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Dr. Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles

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Rating : 6.8/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Dr. Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles can enhance comfort, particularly on the heel pad area; however, they do not provide the strong arch support and comfort of other premium insoles.


  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Anti-Odour Technology
  • Non-Slip & Non-Wrinkle Technology
  • Easy to clean


  • Thinner than insoles with similar features
  • Not enough arch support




1.61 x 4.37 x 13.9 inches


0.38lb / 0.17kg / 6.2oz

Sizes Available

8-14 (men); 6-11 (women)


Dr. Scholl’s


Dr. Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles may be some of the lightest insoles available, but they could have worked better in providing comfort. They’re made with two layers of pressure-relieving materials that made my boots feel better, enough to make walking more comfortable without the extra weight that would’ve dragged my feet down. I liked the heel pad as this is where the shock absorption worked the most to soak up the impact of walking on hard surfaces, preventing discomfort even after staying upright all day. The FreshFeet coating on the insoles was a superb enhancement, preventing unpleasant odors from building up, so there’s one less thing to worry about after hours of staying on my feet. These insoles are designed to stay in place and resist wrinkling for a more secure feeling all day long. However, the arch support wasn’t strong enough, and the thinness of the structure may eventually lead to the insoles’ reduced durability.


Ideal For

  • People who prefer lightweight insoles
  • Those who need insoles with shock-absorbing heels
  • Professionals who need the insoles to stay in place and prevent foot odor


Performance Analysis


Dr. Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles improved the way my boots felt, although the comfort level could have been more exceptional. They gave a bit of a comfy feel but needed to be at par with the foamy, cushiony sensation that I enjoyed with other insoles, such as the massaging gel advanced insoles from the same brand. Two layers of gel materials work together to relieve the pressure from long hours of nonstop walking or standing on unforgiving surfaces. However, the thinness of the insoles’ structure minimizes the pressure-relieving materials’ effect, which impacts the overall comfort and support levels.

I liked the heel pad because this is where I most felt the strength of the insoles’ shock absorption.

This part protected my heel from feeling the direct impact of continuous steps on hard floors as it absorbed the shock and dissipated it throughout the insoles. Most of the insoles’ anti-fatigue action was focused on the heel area, and it worked to relieve pressure and discomfort. I didn’t feel the same pressure relief throughout the insoles, though, as the rest of the structure felt thinner than the heel pad.

These insoles are ergonomically designed to match the shape of the feet so they can provide great comfort and support. In addition, the shape aims to relieve the impact while keeping the feet in their correct positions, protecting them from becoming fatigued, especially with continuous boot use for the better part of the day.

I appreciated the Non-Slip and Non-Wrinkle technology enhancements that worked throughout these structures.

The insoles stayed in place even when I walked and moved around nonstop, preventing the uncomfortable feeling that can come from insoles that slip from their secure position. My feet were saved from becoming irritated because the insoles didn’t chafe, staying in place and maintaining their smooth structure no matter how long I kept walking and doing other movements. It was surprising to discover that the insoles remained in place and wrinkle-free even with daily use, eliminating the need to adjust their position inside the boots after every wear.



With a weight of 6.2 oz, these insoles are some of the lightest ones I’ve tried, as the weight of other insoles with similar features typically varies between 6.15oz to 6.9oz.

I liked that these don’t add substantial weight to the boots, providing enough shock absorption to ward off the discomfort without the unwanted heaviness. I’d recommend this to those who are after lightweight insoles that don’t make boots feel too bulky.


Fit and Sizing

These insoles came in one size (8-14) for men and one size (6-11) for women. If your shoe size isn’t the maximum one mentioned in either size option, you can still get a comfortable fit by cutting the insoles to the appropriate size – which is what I ended up doing, given that I wear a size 10 US. Unlike most insoles in the Dr Scholl lineup, these have letters instead of numbers to correspond to shoe sizes, which are as follows: A-7, B-8, C-9, D-10, E-11, FULL-12. These letters are placed on the back of the insole, acting as guides to indicate where the cut should be done for specific shoe sizes. With these guides, it was quite easy to trim the insoles to the correct size so they could provide support and impact protection without feeling too small or too big. I liked how these insoles easily fit into boots unless they’re exceptionally wide.



