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Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe – Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.3/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built with sturdy construction and a streamlined aesthetic, the Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe will keep you walking safely over varying surface conditions.


  • Strong traction
  • Durable construction
  • Streamlined design
  • Thick, supportive sole


  • Top part feels too narrow and uncomfortable


Leather and synthetic

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.399lb / 1.088kg / 38.38oz



Shaft Size

3 inches



Shoe type

Slip-Resistant Shoe



Safety certifications


Price range

$35.99 to $199.00


The Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe didn’t exactly stand out as a work footwear option because of its overall sneaker-like construction, but it does have its own merits. I consider the outsole to be the most beneficial component because it delivered strong traction, helping me move with increased confidence over different surfaces without compromising my safety in the process.


The streamlined look was quite easy to match with numerous outfits for work and play, enabling me to maximize the shoe in a wide variety of settings. The robust construction easily kept up with tough activities while providing lasting benefits. We’ll look at the shoe’s structure in more detail to check which components bring out the best (and the worst) when it comes to its overall performance.

Able to provide a balanced gait in different ground conditions, this shoe is supportive enough to keep you walking steadily on challenging surfaces.

Ideal For

  • Those who are looking for reasonably priced work shoes
  • Settings with slippery or unstable surfaces
  • People who prefer work shoes that look like trainers


Performance Analysis


With its combination of noteworthy materials and sturdy construction, I was expecting the Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe to be quite comfortable. Sadly, this wasn’t the case with my experience as I used the shoe for work and other purposes.

I’d like to emphasize first that it had a memory foam insole that added a welcome softness to the base. This resulted in good cushioning that softened the impact of walking or standing on hard surfaces for long periods.

However, I didn’t experience the sinking in feeling that I felt when using other shoes made with memory foam beds. I didn’t get to enjoy  the customized sensation that this particular material is known for. I did like the supportive feel of the sole as it kept my foot in good alignment, helping stabilize my footing for much longer while I navigated tricky surfaces in a hurry, so I didn’t worry too much about my safety. Most of the discomfort that I felt stemmed from the narrow structure of the top of the shoe, making it quite challenging to wear with thick socks that are necessary for cold weather conditions. When I used thick socks, the entire top part of my foot became uncomfortable – but it’s interesting to note that this didn’t happen when I wore thin socks. I felt like the toe box became too low or narrow in some areas and caused uncomfortable pinching. Surprisingly, my toes still had enough room to wiggle freely to stave off cramping after hours of being on my feet.

However, my small toe suffered a bit as the strongly constructed upper dug into it with each step. Even the back portion felt quite narrow and made it a bit difficult for me to put my foot in without exerting extra effort.

The discomfort in this area was eased by a soft spot, so sliding my foot in wasn’t too uncomfortable to manage. I noticed that the shoe’s pinching became much less pronounced after I had used the shoe several times, so I concluded that it needs quite a long breaking-in period before it can be comfortable to use without painful pinching to mar the experience. I also found that slightly loosening the laces added comfort, but this also resulted in the shoe feeling looser and less secure. I should also point out that the shoe’s flexible sole added to the overall comfort, allowing me to walk naturally without unwelcome rigidity underfoot to restrict my movements.



This isn’t a lightweight shoe, but it also isn’t the bulkiest choice. It’s quite light when compared to heavy-duty work boots, so it didn’t cause significant discomfort even when I used it for long hours at a time. I think the component that primarily contributed to the overall weight is the upper, which had a sturdy construction – but this didn’t push down on the foot with excessive heft. The thick sole also added to the shoe’s weight, but again, wasn’t bulky enough to weigh the foot down.



This shoe’s traction may be its most noteworthy quality. I loved how the slip-resistant rubber outsole strongly gripped tricky surfaces, so I didn’t feel that my safety was compromised in such conditions. I was able to walk steadily on wet sidewalks and roads without losing my balance. The grippy sole made it much easier for me to go up and down steep hills without losing my steady footing. Walking on gravelly surfaces was also less complicated as the shoe stabilized my steps, allowing me to walk with more confidence since I knew that I wasn’t risking my safety in challenging settings.


