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Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles Review

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Rating : 8.2/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Built with exceptionally strong arch support and available in exact sizes, the Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles offer hassle-free support while preventing or relieving foot discomfort.


  • Exceptional arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Follow the feet’s natural shape
  • Exact sizes don’t require trimming
  • Antimicrobial top lining for odor control


  • Less flexible than most insoles


EVA foam


14 x 4.5 x 2 inches


0.41lb / 0.19kg / 6.6oz

Sizes Available

3-16+ (men’s); 5-12 (women’s) – exact sizes




The Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles delivered exceptional support that kept me walking comfortably for long hours at a time. I loved their impressive build and design featuring two layers of materials, with the top one providing the much-needed cushioning to ward off discomfort while at the same time showcasing antimicrobial qualities for effective odor control – although they could’ve used a bit more padding in the heel area. Meanwhile, the bottom layer delivers the rigid structure that kept my feet in proper alignment, promoting increased stability when walking while allowing the insoles to maintain their structural integrity for long-lasting use. I was so happy to discover that these insoles came in exact sizes, so they didn’t need to be trimmed anymore, and they easily fit into my boots to provide comfort and support without the hassle.

Shaped to follow the feet’s natural contours, these insoles delivered remarkably strong arch support that protected my feet against the discomfort of staying upright for extended periods.


Ideal For

  • Professions that involve all-day walking or standing
  • Those who prefer insoles that don’t need to be cut to size
  • People who are after exceptionally strong arch support


Performance Analysis


The Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles significantly improved my boots’ comfort level, easily preventing foot discomfort from setting in when I’ve already been walking or standing for a long time. I loved the shape of these insoles as they’re created to mimic the feet’s natural shape, unlike other insoles that can feel too flat or extremely curved in the wrong places. In addition, a deep heel cradle helped maintain the foot’s proper position inside the boot, so it didn’t shift easily with every step. This heel cradle prevented the discomfort from unintentional foot movement, resulting in improved stability while walking on varying ground conditions. However, I would’ve liked this heel portion even more if it had more cushioning.

I liked the cushiony top layer of EVA foam that added enough softness to the insoles, making my feet feel lovingly cradled to ward off the discomfort of nonstop walking for hours. On the other hand, I felt a more rigid bottom layer that helped sustain my feet’s properly aligned position throughout long hours of continuous walking. The stiffer layer provided the necessary stability for a safer walking experience. Still, it made the insoles less flexible, so there were times when I felt that the insoles hampered my feet’s natural motion a bit.

I was impressed with the insoles’ curved shape as it delivered maximum arch support. This support allowed me to stay on my feet for a long while, preventing discomfort as my arches were continuously supported, preventing them from falling. In addition, the remarkably strong arch support worked with the depth of the heel cradle to help the foot stay in a proper position, securing it in place to stop unwanted movement that can cause an unstable walking experience.

The top fabric lining helped reduce friction, minimizing the risk of chafing, so I could walk for long periods without being bothered by blisters.

This fabric layer is treated with an antimicrobial agent to promote an odor-free environment, making it possible for me to use the insoles inside my boots for most of the day without worrying about smelly feet.



These insoles came at a reasonable weight level. At 6.6oz, they’re not the lightest insoles I’ve tried, but they also aren’t the heaviest. They didn’t cause a considerable weight increase in the boots and didn’t feel too bulky, so the insoles worked without interfering with the boots’ proper fit.


Fit and Sizing

I was pleasantly surprised that these insoles came in exact sizes, so it was easy to achieve a comfortable fit by choosing my usual size.

Unlike most insoles that came in one size option, these ones were offered in a range of sizes that correspond to full and half-size fitting, allowing hassle-free selection of the ones that will fit into the right boot or shoe size. In addition, I loved that I didn’t need to go through the trimming procedure that’s usually needed to turn the insoles into the proper size that can fit into footwear.



