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Skechers for Work Flex Advantage SR Fourche Food Service Shoe – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.3/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Designed to provide long-lasting comfort while helping you move effortlessly, the Skechers for Work Flex Advantage SR Fourche Food Service Shoe is a superior choice that is beneficial for demanding indoor job environments.


  • Relaxed fit for superior comfort
  • Memory foam insoles provide all-day cushioning and support
  • Lace-up design helps with a more secure fit
  • Flexible and lightweight midsole aids with shock absorption and mobility
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole provides maximum traction


  • Not waterproof
  • Upper and laces feel thin and do not seem durable


100% leather

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


1.75lb / 0.8kg / 28oz



Shaft Size

3 inches


Slip-resistant rubber outsole

Shoe type

Food Service Shoe



Safety certifications


Price range

$104.9 to $299.00


While using the Skechers for Work Flex Advantage SR Fourche Food Service Shoe, I enjoyed outstanding comfort that did not interfere in any way with my productivity while dealing with the most important duties in the workplace. These shoes truly were made for walking and staying active on your feet for the entire day. If you want work shoes that offer more convenient wearing, the Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Bronwood SR Work Shoe comes with a slip-on design that can shave off precious moments from your overall preparation time on a regular basis.


The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Cessnock SR Work Shoe may be more to your liking if you are not too keen on the traditional work shoe aesthetic and are looking for a sportier look that will also pair nicely with more casual clothes. The Emeril Lagasse Men’s Cooper Pro EVA Food Service Shoe is a noteworthy option that is made with a water repellent upper to keep the feet protected from getting wet in the work area and is further enhanced with an interior lining with antimicrobial treatment. The Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Steel Toe Work Shoe is suitable for providing a higher level of protection when your job comes with exposure to compression and impact dangers. On the other hand, the Fila Men’s Landing Industrial Work Boot is an ideal alternative for tougher work environments that will benefit from complete waterproofing and steel toe protection in a higher shaft profile.

When your work requires long hours of staying on your feet, these shoes can easily take on the challenge of preventing discomfort from setting in.

Ideal For

  • Foodservice and kitchen professionals, as well as other jobs that require long hours of standing and walking around
  • Indoor use without exposure to water and other liquids
  • Work duties that are not threatened by heavy or blunt objects that can fall on the foot


Performance Analysis


The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche Food Service Shoe provided a comfortable experience that made it easier to maintain a high level of productivity even with the long hours of demanding physical activities. I used these shoes for work that required me to stay on my feet (standing and moving around) for the better part of the day and was able to enjoy long-lasting comfort.

The memory foam footbed worked wonderfully by keeping my foot surrounded with generous padding that offered long-lasting support while easing the discomfort that usually comes with extended periods of staying on your feet. The soft fabric lining alleviated much of the friction that can otherwise lead to the development of blisters, so I was able to work throughout the day without this problem to worry about. The midsole soaked up most of the shock that comes from continuous movements, so my feet and legs were spared from the excruciating pain even with the long hours of nonstop activities with no rest periods in between. These shoes came with flexible soles that worked together with my movements, allowing me to move as naturally and as quickly as possible to be able to finish my work in a timely manner without compromising my comfort in the process. The collar of the shoes came with ample padding to cushion the ankle from painful friction that cannot be avoided when the job required me to stay standing and moving from one area to another in and around the workplace for the entire shift. Meanwhile, the padded tongue kept the top of my foot properly cushioned as well to ease the discomfort on this area, at the same time worked to stop debris from getting to the shoe interior.



These shoes tipped the scales on the lower end and felt much lighter than I expected them to be. Working for long hours throughout the day did not pose problems – because I did not have bulky shoes to drag around, I easily breezed through my tasks without dealing with extreme discomfort that would have been the case if I had heavy shoes or boots on. The lightweight construction is ideal for professions that require standing or staying on your feet for almost the entire shift since it does not cause discomfort even with extended shoe wearing.



The rubber outsole of the Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche Food Service Shoe offers decent traction that can prevent falling or slipping on wet or greasy indoor surfaces.

However, this traction is not powerful enough to take on uneven terrains or waterlogged conditions that can be found outdoors, which would require outsoles that are more rugged and have stronger lugs to be able to deliver increased safety.


Fit and Sizing

The shoes are true to size – I felt comfortable using my usual size and I did not deal with the guesswork that comes with going up or down a shoe size for other brands. They genuinely had a relaxed that felt wonderful and especially valuable when the job requires long hours of staying upright while walking and moving around the work area. The extra space inside the shoes helped my feet breathe and have the room to shift a little, which made it easier to fight foot cramps that can suddenly set in throughout the workday. This relaxed fit is much more comfortable for long hours of work compared to a snug fit that can lead to foot pain even before reaching the halfway mark of a busy day.



The lack of waterproofing makes these shoes suitable only for indoor use where there is very little chance of getting soaked with a great amount of water and other liquid substances. The shoes can be used in kitchens and for foodservice settings, but extra care should be taken to avoid getting liquids spilled on their surfaces. This is to ensure that the foot will be kept dry and comfortable inside the shoes for the entire shift.



The upper is made with a solid material that does not easily permit air to get inside the shoe. This can pose issues with overheating when the work area turns warm (which is not surprising in a kitchen environment) or when the shoes are worn for long stretches of time without rest periods to allow the feet to cool down. There is also no breathable lining in place so there is nothing to aid with the ventilation within the shoe. The only thing that works to fight extreme warmth inside the shoe is the low-cut profile that can allow air to waft in from time to time throughout the course of the day.