Fit and Sizing

This shoe’s robust profile gave me the impression that it would have a relaxed fit, but I was proven wrong. While it fit well lengthwise, I had a problem with the width as I felt that it was too narrow to comfortably accommodate my foot. This led to painful pinching, especially in the small toe area, but still (surprisingly) left enough room for my other toes to wiggle freely when needed. This narrow profile made the shoe uncomfortable to use with thick socks, although it felt alright when I wore it with thin socks. I believe this shoe needs a lengthy break-in period because it started to feel more comfortable the more I used it. I think the upper eventually softened with time, so the shoe became more accommodating to my foot’s shape and width. The tightness of the shoe can be remedied by loosening the laces, but I noticed that it became less secure and increased the risk of ankle-twisting and uncontrollable foot sliding inside.



This isn’t built with waterproof materials, so I won’t recommend it for use outdoors while it’s raining or in exceptionally wet environments. However, the thick leather and synthetic material on the upper made it strong enough to resist liquid penetration if just small amounts of wet elements are spilled or splashed onto the shoe.



I liked the perforations that were integrated into the upper because they let in more air, resulting in an interior that felt cool and fresh for hours. I didn’t feel like my foot was overheating even with continuous shoe-wearing because the excess warmth was allowed to disperse. I also appreciated the mesh lining because it wicked the moisture away from my skin, so I didn’t suffer from uncomfortably sweaty feet even with all-day shoe use.


Quality and Durability

The Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe had a sporty silhouette that looked more like regular trainers instead of work footwear. I took advantage of this streamlined profile because it easily fits in with various attire, as the monochromatic look blends seamlessly with most outfits. This doesn’t stand out significantly as a work shoe, but the athletic vibe can be maximized in more relaxed settings. I believe it looked a bit plain and unremarkable, although this can also be regarded as an advantage because the shoe can effortlessly be paired with a wide variety of outfits for work and leisure.I liked the robust construction because it withstood heavy use in tough surroundings without easily getting damaged.The metallic eyelets and D-rings held the thick laces securely, making fitting adjustments easier to manage with the confidence that these components wouldn’t easily break apart even with constant movement.

I appreciated the perforations on the upper because they allowed more air to get in, preventing overheating even with nonstop shoe use, as the interior maintains proper ventilation.

The breathable lining also helped control the temperature inside the shoe, promoting a cool feeling for longer as the air is allowed to circulate and moisture is encouraged to evaporate quickly at the same time. I welcomed the softness delivered by the memory foam insole because it kept my foot nicely cushioned against the force that’s produced by walking on hard surfaces for extended periods. The memory foam component also felt sturdy enough to last for a long time without getting worn down easily even with heavy shoe use. The foam midsole also offered good cushioning underfoot while providing extra support, helping me maintain stable footing even on tricky ground conditions.I loved the gripping power of the slip-resistant rubber sole as it allowed me to walk confidently over wet and unstable surfaces.This strong traction enabled me to maintain a steady stance while moving over slick roads, gravelly streets, and even while going up or down inclined surfaces.

I had a big issue with the shoe’s width, however, as it resulted in painful pinching.The entire top portion of the shoe dug in painfully, so it was hard to walk without limping from the discomfort.

The toe box had enough space left to allow my toes to budge, but the narrowness of the upper led the material to bite painfully into my small toe. This shoe started to feel a bit more comfortable after I used it regularly, so I think it needs a longer break-in period to soften the material enough to make it comfortable and more accommodating.


Other Versions

The Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe can be enjoyed in black or white. It also comes in a version with composite toe enhancement.


The Challengers

New Balance 624 V2 Cross Trainer

The New Balance 624 V2 Cross Trainer has a classic sneaker profile that fits in with casual outfits but is sleek enough to pair nicely with workwear. The leather upper keeps the foot protected against hazards in the surrounding area without offering a restrictive feeling. The forefoot grooves flex with the foot’s motion, providing a naturally comfortable walking experience without getting in the way of your agility. The EVA footbed keeps the foot cushioned to ease the pain that may come from walking all day on hard surfaces. The heel pocket helps maintain correct foot alignment and stops the heel from sliding unintentionally inside the shoe with every step. The EVA foam midsole adds much-needed cushioning underneath while keeping the platform as flexible as possible for unhampered walking. This is a very lightweight shoe that delivers a foamy feel on the heel for superior comfort that can be enjoyed even with long hours of nonstop use. It doesn’t have a safety toe, however, so it’s not the best choice for hazardous environments.

