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Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boots – Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.1/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built with waterproof elements in 100% non-metallic construction, the Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boot delivers long-lasting protection that you can depend on in a variety of situations.


  • Durable waterproof construction
  • Composite toe protection
  • Heavy-duty soles
  • Removable protective leather pad on top of the laces


  • Medium to heavy weight
  • Thick soles can make walking awkward


Waterproof full-grain leather

Type of Toe

Yes (composite)


3.13lb / 1.47kg / 50.09oz



Shaft Size

6 inches


Duratread outsole

Boot type

Composite Toe Work Boot



Safety certifications


Price range

$154.95 to $199.00


The robust construction of the Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boot gave it an intimidating look and feel that felt a bit strange at first. This boot will take some getting used to when you haven’t previously used heavy footwear, as the soles can feel extremely thick and bulky the first few uses. However, the bulkiness of the sole seems to be a small sacrifice to pay for the multitude of features at work throughout the boot ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy maximum foot protection for the entire day. The waterproof construction guarantees foot dryness in indoor or outdoor settings so you can work without being too concerned that your foot will get thoroughly soaked when you encounter water, mud, mulch, and other sources of extreme moisture in and around the work area.


Even the thickness of the bulky soles will have an advantage, as it delivers superior durability that will easily keep up with the challenges of your work or leisure activities. This boot is designed to provide reliable toe protection to ease your worries about impact and compression hazards that you may be exposed to within the surrounding area. We’ll take a much closer look at this boot’s details so we can determine which features stand out the most in terms of benefits and if there are still some components that can be improved upon for enhanced performance.

When your work and leisure activities require enhanced foot protection, this boot has what it takes to survive challenging environments.

Ideal For

  • Those who are after a premium work boot that has an extremely rugged silhouette
  • Work settings exposed to compression and impact hazards
  • People who don’t mind wearing waterproof work boots that are quite heavy and bulky


Performance Analysis


The Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boot comes in a design that’s a cross between work/industrial shoes and hiking shoes. The comfort level that it provides is somewhat at the medium range. This is not to say that the boot is uncomfortable to wear, just that the heavy-duty construction may take some getting used to, especially if the footwear that you previously wore had more of a lightweight silhouette. This boot is equipped with a gel-cushioned footbed that aims to provide long-lasting support to stop pressure points from turning into blisters with long hours of continuous walking and moving around. This footbed offers a bounciness that helps return the energy that your foot exerts with every step, helping you stay on your feet for longer so you can finish your work most efficiently.

The brand’s exclusive Advanced Torque Stability technology works hard to ensure that you can maintain your good posture for long hours at a time while reducing foot fatigue so you can focus on your activities without experiencing extreme discomfort. A heel stabilizer secured my foot in place so I was able to walk around more easily without worries that my quick movements would result in my heel sliding uncomfortably within the boot.

The EVA midsole provided support and cushioning from underfoot while absorbing most of the shock coming from my repetitive movements, enabling me to maintain my productivity while keeping foot pain at bay.

I felt a bit awkward when I first wore the boot, as the thickness of the sole gave off a strange feeling, almost like walking on an elevated platform that prevented me from feeling the surfaces I walked on.

This strange feeling eventually wore off a bit when I had the chance to use the boot more than a few times, but the thick soles can still make certain movements a bit more challenging, compared to using work boots with thinner soles.



The extremely rugged construction of the boot’s outsole significantly contributed to the overall weight of the boot, which tipped off the scale at a medium to high heaviness level. This considerable bulk had its benefits in the sense that the boot felt a lot more stable compared to more lightweight boot options. This boot made walking on tricky surfaces easier to manage, and I felt more secure doing so because the boot felt firmly planted on the ground with every step. Of course, the boot’s heaviness cake with its own disadvantage as well, with the bulk resulting in a weighed down feeling on my foot that easily turned uncomfortable with long hours of continuous boot use. The composite toe caps may have also added a bit of weight to the boot, but I Imagine steel toe caps would have made the boot even heavier.



The Duratread outsole is slip- and oil-resistant, providing good traction that kept me walking confidently over different ground conditions. I felt that the boot had a strong grip on the ground with every step, so I was able to walk confidently even when the surfaces I needed to cross were wet and slippery. I liked how the 90-degree heel bit firmly into the ground and made walking on uneven and inclined locations much easier while keeping my footing stable. The boot’s stability and traction made it possible for me to work efficiently and even rapidly at times without compromising my overall safety in the process.


