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Dickies Renegade Jeans – Worn, Tested and Reviewed

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Rating : 8.9/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built with Dickies FLEX technology and an abrasion-resistant waistband, the Dickies Renegade Jeans will keep you comfortable while delivering maximum performance on and off the worksite.


  • More flexible than regular jeans
  • Rugged construction
  • Reinforced back hem and abrasion-resistant waistband
  • Moisture-wicking material


  • Slightly heavier than regular jeans




1.97 lbs / 0.89 kg / 31.5 oz

Sizes Available

W: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, L: 30, 32, 34




At first glance, the Dickies Renegade Jeans look stylish, only suitable for casual use. However, I was happy to discover that it performed well on the job. They felt more rugged than the average jeans because of the strong poly-cotton material, giving these jeans enhanced strength that keeps up with tough environments and activities. I loved that even with the material’s extra-thickness, it was enhanced with Dickies FLEX technology that enabled it to be flexible enough to allow ease of movement. This flexibility made the jeans quite comfortable, and I had no issues moving naturally while doing different tasks since the material didn’t get in the way of my mobility. I’m impressed with the other features built into the jeans to increase their resistance to early damage, even if the material itself is sturdy enough. The back hem is reinforced to keep it from easily fraying with contact on the ground, while the waistband is strengthened with abrasion resistance for maximum performance. These jeans were slightly heavier than regular jeans, though, so they’re not the best option for those who want lightweight pants.


Key Takeaways

  • The Dickies Renegade Jeans are durable, stylish, and comfortable jeans that can be maximized in work settings and casual environments.
  • The poly-cotton material is much stronger than regular cotton, making these jeans thicker and more durable than the average pair of jeans.
  • The Dickies FLEX technology gives these jeans a flexible structure, resulting in a more comfortable experience as the material allows complete ease of movement.
  • An abrasion-resistant waistband and reinforced back hems protect against normal wear and tear while offering superior functionality.
  • The thickness of the material makes these jeans heavier than regular jeans, so I will only recommend them to those who are after lightweight work pants.


Ideal For

  • People who are after versatile work jeans
  • Tough environments and demanding work settings
  • Those who want durable yet comfortable jeans


Performance Analysis


The Dickies Renegade Jeans stood out in the comfort department, which was a surprise given their thickness and rugged structure. However, I’m glad my assumption at first glance was wrong because these jeans turned out to be comfortable.

The quality that significantly impacted comfort was the material’s flexibility, thanks to the Dickies FLEX technology at work throughout the material. This technology made the sturdy material flexible, allowing it to stretch just enough to follow my movements, so I could easily do different tasks. In addition, I didn’t feel that the thick material limited my mobility, which also added to the comfortable experience.

I appreciated the double knees that made kneeling considerably more comfortable. The extra layer of material protected my knees from extreme pain, especially if I needed to kneel for longer to finish various tasks. In addition, the knee pad pockets can be loaded from the bottom, providing convenience as it makes placing and removing the pads much easier.

The straight-leg design matched the style I was looking for and made moving around more comfortable. My legs didn’t feel restricted and trapped in a tight space, but I felt protected by the strong fabric. In addition, the straight-leg style, mid-rise waist, and flexible material made moving around almost effortless and much more comfortable than if I wore more restrictive pants.



The Dickies Renegade Jeans weigh 1.97 lbs / 0.89 kg / 31.5 oz. These were heavier than a regular pair of jeans – which wasn’t surprising because the material is a lot thicker. This is the only drawback I can think of with these jeans, and the issue isn’t that big for me because the material’s flexibility more than balanced things out when it comes to comfortable use.


Fit and Sizing

These jeans are true to size and have a relaxed fit. The straight-leg design felt spacious enough to let my legs move freely without being restricted by tightness or stiff materials. In addition, I liked how the jeans flexed along with my movements, making the relaxed fit even more enjoyable and adaptable, so kneeling, crouching, and reaching for things weren’t as challenging. The mid-rise waist also adds to the comfortable fit as it allows more freedom of movement compared to jeans with higher or lower waistbands.



