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Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boots – Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.2/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Constructed with waterproof leather in a convenient pull-on design, the Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boot provides superior convenience and stability in an elegant silhouette.


  • Waterproof
  • Convenient pull-on design
  • Comfortably cushioned insole
  • Strong traction outsole


  • No safety toe
  • High heel gives off a strange feeling


Waterproof full-grain leather

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.25b / 1.02kg / 35.98oz



Shaft Size

6 inches


Non-marking rubber outsole

Boot type




Safety certifications


Price range

$189.95 to $199.00


Even if the Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boot doesn’t come with the bells and whistles that some boots are fashioned with, it still manages to provide a stylish presence you’ll be able to fully maximize in a variety of settings. This boot is crafted with a low-key profile that may not boldly stand out but still showcases its advantages, first off with its ability to blend in effortlessly with your outfit of choice without clashing. I loved the weathered brown color that gave off retro vibes for an interesting visual that easily complemented different attire selections. The sleek profile isn’t the only thing that makes this boot a noteworthy choice, as it’s also constructed to protect your foot against wetness threats that you may encounter in your surrounding area.


The waterproof system in place ensures no liquid penetration to provide you with the assurance that your foot will maintain its comfortable and dry environment even with extended exposure to extremely wet conditions. Stretch panels on the collar make the boot-wearing experience a lot easier, with the pull-on design allowing you to conveniently put on and take off the boot without the need to lace up every single time, significantly shortening the prep time. Below, we’ll take a much closer look at the boot’s components so we can discover if they live up to the expectations or if some of these attributes will still need to be tweaked so that the boot can enhance its overall function and performance.

To maintain your stylishness even in changing weather conditions, this waterproof boot delivers your aesthetic requirements while protecting your foot against wetness.

Ideal For

  • Those who are after a pull-on boot with a sleek and casual silhouette
  • Conditions that are exposed to water and other liquids
  • People who prefer a premium-looking boot with a relaxed fit


Performance Analysis


The Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boot comes with a streamlined design that conceals just how hard the components within work to be able to provide a comfortable boot-wearing experience that you can enjoy all day long. The footbed features gel cushioning that embraces the foot in padded comfort to keep it protected from foot pain for the duration of your shift at work, or while you engage in your chosen leisurely activity. This cushioned footbed worked twice as hard to prevent pressure spots from turning into blisters, especially when I had been on my feet for the better part of the day.

I appreciated the way this footbed delivered the right amount of bounce that made my steps lighter and more effortless, with the energy returned as I walked around so I was able to go nonstop for long hours without suffering from a great deal of pain.

The cushioning added welcome stability that helped me maintain my steady footing. The plaid lining within offered increased comfort as my skin was surrounded with a welcoming texture that also stopped uncomfortable friction from ruining my boot-wearing experience. The brand’s proprietary ATS technology helps in the maintenance of your good posture while you tackle the most critical moments at work and in more laidback surroundings, making it possible for you to continue with your activities in the most productive way without experiencing discomfort at the same time. The boot is enhanced with a heel stabilizer that securely positioned my heel in a way that stopped unwanted shifting, so I was able to easily move around without fearing that every step would result in my heel sliding unnecessarily within the boot, especially when I needed to do lateral movements or navigate tricky surfaces. With my heel firmly in place inside the boot, I had the confidence to move more quickly. The ample cushioning within the boot resulted in a foamy feel that felt wonderful even with the long hours of boot use, although the sole felt a bit strange at times because of the heel’s considerable height. This weird sensation was eventually and significantly reduced as I had the chance to get used to the boot’s high heel profile.



This boot came with a medium weight level that more or less matched my expectations from what I saw of the footwear’s construction. It doesn’t come with an extreme weightiness that can result in an uncomfortable dragging sensation for the feet, but it also cannot be considered lightweight. The premium leather upper delivered a solid presence but was prevented from becoming too heavy with the presence of the stretchable panels on the sides of the collar. The non-marking rubber outsole also contributed significantly to the total weight with its thickness, but at the same time, the boot would have been even heavier if the outsole and heels were made with wooden components.