Fit and Sizing

This boot is true to size, and I was able to get a nice fit when I chose my usual shoe size. It came with a normal to relaxed fit, so my foot didn’t feel extremely restricted within the footwear, allowing me to walk comfortably without the leather material pinching. The boot gave my toes the room to wiggle as freely as possible to stop foot cramping in its tracks, especially on those days when walking continuously and staying on my feet for the entire day were necessities. The lace-up structure made fitting adjustments easier to manage so I had no difficulties achieving the most secure and comfortable fit throughout the day.



This boot is built with a waterproof leather upper and the exclusive Waterproof PRO construction that promises impeccable protection against water and other liquids. Walking in puddles and on muddy ground conditions was much easier since I was assured that my foot would remain dry within the boot, even when my job required me to stay in such challenging settings for extended periods.



The footbed contains moisture-wicking components that work to draw away sweat and excess moisture from the skin so the foot can maintain a comfortably dry feeling for long hours at a time. The boot is fitted with a mesh lining that allows air to flow continuously throughout the interior to stop heat buildup so that extreme warmth won’t be able to accumulate inside the boot even with extended boot-wearing.


Quality and Durability

The Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boot is made with waterproof construction that seals out water and other liquids so they won’t be able to seep into the boot’s interior, ensuring that your foot can preserve comfortable dryness for long hours at a time.

This boot is made with a 100% non-metallic structure that won’t trigger metal detectors unnecessarily, making it an ideal choice for airport staff and those in other professions regularlyexposed to such equipment. It comes with a heel stabilizer that keeps the heel firmly in place to resist unwanted shifting within the boot so that walking around can be done more stably.

Innovative technology works to keep the foot continuously cushioned and supported so your movements can be made without compromising the integrity of your good posture as you work on the most important activities of the day. The gel-cushioned footbed cradles the foot for the entire day, maintaining a supportive platform that works doubly hard to provide the right amount of padding and ease pressure spots so that blisters are prevented from developing even with extended boot use. The mesh lining keeps air moving freely to keep the boot’s interior properly ventilated so that overheating can be prevented as heat and moisture are encouraged to dissipate. The composite shank delivers extra support from underfoot to make walking on uneven surfaces much safer and easier to manage. The composite toes are fitted into place to keep the foot safe from serious injuries when the boot encounters impact and compression hazards. The boot has a unique component made out of leather that covers a part of the shoelaces, providing extra protection for the laces as well as the top of the foot from abrasion threats that may be lurking in the surrounding area. The durable laces are designed to resist premature fraying for long-term benefits, although I have my doubts regarding the durability of the leather lace loops that may be more susceptible to damage compared to metal eyelets, especially with frequent boot use for extended periods. A rubber rand around the toe and heel portions offers additional protection from damage when these critical areas come in contact with abrasive materials that can otherwise lead to lasting damage to the boot’s structure. This boot is equipped with an exceptionally thick outsole that provides good traction to make it easier for you to navigate tricky surfaces without sacrificing your safety and agility.

However, the thickness of the outsole results in a weird feeling when wearing the boot. This unnatural feeling can make the foot feel as if it was extremely elevated, which, in turn, can make walking awkward and difficult at first

But, this issue may be resolved the more you get used to using the boot. The 90-degree heel on the outsole bites firmly into the ground and makes for effortless walking on tough and inclined ground conditions. Unlike most hiking or work boots, this one doesn’t have stitching between the upper and the sole, which may have some effect on the overall boot durability.


Other Versions

The Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boot comes with two other versions – the Ariat Telluride II Waterproof Boot that comes with reflective piping as well as a more flexible outsole, and the Ariat Telluride Zip Waterproof Boot that features a front zipper closure for maximum convenience.