Skechers Work Grinnell Shoe

The Skechers Work Grinnell Shoe looks more like an athletic sneaker than a work shoe, and it looks great when paired with jeans or work pants. The upper has mesh panels that allow plenty of air to get in, keeping the interior fresh and cool for a longer period as the excess warmth is dissipated quickly. The composite toe cap protects the foot against compression and impact threats, preventing grave injuries from heavy falling objects that may suddenly fall on the shoe in hazardous settings. The shock-absorbent midsole soaks up the impact that comes from all-day walking, spreading it throughout the shoe so it doesn’t cause foot fatigue even with extended shoe use. The memory foam insole offers customized comfort by cradling the foot’s natural curves with a relaxing softness, warding off the pain of staying upright for a long time. This insole also relieves pressure points to stop blister formation, which can be a risk of continuous walking. The electrical hazard design makes this shoe a great choice for jobs or environments that may involve exposure to electrically charged items since it offers a secondary layer of safety against electrocution. However, this isn’t a waterproof shoe, so it’s not recommended for extremely wet conditions.

Wolverine Jetstream CarbonMAX Work Shoe

The Wolverine Jetstream CarbonMAX Work Shoe has a sporty look that appears more appropriate for athletic activities but is stylish enough to be paired with jeans and work pants.  The mesh sections in the upper permit more air to move in, keeping the interior properly ventilated so intense warmth won’t have a chance of building up even when the shoe is used in humid or hot areas. The composite toe cap shields the foot to keep it safe from serious injuries in case machinery, blocks of wood, and other heavy items are accidentally dropped on the shoe. The memory foam footbed follows the foot’s shape for a personalized feel, with enough cushioning to ward off the pain that can come from all-day standing or walking on unforgiving surfaces. The nylon shank strengthens the shoe from below for increased stability  without forcing excess weight. The rubber-EVA blend midsole delivers additional cushioning underneath and offers increased support to help maintain steady footing across varying ground conditions. The slip-resistant rubber outsole grips the surface firmly so your balance won’t be compromised on slick or unstable surfaces. This shoe doesn’t have waterproof features, however, so it won’t keep the foot dry in extremely wet environments.

Caterpillar Streamline Composite Toe Work

The Caterpillar Streamline Composite Toe Work Shoe is fitted with a composite toe enhancement that keeps the foot protected against impact and compression risks in harsh surroundings. The ERGOlite design keeps the shoe as lightweight as possible and offers superior flexibility to keep you walking as comfortably as possible without limiting your movements. The electrical hazard safe design offers a non-primary level of protection against electric shock in case of contact with open circuits in dry conditions. The PU foam footbed delivers comfortable cushioning, cradling the foot so it won’t press painfully into unforgiving surfaces with each step. The Nylex sock liner wicks away sweat to keep the foot comfortably dry even with hours of nonstop shoe-wearing. The EVA midsole absorbs the shock that comes from continuous walking, keeping the force dissipated so foot fatigue can more easily be prevented even with all-day shoe use. The mesh lining helps maintain good air circulation to promote long-lasting comfort and heat prevention inside the shoe even in hot or humid areas. It’s worth noting that without waterproof components, this shoe isn’t recommended for wet settings.

Puma Rio Safety Shoe

The Puma Rio Safety Shoe has a water-resistant upper that stops small amounts of liquids from seeping in to keep the foot dry and comfortable. It’s fitted with an aluminum toe cap that blocks compression and impact hazards, keeping the foot safe from being crushed in case these threats are accidentally dropped on the shoe. The antistatic sole makes walking safer and more comfortable in areas that are prone to static electricity build-up. The puncture-resistant midsole stops sharp objects from piercing the shoe, saving your foot from becoming seriously injured if you unknowingly step on things like nails, broken glass, and other sharp objects. The shock-absorbing heel dissipates the force that comes from walking, preventing foot fatigue from setting in, especially when you stay on your feet for hours at a time. The sporty look makes this shoe a great partner for work and leisure attire. However, it may be too rugged or casual for those who’d prefer more streamlined footwear for their work environments.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe is a good choice with a very reasonable price. I loved the grippy outsole that easily kept my footing stable across a variety of slick and unstable surfaces. The monochromatic color profile worked well with most outfits, so it was easy to maximize this shoe in different settings. The durable, robust construction easily kept up with challenging activities and environments, so I was assured of the shoe’s long-term benefits. However, I had some real issues with comfort when I used this shoe, so I wouldn’t recommend it to those who are after very comfortable footwear.


What we like

  • Grippy
  • Durable
  • Streamlined design
  • Thick sole

What we don’t like

  • Uncomfortable

Professions These Are Ideal For

Kitchen staff, Cooks, Delivery personnel, Restaurant service staff, Retail sales staff, Office workers in casual attire

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