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Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe – Detailed Review

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Rating : 7.6/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built with alloy safety toes and a memory foam insole, the Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe offers numerous benefits that you can maximize on and off the worksite.


  • Alloy safety toes
  • Memory foam insole
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Sporty design


  • Not waterproof


Woven mesh and synthetic material

Type of Toe

Yes (alloy)


94 lb./.43 kg



Shaft Size

3 inches


Slip-resistant outsole

Shoe type

Alloy Toe



Safety certifications


Price range

$59.99 to $199.00


It’s easy to assume that the Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe is just another comfy athletic shoe option from the brand but there’s so much more to look forward to from this shoe. The sporty silhouette can be fully enjoyed in and out of the workplace as its style is versatile enough to be paired with workwear and with more casual attire choices. What comes as a surprise for most people are the safety alloy toes built into the shoe that provide nonstop protection against impact and compression dangers that can be encountered at certain job sites. The mesh fabric upper lets in a generous amount of air to keep the interior well-ventilated even when the shoe is used for the whole day.


This shoe comes with a memory foam insole that offers maximum comfort by following the foot’s contours so you can keep walking for hours while avoiding a great deal of foot pain. The stretch laces are designed to keep the shoe secured in place by adjusting automatically to your foot’s needs. The midsole acts as a dependable shock-absorber to fight foot fatigue as it disperses the impact throughout the shoe while maintaining a lightweight profile that doesn’t add a lot to the shoe’s total weight. Below, we’ll look even deeper into the shoe’s components to determine which ones stand out the most in terms of benefits and if there are attributes that can be tweaked for overall functional improvement.

To help you maintain peak performance levels, this work shoe comes with the safety and comfort features you need to get the job done.

Ideal For

  • Professionals who prioritize footwear comfort and style
  • Work settings with compression and impact hazards
  • People who prefer lightweight work shoes with memory foam insoles


Performance Analysis


The Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe is built with a mesh upper that easily goes along with the foot’s movements, so walking is more comfortably done for hours. The flexible material adapts quickly with every step, making it easier for you to move naturally without extremely rigid materials that can restrict your movement. The shoe comes with a memory foam insole that conforms to the natural curves of the foot for a customized feel that will enhance your comfortable experience for the entire shift.

This insole also works to alleviate pressure points that can form throughout the day so they can be prevented from turning into painful blisters, especially when you spend hours on your feet without a chance to rest in between tasks. A soft fabric lining is fitted into the shoe to ensure that the foot will be cocooned with a welcoming texture from within so painful friction resulting from constant foot movement can be avoided. The padded collar hugged my ankle with a comforting feel to protect this area from rubbingagainst the shoe with every step and made the fit snugger on this zone, enabling me to walk more securely and easily on various surfaces. The padded tongue added extra protection and cushioning for the top of my foot without limiting my movements as the material was pliable enough to flex along with my steps. The midsole is designed to absorb the force coming from continuous walking and stops foot fatigue from developing by diffusing the impact throughout the shoe, instead of only one part of the foot bearing the brunt of the shock.

I liked the heel overlays that reinforced the stability of this critical shoe zone because they made my steps more stable, especially when I needed to go over tricky surfaces while moving quickly.



This shoe comes with a lightweight structure, so it won’t cause a great deal of discomfort even when worn for a long time. The mesh upper doesn’t weigh much so the shoe easily maintains its low-profile silhouette.

However, the shoe is a bit heavier compared to regular sports sneakers because of the built-in alloy safety toes that offer maximum foot protection that still weigh less compared to the steel toe caps used in other protective footwear options.



This shoe is equipped with slip-resistant outsoles designed to maintain your stability on various surfaces. However, the almost flat structure of the outsole results in fairly limited traction. This makes walking on slippery or uneven ground conditions a bit difficult to manage while avoiding slipping, especially if you need to move more quickly.


Fit and Sizing

This shoe is true to size, so you’ll effortlessly get a comfortable fit when you go for your usual shoe size. It’s easy to put on so you won’t need to spend a lot of time on the task. The snug fit feels more pronounced in the toe area due to the alloy safety toes in place, so if you might want a bit more space, you might want to consider going up half a size for improved comfort. This snug fit may not be welcomed by those who prefer relaxed-fit footwear because the snugness may feel too restricting and won’t easily allow the toes to wiggle to fight foot cramps. The stretch lacing system keeps the shoe secured in place and you won’t need to deal with numerous lace adjustments as the stretch laces adjust accordingly to your foot’s needs.



This shoe doesn’t come with waterproof materials so it’s not the best option for working in extremely wet conditions. The mesh fabric upper will easily let in water, mud, and other liquids so your foot can easily be soaked when your work area is exposed to extreme wetness. The shoe also won’t be able to protect your foot from becoming wet when you’re outdoors and it suddenly rains hard while you’re still busy with numerous tasks.



The mesh fabric upper allows a generous amount of air to get into the shoe to promote long-lasting breathability. Built-up heat and moisture from within are encouraged to dissipate quickly before the shoe overheats, so you can look forward to enjoying the comfortably cool interior for the duration of your shoe-wearing time.


Quality and Durability

The Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe is made with a flexible upper that effortlessly allows natural foot movement. The mesh upper promotes superior breathability by allowing generous airflow to enter the shoe so that heat and moisture build-up can be prevented, especially when the shoe is worn for long hours at a time. The shoe comes in a lightweight structure that doesn’t cause a dragging feeling on the foot, enabling you to keep walking for long without feeling the extreme discomfort that comes from using heavy footwear. This shoe is fitted with alloy toe caps that offer nonstop protection to keep the foot safe from serious injuries in case heavy items, such as tools and pieces of equipment, suddenly roll or fall onto the shoe from elevated areas. The memory foam insole molds to the foot’s unique shape so you’ll be able to enjoy customized comfort. The memory foam also works to ease pressure-prone spots on the foot so that blisters can be stopped from forming even with the friction coming from repetitive movements throughout the day. The midsole absorbs the shock coming from every step to protect the foot and calf muscles from foot fatigue. The stretch lacing system provides a secure fit without the need for numerous adjustments as the stretchy lace material adapts to the foot’s requirements so you can be sure that you’ll always have a stable and comfortable shoe fit.

