be maximized both in work areas and in more casual settings. The cotton duck material felt strong enough to last for a long time yet didn’t have the stiffness that often comes with heavy-duty fabric, so it’s quite easy to move around while wearing this jacket. The Sherpa fleece lining offers a soothing warmth in the body and hood, making it easier to feel comfortable working in cold weather conditions. The cuffs are reinforced with Cordura sections to ensure that these high-wear areas will have more protection against abrasion and tearing. This jacket is quite easy to put on and take off, thanks to the quilted nylon lining on the sleeves, making these parts warmer and more comfortable. However, this isn’t a waterproof jacket, so it’s not ideal for use outdoors when it’s raining and in extremely wet settings.


Carhartt Quick Duck Full Swing Cryder Jacket

The Carhartt Quick Duck Full Swing Cryder Jacket has a versatile design that blends in well with casual outfits and works wear. It looks rugged and has a stylish vibe that won’t clash with most attire choices, so it’s easy to maximize this jacket’s use in various surroundings. The exclusive Rain Defender technology provides superb waterproofing, ensuring that liquids won’t have a chance to get in no matter how long the jacket is used in wet conditions. The 3M Thinsulate insulation material traps much-needed warmth to offer long-lasting comfort in cold conditions. This insulation is thin enough not to intrude with the jacket’s fit, unlike other insulation materials that can make garments feel uncomfortably tight and bulky from the inside. The hood is detached and adjustable, which is quite handy. The Full Swing and Rugged Flex technologies at work make this jacket easily adaptable to every movement for a wider range of motion. However, even with the insulated design, this jacket isn’t the most recommended option for exceptionally cold or snowy weather conditions.


Conclusion & Verdict

The Dickies Duck Shirt Jacket is a great choice for those after a versatile work jacket that offers some water resistance. It has a rugged yet stylish look that goes nicely with work attire and casual outfits. I’m impressed with the durable water-repellent coating that offers strong water resistance and enables me to work outdoors without getting completely soaked when it drizzles. Multiple exterior pockets provided enough space for me to bring the necessary items for the day to complete the job. However, I wished that there were also interior compartments that could secure more belongings. I liked the soft material lining the body and front slash pockets, along with the jersey-lined hood, as these components enhanced overall comfort. This lightweight jacket doesn’t feel too bulky, so it’s quite convenient to use for ease of movement. However, there are better choices for exceptionally cold or wet surroundings.

What we like

  • Soft lining
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile

What we don’t like

  • Unsuitable for very cold or wet environments

Professions These Are Ideal For

Farmers, Linemen, Delivery personnel, Landscapers

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