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Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boots – Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.8/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Designed with a shock-diffusing heel and a contrast-colored shaft, the Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boot delivers a striking look and superb comfort at the same time.


  • Detailed stitching on contrast-colored shaft
  • Shock-diffusing heel
  • High rebound insole
  • Outsole is resistant to barnyard acid


  • A bit difficult to put on and take off
  • Not waterproof


Full-grain leather

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


4.5lb / 2.02kg / 70.25oz



Shaft Size

13 inches


Duratread rubber outsole

Boot type

Western Boot



Safety certifications


Price range

$149.97 to $199.00


There’s no doubt that the Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boot is one of the most striking Western boots I have ever seen. I got the brown patina and blue dusk colorway and this combination stood out attractively without looking out of place with either my workwear or casual attire choices. The feature that draws the eyes first is the shaft that comes in a different color than the vamp and showcases the detailed Western-style stitching for a striking look that you’ll be able to fully maximize in different settings for work and other purposes. Aside from premium aesthetics, the boot also comes with impressive features and technology to ensure you’ll enjoy superb comfort all day long. A cutting-edge, shock-absorbing heel shield works continuously to diffuse the impact of every heel strike so you can be protected from foot fatigue even when you stay on your feet nonstop for the entire day. The insole is designed to deliver maximum rebound so that energy can be returned with every step to keep you going through the most difficult activities of the day. The extended boot height offered more coverage and protection against the elements and hazards all around but resulted in the boot being a bit difficult to put on and remove. We’ll analyze the boot’s components further below to determine which parts offer the biggest advantages and if there are enhancements that can be considered to improve its functionality.


The Ariat Men’s Spot Hog Boot is built with full-grain leather that exudes a classy retro vibe for a premium look and feel that will look as welcome on a job site as in more laidback surroundings. The round toe silhouette doesn’t veer away from the traditional work boot appearance for a rugged appeal that at the same time works remarkably well to bring a sophisticated look you can take advantage of in a variety of settings. The elastic side panels help with easy boot placement and removal and allow different foot anatomies to be accommodated without too much fuss. Pull-on loops at the back and front of the collar make putting on the boot almost effortless. The cushioned midsole acts as a reliable shock absorber to stop foot fatigue from developing even with long hours of nonstop boot use. The Everlon outsole contains deep treads that deliver outstanding traction to grip the ground strongly so you can be protected from slipping accidents. Below we’ll delve deep into the boot’s structure to discover the components that bring the greatest number of benefits as well as look into the features that can still be improved on for better footwear performance.

When aesthetic appeal and comfort are required in equal measure, this boot will be a reliable partner for a variety of activities.

Ideal For

  • Those who want Western boots that really stand out
  • Conditions that don’t require waterproof boots
  • People who want shock-absorbing Western boots to prevent foot pain


Performance Analysis


The Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boot is designed not only with a handsome profile but also works hard to ensure you’ll enjoy continuous comfort throughout the day. This boot uses the proprietary Advanced Torque Stability technology that delivers maximum support and cushioning to your foot so your proper posture won’t be compromised as you work on the most challenging tasks that you need to finish for your job. The gel-padded footbed cradles the foot to prevent discomfort from setting in even with long hours of nonstop boot use while you’re dealing with numerous activities. The insole is designed to deliver maximum rebound so that the energy you exert is returned with every step, making it easier for you to work all day long while keeping foot pain at bay at the same time. The insole felt foamy with a bit of bounciness that helped me move more easily while avoiding extreme discomfort even without taking rest breaks in between my activities. The boot comes with an exclusive shock shield that works by dispersing the impact of every heel strike so that it isn’t concentrated in only the heel area.

This resulted in superior shock absorption that stopped foot fatigue from fully developing, so I was able to focus on my tasks without the need to deal with foot pain even with extended boot use. This impressive impact absorption worked to my advantage throughout the long days at work, especially when I needed to walk on hard surfaces that would have brought even more discomfort with every step.

I appreciated the wide square toe that had enough space to allow my toes to move when necessary, so I was spared from feeling a painful pinching sensation on the top and at tip of the boot.



It wasn’t surprising to discover that this boot was quite heavy, given the 13-inch height and the high-quality leather that was used to craft the upper. The thickness of the leather material gave the boot a hefty feeling and I believe the intricate stitching all along the shaft contributed even more to the boot’s total weight. The heaviness of the boot was beneficial, however, because it provided increased stability that made it easier for me to walk more confidently on certain surfaces, since I felt like my foot was planted more firmly on the ground.