This boot comes with a rubber outsole that delivers strong traction that made walking on different surfaces much easier to manage. The sole had lugs that firmly bit the ground and helped maintain my steady gait even when the surfaces were slippery or wet. I liked how the 90-degree heel provided increased stability when I navigated inclined locations or uneven ground conditions, making it possible for me to keep on moving efficiently without compromising my safety and agility in the process.


Fit and Sizing

This boot is true to size, so I was saved from dealing with the hassle that comes with guessing which size I may need. It has a relaxed fit that offered a bit of extra space within, allowing my foot and toes to shift in place naturally to ease some of the tension and exhaustion so that foot cramps were prevented from fully developing over the course of a hectic day.



This boot is constructed using waterproof full-grain leather that seals out water to keep it from entering the boot when you’re staying in extremely wet conditions. The brand’s exclusive Waterproof PRO construction guarantees that extreme moisture will be prevented from seeping into the boot’s interior to maintain a dry environment that will keep your foot comfortable, even when your surroundings are exposed to water puddles, mud, or mulch.



The boot is equipped with a material that draws out moisture to keep your foot protected from feeling extreme sweatiness when you’ve been using the boot for the better part of the day. The moisture-wicking component helps in the dispersal of unwanted heat and moisture so these won’t have a chance to accumulate in the boot, preventing overheating from bothering you with an uncomfortable feeling all day long.


Quality and Durability

The Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boot is made with waterproof full-grain leather that won’t allow water and other liquid materials to get in, providing you with the confidence that extreme moisture will stay out of the boot even when you’re working in tough conditions.

The waterproof membrane protects your foot from getting soaked when you’re surrounded by extremely wet settings so you can be sure that your foot will remain comfortably dry for the duration of the day. The boot also works twice as hard to maintain a properly ventilated interior by allowing air to get inside so that built-up perspiration and heat can be easily dispersed before the boot’s interior becomes overheated, especially with all-day boot use. The twin stretch panels incorporated into the collar quickly adapt to the needs of your foot anatomy so you can effortlessly slide your foot into the boot. These stretchy panels work with the pull-on design to make it more convenient for you to put on and take off the boot, enabling you to significantly reduce your preparation time because there are no laces to deal with. A heel stabilizing component holds the heel in a secure position, preventing it from shifting inside the boot with every step so you can move as naturally as possible without the instability that can come when the heel moves unnecessarily within the boot. The gel-padded footbed reduces foot fatigue by easing pressure spots before they can develop into blisters, and through the use of a strong rebound that returns the energy to your foot with every step. This footbed also helps maintain your proper posture while you’re working on the day’s most crucial tasks by providing the optimum level of cushioning and support through the Advanced Torque Stability technology. The forked shank is crafted out of composite material to maintain a lightweight structure that increases your stability to allow you to move unhindered on uneven ground conditions. This boot features a premium feel and design, with the weathered brown option giving off a trendy retro vibe that can complement different clothing options that you can make the most of in a variety of settings. The double-stitching between the upper and sole enhances the strength of the boot, providing you with the assurance that you can reap the benefits from the footwear’s premium features for a long time without fear that the components will easily break apart even with heavy usage. The outsole offers strong traction that can sustain stable footing on various surfaces, with a high heel that adds stability with the ability to bite firmly into uneven or inclined settings. The boot can feel strange because of the increased heel height – but this unwelcome feeling will eventually go away when you get more used to wearing this boot.


Other Versions

The Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boot is available in two colors – weathered brown and java. The boot is also offered in a version for women that comes in more color options.


