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Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket Review

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Rating : 7.7/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Featuring a water-resistant design and quilted lining, the Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket protects you from the elements without sacrificing comfort and style.


  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight structure
  • Adjustable buttons on the waist
  • Versatile design
  • Quilted lining


  • Not for harsh work conditions
  • Sleeves are quite large and long


65% polyester, 35% cotton


2.14 lbs / 0.97 kg / 34.2 oz



Knee Reinforcement

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL




The Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket has classic good looks that blend well with work wear while also delivering enough style to make it to more social settings. I appreciated how the premium, streamlined silhouette easily matched with different outfits, enabling me to maximize the jacket for various purposes fully. This is one of the lightest jackets out there, which I fully appreciated when I used it all day since it didn’t feel bulky enough to cause discomfort. I’m so happy to discover that it was water-resistant, offering decent water protection that kept me safe from becoming uncomfortably soaked when it suddenly rained. The adjustable buttons on the waist helped me conveniently get the best fit, so I wore the jacket comfortably without compromising its function. Multiple pockets inside and outside the jacket allowed me to carry essential items for the day. I especially liked the quilted lining that added softness and warmth to keep the unwelcome chill at bay. However, this jacket isn’t for harsh conditions, as the structure and materials aren’t exceptionally rugged.


Key Takeaways

  • The Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket is ideal for a premium, lightweight jacket with a versatile design.
  • This is one of the most lightweight jackets available today, making it ideal for long hours of use as it doesn’t drag heavily around the body. The quilted lining delivers ample warmth to enhance comfort in cold conditions but doesn’t add much weight, so the jacket easily maintains its minimized weight profile.
  • The style is versatile enough to be used on and off the job. Adjustable buttons and tabs in the waist area allow fit adjustments to prevent the jacket from riding up with every move.
  • The water-resistant structure protects against wetness with exposure to liquids, although it isn’t as strong as more high-tech waterproofing systems (such as GORE-TEX and proprietary technologies).
  • The sleeves may only work well for some, as they’re long and large. Also, the jacket’s construction could be more rugged, so there are better choices for harsh conditions.


Ideal For

  • Those who prefer a lightweight work jacket with a premium look
  • Non-harsh work conditions
  • People who are after a water-resistant jacket for versatile use


Performance Analysis


The Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket is quite comfortable – something that was a bit of a surprise since that wasn’t my initial assumption. I expected it to be quite stiff because of the streamlined silhouette, but I’m glad I was proved wrong. The fabric (which, by the way, is recycled and consciously sourced) felt soft and flowed just enough to follow my movements quickly. In addition, it didn’t feel as stiff as I assumed it would be, so moving comfortably wasn’t a problem while wearing this jacket.

I loved how the black quilted lining made the interior feel softer while delivering just the right amount of warmth to ward off the chill.

This lining made the jacket more comfortable during cold days when something heavier would’ve resulted in uncomfortable heat. In addition, it had just the right thickness to seal in mild warmth without making the interior feel too bulky. Meanwhile, the water resistance protected me from becoming uncomfortably soaked with exposure to wet elements.

The buttons and tabs that were fitted into the waist area offered a convenient way of adjusting the jacket’s fit. By changing the position of the tabs to the chosen button, I achieved the ideal tightness that kept the jacket secured comfortably without sacrificing its performance. As a result, the jacket stayed put and didn’t ride every time I moved or reached for something, making it comfier to use for different activities.



With a weight of 2.14 lbs, this is one of the most lightweight jackets I’ve tried.

I’m so glad the premium construction didn’t come with much weight, making this jacket so easy and comfy to use even for long hours. Adding a warm quilted lining inside didn’t make much difference in bulk, so the jacket retained its minimal weight while providing extra warmth and comfort in slightly chilly environments.


Fit and Sizing

This premium jacket is true to size and has a regular to relaxed fit. The streamlined profile made the jacket fit much more closely to the body, but it still had a bit of space left to enable a wider range of motion. I liked the buttons and tabs built into the waist area, which helped with fit adjustments. By adjusting the tabs’ position to the corresponding buttons, I easily loosened or tightened the fit of the jacket in the waist area. This enabled me to achieve a comfy yet secure fit that prevented the jacket from riding up with certain movements.

The sleeves were quite large and a bit long, though, which may not work for everyone.



I was so happy to discover that this jacket is water resistant, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it just by looking at the almost professional-looking silhouette. The water-resistant fabric didn’t allow liquids to penetrate, and I was able to test how this protective quality worked when I was working in wet conditions. In addition, the water-resistant fabric kept me comfortably dry, although it’s still not as strong as GORE-TEX and high-tech waterproofing systems used in other work jackets.



This jacket could be more breathable as the quilted lining prevented some air from entering and freely flowing inside. However, it also doesn’t feel hot, even when the external temperature rises. This is because the inside had a bit of space to allow air circulation, preventing overheating after long hours of use.


Quality and Durability

The Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket has a premium look that looks at home in various work settings.

Its profile is versatile enough to be used on the job and in casual settings.

I especially liked how easy it was to maximize this jacket with different outfits since it blended easily with various types of pants and shirts. The fabric – made from recycled, consciously sourced materials – is smooth and rugged simultaneously, with a texture that I often associate with black jeans. The gold color of the full-length zipper shines through and offers a nice contrast to the smooth fabric. I liked how the large collar stood out and gave the jacket a professional vibe that enhanced its premium appearance.