The Duratread outsole is resistant to barnyard acids so you can work in tough surroundings with the assurance that exposure to these substances won’t break down the boot’s sole. This makes it possible for you to maximize the boot’s impressive features for a long time even when it’s used in challenging conditions. The outsole delivered good traction that gave me the confidence to walk quickly on a variety of surfaces, so I was able to do my job most productively without pausing or slowing down significantly because I was worried about slipping. The sole didn’t feel slippery even on smooth surfaces and gave me reassuring stability that didn’t compromise my natural mobility.


Fit and Sizing

This boot is true to size and felt comfortable when I went for my usual size, so I was spared from the hassle of guessing if I had to go up or down a size just to get the right fit. It had a snug fit around the heel but that worked to my advantage since the fit held my heel securely in place, preventing it from sliding within, which would have brought an uncomfortable and unstable feeling. The tightness in this area may also be affected by the shock-absorbing technology in place, which works to prevent foot fatigue by diffusing every heel strike’s impact. This slightly snug fit on the heel area may not be as welcome for those who are used to relaxed-fitting boots that have more spaciousness all around. I had some difficulties with putting on and removing the boot with the snugness in the heel area, and I believe the tall boot height also added to the challenge of getting my foot in quickly.



This Western boot is not built with waterproof materials, so it isn’t ideal for settings where you’ll be exposed to water, mud, snow, and other liquids that can result in your feet getting soaked, especially with long hours of exposure.

The genuine leather upper does offer some level of water resistance that will protect your feet from getting wet when liquids splash onto the boot.

However, the limited protection won’t prevent fluids from seeping into the boot with extended exposure and when large liquid quantities are involved.



This boot’s footbed comes with a moisture-wicking lining that will transport sweat away from the skin. The excess moisture and heat are allowed to dissipate so the boot’s interior can sustain its cool and comfortable environment, preventing a hot and sweaty feeling from overwhelming you with discomfort even with long hours of continued boot use in warm weather conditions.


Quality and Durability

The Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boot is built with premium leather that’s showcased in contrasting colors on the shaft and vamp, resulting in a handsome aesthetic that stands out among other Western boot contenders.

I went for the brown patina/blue dusk colorway and I was truly impressed with how it stood out in an attractive way that didn’t seem too loud, so I was able to enjoy the striking appearance without it clashing with the rest of my ensemble.

The detailed stitching delivered the right amount of Western flair that I wanted while displaying a touch of elegance at the same time. This boot is built with a cutting-edge shock shield that disperses the impact of every heel strike, sparing the foot from the pain of fatigue as most of the shock coming from your continuous movements is absorbed. This shock-absorbing heel made it possible for me to walk on hard ground conditions all day long while avoiding the extreme discomfort that can come from the brutal impact of repetitive steps against unyielding surfaces. The heel area had a snug feel that increased stability by keeping the heel secured in place but may bring discomfort to some who prefer a roomier boot fit. The tall height worked to my advantage by providing extended leg coverage and protection against the elements and other hazards that may be encountered in and around the work area. The gel-cushioned insole comfortably cradles the foot to relieve pressure points and stop blisters from forming while ensuring that the foot will have the padded support it needs to keep pain at bay for long hours at a time. This footbed is made with a foam material that delivers superior rebound to return energy with every step, making it easier to get through a long day at work without being bothered by aching feet. A moisture-wicking liner covers the footbed to stop sweat and excess heat from accumulating, making it possible for the boot’s interior to maintain a comfortably cool environment even with long hours of boot-wearing. An ergonomically structured shank comes in a lightweight profile that doesn’t add too much bulk and weightiness to the boot, as it works hard to increase stability underfoot to make it easier to walk on uneven surfaces. The Duratread outsole is resistant to barnyard acids to provide you with the assurance that you can work in challenging barn or farm settings without the boot’s sole being damaged easily.

The sole offers good traction that allowed me to walk confidently over a variety of surfaces while maintaining my steady stance, even when I needed to navigate slippery ground conditions.

The sole comes with a 1.5-inch heel that helps provide a more stable platform on various surfaces, and also helps make going up and down ladders easier to manage without compromising your safety.


Other Versions

The Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boot doesn’t come in other versions. It can be enjoyed in the following colorway options: brown patina/blue dusk, toffee crunch/oak green, and crest brown.


