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Easyfeet Insoles Review

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Rating : 8.2/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Featuring a defined foot shape and gel pads on precise areas, EasyFeet Insoles deliver maximum arch support to ease the impact of walking for hours on unforgiving surfaces.


  • Very strong arch support
  • Shock-absorbing pads on forefoot and heel areas
  • Defined shape to follow natural foot contours
  • 90-day full-refund guarantee + 12-month warranty
  • Comfortably cushioned


  • Quite inflexible
  • Heavier than other insoles




10.43 x 3.65 x 1.38 inches


0.64lb / 0.29kg / 10.25oz

Sizes Available

XS, S, M, L, XL (each one covering 2 shoe sizes)




EasyFeet Insoles have robust features that offer exceptional support without sacrificing comfort and convenient use.

They improved the comfortable feel of my boots by quite a lot, with the defined shape working to deliver powerful arch support that’s one of the best across all insoles I’ve tried to date.

These are also the least flexible insoles I’ve used, although that doesn’t result in significant discomfort. I loved the addition of soft pads on the heel and forefoot areas as these enhancements increased the insoles’ shock absorption, greatly reducing the risk that I’d develop foot fatigue after spending all day on my feet. These are also the heaviest insoles I’ve tried, although the considerable weight doesn’t translate to discomfort. Sizing wasn’t an issue as these insoles came in several size options, each corresponding to two shoe sizes. A one-year warranty and the 90-day money-back guarantee assured me of superb quality that can be relied on for lasting benefits.


Ideal For

  • Jobs that require all-day standing or walking
  • Those who need exceptionally strong arch support
  • People who prefer comfortable, shock-absorbing insoles


Performance Analysis


The EasyFeet Insoles didn’t disappoint in terms of providing long-lasting foot comfort. I fully enjoyed using my boots with these insoles inside as they made the boot interiors feel much more comfortable, with just the right softness and support to keep things nicely balanced.

The top layer had a cushiony structure that cradled my feet with a soft texture, warding off the discomfort by preventing my feet from becoming too hard on the unyielding surfaces I walked on. The ergonomic design made the insoles effortlessly follow the feet’s shape, maintaining the properly aligned position that helped me walk comfortably and stably.

I appreciated the addition of shock absorption pads on the forefoot and heel areas as these effectively soaked up the impact of my feet, continuously striking the hard ground when I’ve been walking for hours.

These enhancements aren’t fitted into most insoles, so I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy them in these insoles. These pads significantly softened the blow and helped protect against discomfort, greatly minimizing the risk of my muscles and joints becoming overly tired after an entire day of standing or walking. I liked that the gel-like pads had a soothing softness offering enhanced comfort and, at the same time, were strong enough to take on the shock before it could build up to extreme discomfort.

Under the softly cushioned top layer lies a thicker structure that helped preserve my feet’s correct alignment. This resulted in securing my footing while walking over various floors and other ground conditions. I welcomed the supportive structure as it kept my feet in a stable position while I stood and walked around for hours.

These are the least flexible insoles I’ve tried so far, with the stiffness being the downside of such a supportive design.

Although this rigidity didn’t significantly impact foot comfort, I still won’t recommend these insoles to those who want to make their footwear a lot softer and more comfortable.



At 10.25oz, these turned out to be the heaviest insoles I’ve tried to date. The considerable weight is affected by the multiple layers that make up the insoles, providing comfort and support in equal measure. In addition, the thickness of the materials used for strength and the high arch support contributed to the weighty structure.

Even if they’re the heaviest insoles I’ve used, they’re not uncomfortable as the weight isn’t that noticeable when the insoles are fitted into the correctly sized footwear.

Even so, there are better options for those after the most lightweight insoles.


Fit and Sizing

These insoles come in sizes like those used in clothing pieces – extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Each size covers 2 shoe sizes, and the insoles need to be trimmed to get to the correct size that will fit into the footwear if your size isn’t the maximum. I carefully trimmed the large size, which fits sizes 11-13, to achieve the right size, so the insoles could easily fit into my boots. I wished these insoles had the size indicators placed in Dr Scholl’s insoles, as these work effectively as guides to make the trimming procedure much easier with more accurate results.