It should be noted that even with its flexible structure, there’s a bit of a restrictive feeling in the toe box with the alloy safety toe in place.

Without waterproof components, this shoe isn’t suitable for use in inclement weather and extremely wet conditions as the liquids will be able to enter the shoe unhindered through the mesh fabric upper. This shoe comes with what’s supposed to be a slip-resistant outsole, but in reality, it only offers limited traction as the outsole feels almost completely flat. The athletic profile of the shoe makes it an ideal partner for different workwear and goes seamlessly with casual attire choices as well, so you can take full advantage of the shoe’s stylish silhouette in the work area and in a more laidback setting without the footwear looking out of place in either environment.


Other Versions

The Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe is offered in black and charcoal color options. It isn’t offered in another style or version.


The Challengers

Skechers Work Cessnock Work Shoe

The Skechers Work Cessnock Work Shoe might be a more suitable choice if you’re working in non-harsh environments where you aren’t at risk of encountering impact and compression hazards. This shoe is built with a knit mesh upper that permits air to flow freely so that the interior can maintain a properly ventilated atmosphere for your foot to enjoy cool comfort for hours even in hot environments. The slip-on style offers superior shoe-wearing convenience with a stretch lacing system that adapts to your foot’s requirements, so you won’t need to continuously adjust the laces for a secure fit. The memory foam insole hugs the curves of your foot for nonstop cushioning and support to keep you moving comfortably throughout the day while easing pressure spots to stop blister formation. This shoe comes with electrical hazard protection for a secondary layer of safety against electrocution if you encounter live currents in dry conditions.

Caterpillar Men’s Streamline Comp Toe Work Shoe

The Caterpillar Men’s Streamline Comp Toe Work Shoe looks like regular sports sneakers but comes with the protective features of a heavy-duty work boot. The composite toes protect the foot against severe crushing injuries if the boot encounters compression and impact threats that may suddenly drop from high places. The nylon sock liner and mesh lining work together to maintain a breathable interior by dissipating heat and moisture to prevent overheating. The EVA midsole acts as a strong shock absorber that prevents foot fatigue by dispersing the impact coming from continuous foot movements so you can keep walking for long without being bothered by intense pain. The shoe is built with the exclusive ERGOlite design that maintains lightweight flexibility to help you move freely and comfortably without anything getting in the way of your natural mobility. The slip-resistant outsole offers lasting durability and maintains your steady footing over different surface conditions.

Wolverine Men’s Jetstream CarbonMAX

The Wolverine Men’s Jetstream CarbonMAX Work Shoe is a great alternative if you’re after safety features in a lightweight structure. The mesh upper permits more air to enter the shoe to keep the interior feeling cool for longer. This upper remains lightweight and flexible to help you move without restrictions to help boost your efficiency while doing tasks in and out of the workplace. The composite toe caps offer nonstop protection against heavy objects that can accidentally fall on the shoe, so your foot won’t suffer from serious injuries in case you encounter these hazards. A memory foam footbed adapts to the foot’s contours for customized comfort that lasts the entire day and alleviates pressure points to stop blister formation. The slip-resistant rubber outsole provides strong traction to keep you safe from slipping accidents when you’re walking on wet or uneven ground conditions.

Timberland PRO Reaxion Work Shoe

The Timberland PRO Reaxion Work Shoe is a superb pick for those after maximum comfort and protection. It uses anti-fatigue technology to soak up the impact resulting from nonstop movements to stop foot fatigue from developing over the course of a long workday. The outsole is built with an aerodynamic design that delivers high-rebound cushioning to boost your stamina so you can keep walking and moving comfortably for longer. The composite toes guard the foot against compression and impact threats while maintaining lightweight structures that won’t add too much to the overall shoe weight. The strong TPU outsole offers good traction to keep you walking more confidently over challenging surface conditions without compromising your comfort and safety. The shoe offers a secondary degree of protection against electrocution if you’re exposed to live currents in dry conditions. The metal-free construction won’t accidentally set off metal detectors and won’t scratch surfaces.

Puma Safety Xelerate Knit Comp Toe Shoe

The Puma Safety Xelerate Knit Comp Toe Shoe comes with a sporty design that looks good with casual outfits while providing superior functionality that can take on various work settings. The knit upper offers maximum ventilation to maintain a cool shoe interior even when you’re in hot surroundings. The composite toe caps guard the foot against grave injuries if heavy items accidentally drop or roll on the shoe from high spots. The Evercushion insole offers nonstop cushioning and support to maintain a comfortable shoe-wearing experience and relieves pressure so blisters can be stopped from fully developing with long hours of continuous use. The slip-resistant outsole grips the ground firmly to help you walk more safely over wet or uneven ground conditions without compromising your efficiency and agility. This shoe offers heat resistance up to 572 degrees, making it an ideal choice for working safely in high-temperature settings.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers Work Synergy Omat Alloy Toe Work Shoe is a superb choice for professionals who place equal importance on comfort and style when it comes to footwear. The composite toe caps offer continuous protection against compression and impact threats that you may encounter in the work area. It should be noted that the outsole offers limited traction, so this shoe isn’t the best pick for working on slippery or uneven terrains. Without waterproof components, this shoe isn’t recommended for use in extreme weather conditions and exceptionally wet settings either, as the upper will easily let the liquids seep in.


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