Quality and Durability

The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche Food Service Shoe comes in a classic silhouette that works well with more formal-looking uniforms or work outfits, even as it goes nicely with more casual clothes both in and out of the work setting.

The lace-up design makes it a lot more convenient to get to your preferred fit that feels most comfortable and delivers a higher level of security, allowing you to move around easily without compromising your stable footing in the process.

This work shoe choice comes with an electrical hazard safe design for extra safety in dry conditions when working in places that may expose you to live electrical sources. A slip-resistant outsole works well to deliver safety when walking on wet or slippery indoor surfaces but does not have the powerful traction that is required to be able to navigate the more challenging ground conditions that can be seen in outdoor settings. The seams of the shoes are equipped with reinforced stitches to ensure that the connection between the upper and the soles are built to be strong and durable for your long-lasting enjoyment. The shock-absorbing midsole comes with a flexible structure to enhance mobility in various settings so you can look forward to confidently and efficiently doing your tasks without sacrificing your comfort in the process. As these are not waterproof shoes, they are unsuitable for working in areas that are constantly exposed to water and other liquids that will be able to easily seep through the shoes and soak the feet. These work shoes have a pretty good construction that will bring long hours of comfort and protection for those who are working in the foodservice sector – such as those who work in kitchens, in bars, and as wait staff – who are required to stay standing and moving around for extended periods on a daily basis.

However, I have some reservations about the thin upper material and the equally thin laces that do not seem like they can withstand heavy usage, with both these components looking like they lack the durability to provide long-lasting benefits.


Other Versions

The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche Food Service Shoe is not available in other versions. It can be enjoyed in one color – black – that works well with most uniforms and work-related outfits that are associated with kitchen and food service duties.


The Challengers

Skechers Work Flex Advantage Bronwood

The Skechers Work Flex Advantage Bronwood Food Service Shoe is a terrific alternative from the same brand if you prefer not to deal with laces on a regular basis. The Bronwood comes in a slip-on design for quick on and off that will not require a great deal of time and effort for superior convenience. It also comes with a memory foam footbed that cradles the shape of the foot to ease pressure points and also to deliver long-lasting support to ease foot fatigue even with extended shoe-wearing. The Bronwood is also a better choice if you want a water-resistant work shoe that will protect your feet from being soaked by water and other liquids that can be spilled in the course of a workday.

Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Cessnock SR Work Shoe

The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Cessnock SR Work Shoe comes in an understated sporty style that makes it an excellent choice if you do not want the traditional work shoe silhouette. These shoes are built with a knit mesh upper that lets air flow freely so the inside can maintain a cool environment to prevent overheating from bringing discomfort to your feet even when the shoes are worn for extended periods. This mesh upper works with the flexible midsole to deliver increased mobility that will get interfere with your quick movements as needed in the workplace. The upper offers a pleasant surprise with a stain and water-resistant profile to keep the feet protected from getting wet while you finish your tasks. The lightweight construction of the shoes makes them ideal for use in jobs that deal with long hours of walking around or standing in place. This slip-resistant work shoe also comes with electrical hazard protection for secondary protection when there is exposure to electrical currents in wet conditions in the work area.

Emeril Lagasse Men’s Cooper Pro EVA

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, look no further than the Emeril Lagasse Men’s Cooper Pro EVA Food Service Shoe. The upper material is treated with special water and stain-resistant system that repels food, liquids, and other substances that are expected in a kitchen or foodservice setting. This ensures the long-term durability of the shoe and keeps the foot dry throughout the shift. A memory foam insole molds to the curves of the foot for personalized comfort that also delivers maximum support and pressure reduction to fight foot pain for long hours. The interior of the work shoe is fitted with a breathable lining that dissipates heat and sweat to stop extreme warmth from building up and is treated with antimicrobial components to fight bacteria that can cause bad odors. Priced at under $40, these work shoes offer outstanding value without compromising the crucial factors.

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Steel Toe Work Shoe

The Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Steel Toe Work Shoe is a more suitable choice for a work environment that comes with compression and impact threats. The steel toe protection offers a higher level of safety for your foot in case something heavy or blunt accidentally falls or rolls on the foot, especially from an elevated area in the workplace. These slip-resistant shoes will help you maintain your stability when walking on wet or slippery surfaces so you can confidently continue with your tasks without sacrificing your safety. They are also equipped with memory foam footbeds to ease pressure points and keep the feet surrounded with ample cushioning to combat foot fatigue during long hours of nonstop work.

Fila Men’s Landing Industrial Work Boo

The Fila Men’s Landing Industrial Work Boot is a terrific choice if you want amped up protection to keep you company in tough work environments. The high shaft height offers more coverage and protection against a variety of hazards in the workplace and delivers a superior level of ankle support to prevent painful twisting, especially with lateral movement. These waterproof work boots will guarantee long-lasting foot dryness even when working in wet surroundings or when liquids are spilled, which cannot be avoided in certain service industries. The rugged rubber outsole provides strong traction to prevent slipping on a variety of challenging surfaces so you can efficiently move without compromising safety in the process.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche Food Service Shoe is an impressive footwear partner that is built to maintain a comfortable experience for those who are working as food service professionals and in other professions who work on their feet all day long. They come with flexible and lightweight soles to keep you moving freely without the discomfort that can come with extra weight. However, it should be noted that some components of the shoes – such as the laces and the upper – seem to lack the durability needed to deliver long-lasting benefits, especially with heavy and constant use.


Luke Davis

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