The insoles are built with breathable structures that encourage proper ventilation. I appreciated the insoles’ ability to allow the air to circulate to keep my feet feeling fresh even after extended periods of standing or walking. In addition, the breathable insoles help stop overheating, especially when used in high humidity and extremely warm conditions.


Arch Support

The arch support department is where these insoles stand out the most.

The ergonomically designed structure encouraged my feet to maintain their stable positions while impressively supporting the arches, protecting them from falling when I’ve already been on my feet for too long. The robust construction helped support my arches in a way that softer designs can’t, ensuring that continuous movements or staying upright won’t compromise the proper alignment of my feet. The exceptional arch support successfully prevented foot discomfort, which I appreciated even more, when I needed to continue walking and standing for almost the whole day.


Quality and Durability

EasyFeet Insoles showcase the needed features to greatly reduce the risk of foot discomfort over long hours of walking or standing. These are some of the best insoles I’ve tried to provide strong arch support. The defined structure is designed to follow the feet’s natural form to maintain their correct alignment, effectively supporting the arches so they won’t be forced to drop most uncomfortably. I loved the sturdy structure of these insoles, especially in the arch area where softer materials won’t be able to deliver a similar level of support.

With a 90-day full-refund guarantee and 12-month warranty, I’m confident I’ll get to maximize the insoles’ fullest potential before they can show considerable damage.

These insoles stood out regarding exceptional arch support, but they didn’t lag in comfort. I enjoyed the cushiony feel of the top layer as it cradled my feet with the right blend of softness and support, preventing discomfort from setting in while preserving the proper alignment that made walking feel much more stable. In addition, I appreciated the robust construction as it gave the insoles extra strength to withstand premature damage with heavy use. However, the durability came at a cost, as these are the most rigid soles I’ve tried. While the inflexibility didn’t result in significant discomfort, these insoles are still not the ideal option for people who want their boots or shoes to feel softer.

With a weight of 7.25oz, these are the heaviest insoles I’ve tried, which isn’t that surprising given the pronounced thickness and rigidity of the construction. However, even if they’re considerably weightier compared to other options, these insoles didn’t feel too heavy – although I still won’t recommend them to those who prefer the lightest insoles for their footwear.

These insoles also offered strong shock absorption, mainly from the gel-like pads built into the heel and forefoot areas. The pads soak up the impact of walking on hard floors for hours and dissipate the shock, protecting the feet from feeling intense discomfort. These shock-absorbing pads also protect the joints and muscles from becoming easily fatigued, especially with extended periods of staying upright, running, or walking on unforgiving surfaces.

The insoles are offered in size options that cover two sizes, so it’s quite easy to find the size you need. They can be trimmed to the exact size for a better fit, but this task is made a bit more difficult as the insoles don’t have size guides like the ones that are featured in Dr Scholl’s insoles. Without the size guides, it can be challenging to determine where the insoles need to be cut to achieve the correct size dimensions.


Other Versions

The EasyFeet Insoles are offered in the following versions: Mount Strength, Flame Boost, Core Energy, and Earth Basic.

Conclusion & Verdict

EasyFeet Insoles stand out with outstanding arch support, and they’re some of the best insoles I’ve tried as far as arch support is concerned. They’re built with a top layer that provides ample cushioning, offering the right amount of softness to fight discomfort. They’re also the most inflexible insoles I’ve come across, but that didn’t lead to extreme discomfort – and the rigidity worked in favor of the insoles’ durability. I’m impressed with the addition of shock-absorbing pads in the heel and forefoot portions. These effectively increased comfort by soaking up and distributing the force from hours of walking on hard ground. The 1-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee bring reassurance of a top-quality product that brings maximum benefits.

What we like

  • Powerful arch support
  • Shock-absorbing pads
  • Defined structure following natural foot shape
  • 90-day full-refund guarantee + 12-month warranty
  • Comfortably cushioned

What we don’t like

  • Inflexible
  • Heavier than other insoles

Professions These Are Ideal For

Chefs and kitchen staff, Delivery personnel, Nurses and hospital workers, Retail sales staff, Farmers

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