The top fabric lining made a huge difference in these insoles’ breathability. Aside from keeping my feet protected against uncomfortable friction, the fabric also helped minimize heat build-up, allowing the excess warmth to dissipate out of the footwear easily. I appreciated how the fabric layer encouraged the air to move more freely, creating a properly ventilated boot interior that stooped overheating even when I needed to wear the boots in humid or warm conditions for extended periods.


Arch Support

These insoles offered exceptionally strong arch support – perhaps one of the best out of the insoles available. These insoles’ impressive design and build created a supportive system that sustained my feet’ natural alignment, keeping the arches supported and preventing them from falling when I’ve been walking and standing for long periods. The insoles’ curved shape worked with the right amount of rigidity to support the arches, unlike insoles with soft structures that would’ve allowed the feet to flatten unnaturally and uncomfortably. I liked how the deep heel cup also helped with the remarkable arch support, promoting the foot’s properly aligned position to prevent fallen arches.


Quality and Durability

Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles are made with materials designed to keep the feet fully supported and comfortable. They significantly improved my boots’ comfort level, making them much easier to use for longer periods while preventing extreme discomfort. In addition, their sturdy construction and materials (especially in the arch and heel pad areas) will last a long time. They won’t easily be damaged even when they’re always used while doing physically demanding activities.

However, the strong construction also made the insoles less inflexible, so there may be times that they’ll slightly hamper some movements.

These insoles are shaped to mimic the feet’s natural form, encouraging proper alignment while delivering continuous support and cushioning where they’re most needed. The foam top layer added a soft dimension that kept my foot cradled comfortably, so it didn’t feel like it was being pressed directly into the hard ground I walked on. The firmer second layer made with EVA foam created a supportive structure that helped maintain my foot’s properly aligned position, increasing the stability that I needed to navigate tricky surfaces without easily losing my balance.

The arch support I enjoyed with these insoles is one of the best out of all the insoles available today. I was impressed how the insoles’ curved design helped promote exceptionally strong arch support that kept me walking comfortably for much longer, especially compared to insoles with much flatter structures. I liked the deep heel cup as it cradled my foot in its correct position and stopped it from moving unintentionally, preventing unstable walking as well as uncomfortable chafing even with hours of continuous footwear use.

I loved how the fabric layer on top of the insoles stopped uncomfortable friction, allowing me to continue using the insoles for long hours without suffering from blisters. The fabric’s antimicrobial enhancement prevented unpleasant smells from developing, ensuring that I was able to work continuously throughout the day without worrying that my feet will be smelly by the time I finish my tasks.

These insoles are offered in a wide range of sizes, so it’s easy to get the right fit. There’s no need to trim the insoles to the correct size – which is the case for most insoles. I just wished these insoles had more padding in the heel pad area for increased shock absorption, just like the premium insoles. These insoles have a reasonable weight and deliver seriously strong arch support without the added bulk that would’ve resulted in discomfort.


Conclusion & Verdict

Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles showcase one of the best arch support systems that can be found in insoles today.

I’m impressed with these insoles’ ergonomically shaped structures that stabilize the feet, promoting proper alignment to stop the arches from falling so that extreme discomfort can be avoided. These insoles offered good value for money and made my boots considerably more comfortable, with just enough cushioning to soften the impact of walking on hard surfaces – although I would’ve loved it even more if the heel pad had the enhanced padding or gel infusion that’s present in premium insole options. Without the need for trimming – as they’re already available in exact sizes – these insoles are more convenient to use and can perfectly fit into boots or shoes with corresponding sizes from the get-go. The antimicrobial treatment was an awesome addition as it greatly minimized the risk of developing smelly feet with continuous insole use.

What we like

  • Exceptional arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Follow the feet’s natural shape
  • Exact sizes don’t require trimming
  • Antimicrobial top lining for odor control

What we don’t like

  • Less flexible than most insoles

Professions These Are Ideal For

Nurses, Construction workers, Waiters/food service staff, Kitchen personnel/chefs, Retail sales personnel

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