The Challengers

Ariat Barnyard Twin Gore II Boot

The Ariat Barnyard Twin Gore II Boot is an impressive alternative if you want to enjoy the impressive Ariat waterproofing system in a more rugged boot profile. This boot is constructed with waterproof leather and the exclusive Waterproof PRO construction that stops water from seeping in when you’re surrounded by extreme moisture sources such as water puddles or mud. This guarantees your foot’s lasting protection against wetness even in tough conditions or while working outdoors in inclement weather. A generous last creates a spacious interior that accommodates the foot most comfortably, offering the space that the toes need to be able to wiggle effortlessly so that some of the tension of the tiring day can be relieved before foot cramps can set in. The rugged outsole is resistant to barnyard acids for superior durability that can keep up with challenging barn or farm chores. This boot can quickly be hosed down at the end of the day for convenient cleaning without harming any of the footwear’s components.

Ariat Spot Hog Boot

The Ariat Spot Hog Boot is a sleek option that has the right combination of ruggedness and elegance that you can take advantage of in different settings. The boot is crafted with a full-grain leather upper with a premium texture that comes with a pliable structure, making it easier to move naturally without stiff materials to hamper your movements. The Everlon outsole is equipped with aggressive treads that strongly grip the ground to maintain stability even when the surfaces you’re walking on are uneven or tend to be on the slippery side. Stretch panels on the collar easily accommodate different foot shapes to allow for convenient putting on and taking off of the boot. The EVA midsole provides additional stability on inclined and uneven ground conditions without contributing a lot to the total boot weight. The strong stitching between the sole and upper result in increased durability that the boot will be able to offer with long-term use even in challenging settings.

Georgia Boot Giant Waterproof High Romeo Boot

The Georgia Boot Giant Waterproof High Romeo Boot is a well-constructed option that delivers maximum protection and comfort to keep you going for the entire day. It’s built with the exclusive Georgia Waterproof system that blocks water and other liquids from entering so that the boot’s interior can preserve a comfortably dry condition even when your surroundings are exposed to extreme moisture. The oil-, slip-, and chemical-resistant Georgia Giant outsole comes in a robust structure featuring pronounced lugs that grip the ground strongly to help you move more confidently over different surface conditions without sacrificing your comfort and safety in the process. The cushioned insole welcomingly hugs the foot to ease tiredness and pressure spots all day long. A steel shank provides enhanced stability that will make it easier for you to maintain your steady gait on challenging floor and ground conditions.

Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot

The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot is an impressive choice that works hard to deliver lasting comfort without compromising superb functionality. It comes with steel toe caps that protect the foot from being severely crushed when compression and impact dangers accidentally fall or roll from a significant height onto the boot. This boot offers secondary protection against live currents that you may be exposed to in dry conditions to keep you safe from being electrocuted. The EVA midsole absorbs most of the force that comes from your continuous movements throughout the day so you can be protected from foot fatigue. The durable foam cushioning provides comfort and support right where they’re needed the most while offering the right level of bounce to make your movements more effortless. The Chelsea-style silhouette easily accommodates various foot shapes for convenient boot-wearing that will stay comfortable even with long hours of continuous use.

Wolverine Men’s I-90 EPX Romeo Boot

The Wolverine Men’s I-90 EPX Romeo Boot offers enhanced durability that can withstand demanding physical activities and surroundings. The full-grain leather upper is waterproof and will keep your foot protected all day long against extreme wetness sources that you may encounter in indoor and outdoor settings. The waterproof membrane works with a moisture-wicking lining to keep the boot’s interior dry and comfortable for the entire day to prevent overheating from overwhelming your foot even in hot environments. An anti-fatigue footbed cradles the foot to ease pressure points and stops fatigue from setting in. The TPU outsole is resistant to abrasions, oils, chemicals, and splitting so you can be sure that it can deliver maximum benefits for the boot for a long time.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Men’s Wexford Waterproof Boot comes with a premium yet casual silhouette that will bring numerous benefits in different settings. The weathered brown color gives off a trendy retro vibe that will effortlessly blend in with a variety of work and casual attire options. This waterproof boot will maintain comfortable foot protection and dryness when you’re working in wet conditions. The interior feels cushy enough to prevent foot fatigue from setting in but may feel a bit strange at first due to the height of the heel.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!