I noticed a series of small holes built into the top of the insoles near the ball of the foot area, although these holes aren’t as many as those seen in Dr Scholl’s Heavy-Duty insoles. Even if there were just a few of these holes, they still managed to help with the insoles’ breathability. The holes allowed more air to move continuously into the insoles to maintain a cool sensation for longer. They also helped with the heat and moisture dissipation, protecting the feet from feeling too sweaty with long hours of use. I loved the FreshFeet enhancement on the fabric coating that prevented odors from building up, protecting against smelly feet even after continuous boot use all day.


Arch Support

These insoles felt soft in the arch area and delivered only minimal arch support.

When used for long hours of walking and standing, the insoles needed to provide the reliable arch support I had expected. However, I felt discomfort since the structure wasn’t supportive enough. I will only recommend this to those who need strong arch support to prevent foot pain from setting in throughout the day.


Quality and Durability

Dr. Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles are built with two layers of pressure-relieving materials to protect the feet from directly feeling the uncomfortable impact that can result from walking for a long time on hard surfaces. The ergonomic design follows the foot’s natural shape and aims to prevent foot fatigue. I liked the cushioning action throughout the insoles – with the soft gel on the heel pad offering strong shock absorption. In contrast, the firm gel elsewhere supported the feet in their proper positions to minimize the risk of foot fatigue.

I appreciated the heel pad, which provided good shock absorption. It soaked up the impact and dissipated it to protect the feet from feeling extreme discomfort, especially with long hours of continuous use. However, I’m disappointed that this reliable impact absorption didn’t extend to the rest of the insoles.

Their structures also felt considerably thinner compared to other Dr Scholl’s insoles that I’ve tried, so they may only last for a short time as the sturdier designs.

The insoles came with size guides that indicated letters instead of the numbers used in other Dr. Scholl’s insoles. These guides clearly showed where the insoles could be cut to the correct size, making it easier to achieve insoles that will fit perfectly into the boots where they can provide just the right level of comfort and support.

These insoles featured a non-slip design that kept them secure, preventing them from sliding inside the boot as they stayed in place even with continuous walking for hours. I loved that they also have a non-wrinkle design, so they’re not prone to creasing, so my feet didn’t feel discomfort from insoles that easily fold when used for more strenuous activities. In addition, a special coating on the fabric that stops odors from developing smelly feet can be prevented even with all-day use. Finally, I welcomed the easy clean technology that enabled the insoles to be cleaned with a quick wipe using a clean soapy cloth, resulting in hassle-free clean-up and maintenance.


Other Versions

Dr. Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles don’t come in other versions.

Conclusion & Verdict

Dr Scholl’s GelActiv Work Insoles gave a bit of a comfy improvement to my boots, but not by much since they lacked the foamy feel I enjoyed when I tried other Dr Scholl’s insoles. They’re some of the most lightweight insoles I’ve tried, and I appreciate that they don’t make my boots feel bulky or heavy. The non-wrinkle and non-slip features ensured that the insoles stayed in place and didn’t crease easily, working together with the ergonomic design to secure the feet throughout the day. I appreciated that these insoles had easy-to-clean insoles structures that made them quite convenient to maintain. The strong shock absorption is focused on the heel area, with the heel pad soaking up most of the impact to protect this area from discomfort – but this impact absorption didn’t extend to the thinner portions of the insole. I was also surprised that the arch portion turned out to be soft, so the insoles only offered minimal arch support and didn’t prevent discomfort when used for long periods.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing heel
  • Odor control
  • Non-slip & Non-wrinkle
  • Easy to clean

What we don’t like

  • Thinner than other Dr Scholl insoles
  • Minimal arch support

Professions These Are Ideal For

Sales staff, Marketing professionals, Real estate agents, Teachers, Lawyers

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