The Challengers

Ariat Telluride II Waterproof Boot

The Ariat Telluride II Waterproof Boot is an impressive option for those who want a boot that can be more visible in low-light conditions. This boot comes with reflective piping on the side so it can be more readily seen at night and in other conditions where visibility is limited. The waterproof structure ensures that the boot will be able to protect the foot from wetness when you’re working outdoors in inclement weather and in indoor settings where the surrounding area is exposed to extreme wetness. Reinforcements on the heel and toe areas ensure additional protection from abrasive materials so that the boot’s durability can be maintained for a long time. Thick padding on the collar helps prevent uncomfortable friction on the calf area and promotes a snug fit that can increase stability over a variety of movements. The Duratread outsole is grippy enough to help you maintain your stability over a wide range of surface conditions while having the flexibility to keep you moving as comfortably as possible without anything hampering your natural mobility.

Ariat Telluride Zip Waterproof Boot

The Ariat Telluride Zip Waterproof Boot is a great alternative for those who are after enhanced convenience with regular boot use. This boot is built with a waterproof structure that stops water and other liquid substances from getting to the interior, allowing your foot to enjoy complete dryness no matter how long you work while surrounded by excessively wet conditions. A moisture-wicking inner lining keeps the interior properly ventilated by dispersing built-up heat and moisture before they can turn the boot into a virtual oven due to overheating. The EVA midsole offers superior cushioning and support to keep you steady on your feet even on the most difficult terrain conditions so you can move safely without slowing down with your activities. The front zipper closure offers complete convenience by allowing you to put on and take off the boot within a few seconds without going through the hassle of dealing with the laces every single time the boot is used.

Danner Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot

The Danner Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot is a superb choice if you’re looking for a boot with a lower profile to keep you company as you pursue your adventures on various outdoor trails. This boot is made with waterproof suede and uses the exclusive Danner Dry waterproof construction to deliver complete protection against water and other liquids so you can be sure that your foot will sustain its dry environment even when you’re required to stay in wet conditions for long stretches. The waterproof barrier works double-time to prevent moisture from building up inside the boot to preserve a cool and comfortable interior throughout a long and hectic day at work or while you’re out doing your leisure activity of choice. The EVA midsole offers continuous cushioning to keep your foot comfortable while providing enhanced durability that won’t be damaged as easily as conventional EVA soles. The outsole is crafted with a special compound that provides excellent traction on dry and wet surface conditions for your enhanced safety.

Wolverine Raider 6-Inch Work Boot

The Wolverine Raider 6-Inch Work Boot is ideal for those who want a comfortable and supportive boot that showcases a premium aesthetic. The full-grain leather comes in a weathered look for a handsome appearance that can be maintained with cleaning and polishing so you can continue to enjoy the fine-looking silhouette for a long time. This boot is crafted with a Contour Welt construction for long-lasting strength and flexibility that will enable you to enjoy unhampered agility. The robust rubber lug outsole grips the ground strongly to prevent slipping, especially when you’re navigating tricky or uneven surface conditions. The insole is fully cushioned to cradle your foot, preventing foot discomfort from setting in even when you need to stay on your feet for long hours at a time.

KEEN Pyrenees Waterproof Leather Hiking Boot

The KEEN Pyrenees Waterproof Leather Hiking Boot comes in a classic silhouette that will deliver long-lasting comfort and protection. The waterproof leather upper works with the proprietary Keen Dry waterproof membrane to completely seal out water, mud, mulch, and other unwelcome liquid substances so they won’t be able to seep into the boot’s interior. This makes it possible for your foot to maintain long-lasting dryness regardless of how wet the environment turns out to be, especially with extended exposure to these settings. The waterproof membrane allows air to move out unhindered to maintain a breathable environment within the boot and prevent extreme heat from building up, especially with long hours of nonstop boot-wearing. The removable dual-density EVA footbed molds to the shape of your foot for superb cushioning and enhanced arch support so you can enjoy remarkable comfort for the entire day.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Telluride Composite Toe Work Boot is a great choice for those after premium composite toe work boots with an aggressively rugged profile. This boot’s waterproof construction doesn’t allow water and other liquids to enter so you’re guaranteed to enjoy a dry foot environment. A shock-absorbing midsole eases the pressure off the foot to prevent extreme discomfort from setting in even with extended boot use. The exceptionally thick outsole offers good traction over a wide range of outdoor and indoor surfaces to keep you steady on your feet but can give off a strange feeling with its unnatural elevation and rigidity so walking can be awkward the first few times the boot is used.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!