The Challengers

Ariat Men’s Sport Sidebet Western Boot

The Ariat Men’s Sport Sidebet Western Boot is a good alternative if you want your Western boots to have a slightly different aesthetic. The stitching on the shaft showcases a Western flair that catches the eye but does so in a classy way that won’t clash with the rest of your outfit. What stands out with this boot’s look are the dual pull holes on top, giving the boot a more interesting look compared to the usual Western boot appearance. These pull holes bring increased convenience when putting on the boot, and work to let in more air so that the boot’s interior can remain cool for the entire day. A mesh lining within the boot helps in dispersing excess heat and perspiration to protect the foot from an uncomfortably sweaty feeling, especially with long hours of continuous boot usage. Multiple cushioning layers inside the boot work to keep the foot comfortably cradled and relieve pressure spots to stop blisters from developing over the course of a busy workday.

Ariat Men’s VentTEK Ultra Western Boot

The Ariat Men’s VentTEK Ultra Western Boot is another impressive choice if you aren’t afraid to enjoy a bold-looking Western boot for work or play. The upper features intricate stitching to deliver a striking look that can immediately jazz up any outfit you’re wearing. A gel-cushioned footbed delivers all-day comfort and support that will help you sustain your proper posture while protecting your foot from pain as you work on challenging tasks throughout the day. The mesh panels integrated into the upper allow air to generously flow into the boot so heat and excess moisture will be dispersed before they can build up to an uncomfortably hot feeling within the boot. This boot comes with a lightweight outsole that doesn’t contribute a lot to the total boot weight and features a flexible structure that enables you to enjoy superior agility without excessive rigidity getting in the way. An ergonomically designed shank helps maintain your steady footing over tricky ground conditions so you can walk more naturally without compromising your safety and comfort in the process.

Ariat Men’s Hybrid Venttek Western Boot

The Ariat Men’s Hybrid Venttek Western Boot will provide you with the aesthetics you want while helping you maintain your steady footing at the same time. The decorative stitching on the upper delivers a style that is eye-catching without being too over the top. Four layers of cushioning keep the foot comfortably cradled to ease pressure and stop blisters from developing over the course of a hectic day, while providing the rebound needed to return the energy to your foot with every step. Mesh sections are incorporated into the upper so that good airflow can be maintained, making it possible for the interior to remain as cool as possible even with extended periods of boot-wearing in hot or humid surroundings. The Duratread outsole offers maximum traction that will help sustain your stability when you’re working on wet or slippery ground conditions so you can move more confidently without sacrificing your efficiency in doing the most important tasks.

Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Waterproof Work Boot

The Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Waterproof Work Boot will work remarkably well in settings that will expose you to water and other liquids. This boot is built with waterproof leather that works with the Waterproof PRO construction to block water and other fluids from entering so you can be sure that your foot will maintain comfortable dryness within the footwear, even extended periods in wet or waterlogged areas. The mesh lining dissipates heat from within to stop overheating from building up even with long hours of boot use. The footbed uses four layers of cushioning to protect the foot from painful blisters while it returns your energy with a welcome bounce that will help keep discomfort at bay. The boot provides a secondary level of protection against electrical hazards in dry conditions that you may be exposed to in your line of work.

Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10-Inch Work Boot

The Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10-Inch Work Boot is an ideal choice if you’re after a no-nonsense boot that delivers superior protection against safety hazards in and around the work area. It comes with steel toe protection that can keep your foot safely guarded against compression and impact threats that may be lurking in your surroundings. The waterproof leather upper stops water and other liquids from entering the boot to maintain maximum foot dryness for long hours at a time while you’re working in wet or waterlogged conditions. The cushioned footbed is designed to mold to the contours of your foot for remarkable comfort that feels customized to your unique foot anatomy. The rugged rubber outsole is fitted with aggressive lugs that grip the ground firmly for added stability while you navigate tricky surfaces.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Men’s Dynamic Western Boot is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a Western boot that really stands out. The striking combination of colors and elaborate stitching throughout the boot give it a premium look that can instantly elevate your entire outfit for work or leisure purposes. It works to deliver maximum shock absorption by dispersing the impact of every heel strike to fight foot fatigue for the better part of the day. Given the tall height, this boot is quite difficult to put on and remove. It’s also unsuitable for use in harsh conditions because it doesn’t come with safety toes or waterproof components.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!