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Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles

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Rating : 8.3/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Designed to provide good arch support and shock absorption, Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles minimize the uncomfortable impact caused by walking or standing for extended periods.


  • Good arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Deep heel cup for enhanced comfort
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Arch support isn’t exceptional
  • Not a lot of cushioning on the ball area of the foot




4.55 x 2.32 x 13.85 inches


0.39b / 0.18kg / 6.2oz

Sizes Available

8-14 (men); 6-11 (women)


Dr. Scholl’s


The Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles proved to be quite a good choice when I was looking to improve the feel of my Timberland Pit Boss boots. They significantly enhanced the comfortable feel of my boots, and I especially loved the deep-heel cups made with an ultra-soft gel-like material.

These were the lightest and cheapest insoles, providing good (but not outstanding) protection against uncomfortable impact without extra bulk.

Designed with numbers at the back that serve as guides for the right size, the insoles were quite easy to trim, so they fit effortlessly into my boots. They’re versatile enough to be used not only for work footwear but also for sneakers and casual shoes, which may need to be improved in terms of comfort. I welcomed the reliable arch support and strong shock absorption as these qualities made walking or standing much easier to bear all day.


Ideal For

  • Those who are looking for lightweight insoles
  • People who need heavy-duty foot arch support and shock absorption
  • Jobs that require long hours of staying upright or walking


Performance Analysis


The Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles improved the way my boots felt, especially when I needed to use the footwear for long periods. This product caught my attention because I wanted an option that provided more support and comfort than regular insoles. The patented Shock Guard technology delivered impressive shock absorption that saved my feet from being fatigued after a lot of walking and standing for almost the entire day. In addition, this technology made the heel portion a lot more comfortable as this is where the impact is often focused when walking or staying upright for extended times.

The deep heel cup was made with a very soft, gel-like material that added a bit of a bouncy effect and made walking more comfortable. It also protected my heel against uncomfortable chafing, a significant risk when using insoles made with too rigid materials. I also welcomed how this deep heel cup secured my foot in place, stopping sliding and other unwanted movements that may cause discomfort and an unstable walking experience.

The cushioning is built into the whole length of the insoles, ensuring that every part of the feet is protected against the impact of intense work on hard surfaces. I appreciated how these insoles cradled my feet with enough softness to ward off the discomfort. Still, I felt supportive and strong enough to resist being easily damaged, even when used regularly for long periods of standing or walking.



With a weight of 6.2 oz, these are some of the lightest insoles out there, as most options (varying from brand to brand) weigh in at 6.2oz to 6.9oz. It was impressive how these insoles provided exceptional support and shock absorption but maintained the reduced weight. In addition, these insoles worked hard to bring a comfortable walking experience without the extra weight of dragging the feet down.


Fit and Sizing

I tried these in size 8-14 for men (for women, it’s the size 6-11 option). I’m a size US 10, but making the insoles fit into my boots wasn’t challenging. This is because the insoles came with numbers in the toe area, indicating the precise points where they can be trimmed to correspond to the right size. A sharp pair of scissors did the trick, allowing me to get the correct size so that the insoles fit perfectly into my boots. The size guides made the insoles appropriate for most boots unless they’re wide. They were a welcome addition to the insoles, as only some brands and types of insoles are created with these size guides that make size and fit personalization so convenient.



Aside from strong arch support and shock absorption, these insoles also offered breathability, contributing to enhanced comfort. I noticed that the bottom of the insoles had perforations that encouraged the air to freely pass through the structure, stopping heat and sweat from building up so the feet would feel cool and comfy for longer. In addition, these small holes allow moisture to dissipate more quickly, helping sustain a comfortably dry feeling even after long hours of boot or shoe use.


Arch Support

These insoles’ arch support made a huge difference in providing foot comfort for extended periods.

I liked the Arch Guard Technology that provided much-needed support to the arch area, cradling the feet in the proper position, so it’s easier to avoid fallen arches.

The arch support also helped secure the feet and prevented unintentional slipping for better stability while moving around. I appreciated the arch support technology and its reinforced design that added new strength to the insoles, helping them maintain their structural integrity to withstand constant use.

However, I won’t consider the arch support exceptional, as I’ve tried other insoles that offered better support.


Quality and Durability

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles are designed to make work boots or shoes, sneakers, and casual footwear more comfortable, even when worn for long periods of walking or standing. While they’re advertised as ideal for men who weigh 200lbs. or more, these insoles are also suitable for people who weigh less but prefer the stronger form of arch support for longer-lasting comfort while working or staying on their feet. In addition, the insoles combine different technologies to fight foot fatigue even after continuous footwear use for extended periods.

I liked the Arch Guard Technology that offered good arch support by spreading the weight, so it’s not pressed entirely on the arch portion. The arch area is reinforced, adding to the insoles’ strength, so they more easily resist damage even when used frequently for long hours. Compared to thinner and weaker insole designs, the reinforced structure can be relied on to keep the feet comfortable for longer. However, the arch support isn’t exceptionally strong, even if these insoles are marketed to provide heavy-duty support.

The Shock Guard technology goes to work in the heel area, where most of the impact is felt when walking or standing on hard surfaces.

I welcomed this technology in the deep heel cup that’s soft and bouncy enough to bring an extra burst of energy to every step, making it easier to stay upright or walk for hours while preventing foot fatigue. The heel cup absorbed most of the impact of continuous steps and distributed it around the insoles to protect the leg and foot muscles from getting tired too easily. In addition, this heel area is built with a very soft material that almost feels like a gel, which is a welcome change from the stiff material other brands use for their insoles.

I fully appreciated the size guides that are built in, as they made it a lot easier for me to achieve perfectly fitting insoles. Following the size guides, I easily trimmed the insoles’ outline to the correct size, allowing me to fit the adjusted insoles into my boots for enhanced comfort and support. Only some insoles across all brands offer this feature, so I was so happy that this product could conveniently be cut into the right size.

These are some of the lightest insoles I’ve used, and I appreciate that they make my boots a lot more comfortable without the extra bulkiness. The interior of my boots felt nicely cushioned, and my arches were supported, but my feet didn’t feel like they were being cramped into extremely tight spaces because the insoles had a lightweight, low-profile feel. This was a bit surprising given the reinforced structure of the insoles – especially in the arch area – but it was a welcome enhancement, nonetheless. In addition, the 90-day money-back guarantee offered is a great option, as it reassured me that I could easily send the product back if I am not satisfied with my purchase (within the product’s terms and conditions).


Conclusion & Verdict

The Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles showcase exclusive technologies designed to support the feet and keep them comfortable while walking or standing for long periods. These are ideal for those who are after good quality and fairly comfortable lightweight insoles at a low price. However, we wouldn’t recommend these to those who specifically want insoles with a strong arch support.

What we like

  • Good arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced
  • Deep heel cup
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

What we don’t like

  • Arch support and cushioning aren’t exceptional

Professions These Are Ideal For

Nurses, Chefs/cooks, Waiters/food service staff, Doctors, Law enforcement officers

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