I loved how lightweight this jacket was, which was quite surprising as the style looked heavier. It’s one of the lightest jackets and stays comfortable even when I use it all day. The fit left some space for me to move freely but didn’t feel too loose around my body.

I liked the buttons and tabs on the waist area, as these allowed me to customize the jacket’s fit.

By adjusting the position of the tabs to the chosen buttons, I could loosen and tighten the hem to suit my preference. This resulted in the jacket staying more firmly in place as I moved throughout the day.

I appreciated the multiple pockets that provided enough space to bring the objects I needed for the day. Two slash pockets in front were the ideal places to hold some items I needed to reach while doing certain tasks easily. I would’ve liked these pockets even more if they had a thicker or softer lining for added warmth. Meanwhile, a small sleeve pocket was the perfect size to keep small items so they weren’t mixed in with larger stuff. Inside, a large pocket had ample space to secure my belongings, so they weren’t easily exposed to the elements.

The water-resistant fabric stopped the rain and other liquids from entering, enabling me to work in areas exposed to wet elements without getting soaked.

I appreciated this liquid resistance when I worked outdoors while it was drizzling, where I stayed dry as the fabric didn’t allow the wetness to penetrate. However, it’s worth noting that the protection isn’t as strong as high-tech waterproofing – such as GORE-TEX and proprietary systems – other work jackets have.

The material and construction aren’t considered rugged, so this jacket isn’t suitable for harsh work conditions.


Other Versions

The Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket can be enjoyed in the following colors: black, khaki, dark ivy, and green moss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in other versions.


The Challengers

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Dickies Sherpa Lined Duck Jacket

The Dickies Sherpa-Lined Duck Jacket has a lightweight structure that weighs a lot less than jackets with similar designs. Without the excess bulk, it can be used for the entire day without causing an uncomfortably heavy feeling. The minimized weight is quite surprising given the lining inside that worked to deliver ample warmth. The body and hood are enhanced with the same Sherpa lining to seal in the warmth, making it easier to stay comfortable while working in cold conditions. Meanwhile, quilted nylon lines the sleeves to add the required warmth while also making them much easier to slip into. The cuffs had tabs that offered a convenient way of adjusting the fit, preventing the sleeves from unintentionally riding up with every movement while also helping to block cold air. It should be noted that this jacket doesn’t have insulation or waterproof components, so it’s unsuitable for severely cold or wet environments.


Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket

The Timberland PRO Men’s Dry Shift Max Jacket is designed to protect you from the elements while offering superior performance on the job. It uses the entire RainProof waterproof system to block liquids, ensuring that you’ll stay comfortably dry during the time you need to spend in wet surroundings. This waterproof lining is also breathable, circulating the air and helping with moisture dispersion and temperature regulation. The recycled polyester fleece lining offers cozy warmth, making it easier to stay comfortable while finishing tasks in low-temperature settings. Thermolite insulation preserves a warm environment but, with its minimal weight, doesn’t take up too much space to prevent a bulky feel. Cordura reinforcements on the arm and shoulder sections deliver superior strength and resistance to extensive wear, prolonging the quality and use of the jacket. Since this is a warm jacket, it’s not recommended for normal temperature conditions.


Carhartt Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket

The Carhartt Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket looks casual but performs quite in different work settings. It’s versatile enough to be used in non-work environments, as it can easily be partnered with different outfits. The body has a Sherpa lining for extra warmth to keep you comfortable working in cold surroundings. Meanwhile, the sleeves feature a quilted nylon lining to keep the arms warm while aiding in easy on and off. The triple-stitched main seams ensure the components are strongly bonded, prolonging the jacket’s superior quality and performance. The bi-swing back provides more than enough fabric, allowing the fabric to stretch across the shoulders without restricting motion. Inner and outer storm flaps protect the full-length zipper and stop cold air from seeping in from the front. Finally, the cuffs are enhanced with Cordura panels to strengthen these components against premature wear and tear. Unfortunately, this jacket isn’t designed with waterproof materials, so it’s not ideal for wet conditions.


Conclusion & Verdict

The Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket is a premium yet versatile choice that’s suitable for a wide variety of job settings. This is one of the lightest jackets out there, and I especially liked how the lightweight structure offered ample protection without interfering with my mobility. I’m glad that the quilted lining provided comfy warmth without negatively affecting the lightweight profile of the jacket. The minimized weight and relaxed fit contributed to the comfortable experience that made it easier for me to do certain tasks while also enjoying a wide range of motion. I loved the water-resistant fabric as it protected me from getting soaked when I was still outdoors, and it suddenly drizzled – but I’m aware that the liquid resistance isn’t as strong as the high-tech waterproofing – from GORE-TEX and brand-exclusive technologies – that are used in other work jackets. Adjustable buttons in the waist area made it convenient to modify the tightness of the hem, keeping the jacket more secure without sacrificing function. The sleeves are a bit too large and long, though, and the construction isn’t suitable for harsh conditions.

What We Like

  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable buttons on the waist
  • Versatile
  • Quilted lining

What we don’t like

  • Not for harsh conditions
  • Sleeves are a bit too large and long

Professions These Are Ideal For

Sales staff, Professors/teachers, Marketing personnel, Restaurant service staff

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