These jeans don’t feature waterproof materials, so they’re unsuitable for use in extremely wet surroundings. The thick material may protect against a few drops of liquids, but it won’t completely stop the wetness from penetrating.



The poly-cotton material is much thicker than the average jeans, but it still allows a bit of air to come in. As a result, I didn’t feel like the jeans were turning too hot inside, even when I used them in warmer conditions.

The material comes with moisture-wicking properties, enabling sweat to be drawn away from the skin and quickly disperse to stop unwanted moisture from building up inside the jeans.


Quality and Durability

The Dickies Renegade Jeans look and feel quite premium and are versatile enough to be used on the job site and in more casual settings. They look like stylish jeans which can be worn with a wide variety of colors of shoes and jackets or shirts, so I easily maximized their use with different outfit combinations. The white stitching along the seams gave the jeans a bold, rugged vibe that can easily blend in with the toughness of challenging work environments while being fashionable enough to stand out with any top or shirt.

These are highly durable jeans that can last long with proper care, even when used in challenging conditions.

The poly-cotton material offers superb durability that can withstand heavy use without easily showing signs of damage. In addition, it’s much thicker than the material used in regular jeans, resulting in a pair that feels sturdier and performs even better in various work settings while resisting deterioration, even when they’re used regularly to deal with physically demanding tasks.

However, extra weight comes with the material’s thickness and strength. These are heavier than the average pair of jeans, so they’re not the most suitable choice for those who are after lightweight work pants.

I’m impressed with how these jeans managed to stay comfortable, even with the thick material and robust construction. This high level of comfort is primarily due to the flexibility of the fabric, which is enhanced with the exclusive Dickies FLEX technology. The flexible material easily stretched to accommodate my movements, so I could move comfortably without rigid materials that could restrict my mobility. In addition, the relaxed fit and straight leg design left enough space for my legs to move more freely.

These jeans are made using strong fabric, but they’re also built with other features to enhance their durability even further.

I appreciated the back hem’s reinforced design that made this high-wear section much stronger against the usual damage signs. Meanwhile, the waistband is made with an abrasion-resistant material that protects against premature fraying, so I enjoyed the comfortable and supportive feeling in this area for a longer time. The knees are protected with a double layer of fabric for a more comfortable experience while kneeling and to help prolong the fabric’s life against abrasion.

These jeans had several pockets highlighted by the white stitching all around. The two front pockets offered enough space for the items I needed to quickly access, while the back pockets had more room for larger objects. The knife pocket and ruler pocket were handy compartments that allowed me to bring the gear that won’t otherwise fit into the other pockets, so I still had these items within reach throughout the day.


Other Versions

The Dickies Renegade Jeans are available in the following colors: overdyed khaki, medium blue, and tint khaki wash. Unfortunately, they don’t have other versions.


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Conclusion & Verdict

The Dickies Renegade Jeans are great for work jeans that are versatile enough to be maximized in non-work environments. The poly-cotton material is twice as strong as regular cotton, giving these jeans the durable construction needed to withstand heavy use in challenging surroundings without easily falling apart. It also has a moisture-wicking feature that keeps me cool and comfortable in warm settings. The thick material was still flexible enough to adapt to my movements, making it easier to move around without feeling restricted. The mid-rise waist, straight leg design, double knees, and relaxed fit all contributed to the comfortable experience that didn’t compromise superior performance. In addition, I appreciated the enhancements offered by the reinforced back hems and abrasion-resistant waistband, as these increased the protection against premature wear and tear. These are heavier than regular jeans, though, and are, therefore, better for people who prefer lightweight pants.

What we like

  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Durable
  • Reinforced and abrasion-resistant sections
  • Moisture wicking

What we don’t like

  • Heavier than regular jeans

Professions These Are Ideal For

Construction workers, Farmers, Warehouse staff, Heavy equipment operators

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