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Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boots – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 8.0/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

Designed with a side zipper and a shock-absorbing midsole, the Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot delivers convenient comfort without the extra weight.


  • Built with a side zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Thick and rugged outsole
  • Air cooled memory foam


  • Not completely waterproof
  • No safety toes


Smooth leather

Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.7lb / 1.22kg / 43.03oz


No (water-repellent)

Shaft Size

6 inches


Slip-resistant rubber outsole

Boot type

Tactical Boot



Safety certifications


Price range

$139.00 to $199.00


One of the things that attracted me to the Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot was the side zipper that was supposed to make wearing the boot and taking it off a breeze. In reality, however, the boot was still a bit difficult to put on because of the way it’s constructed – even with the zipper that was strategically placed on the side. This doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate this boot, though, as it was still quite comfortable to wear. The boot was surprisingly lightweight, especially given the rugged appearance and its robust-looking rubber outsole that provided good traction to prevent slipping on a variety of surfaces. For me, this boot is the result when you combine some of the best attributes of a tactical boot with those of an athletic sneaker – supportive footwear that doesn’t skimp on comfort features to keep you moving efficiently.


The Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot is built with a smooth leather upper crafted to blend well with uniforms and other workwear options. This material is further enhanced with Cordura mesh sections that help sustain a well-ventilated interior by allowing air to pass continuously within the boot, preventing overheating from becoming a problem even with long hours of boot-wearing. This boot is equipped with a zipper on the side to help make foot entry and exit quicker and more convenient, with a leather Velcroed strap to keep the zipped-up section secured throughout the day. The midsole works to absorb most of the impact that comes from nonstop walking and moving around so that the foot and calf can be spared from experiencing great discomfort. The boot is made with non-conductive materials that offer a secondary coating of protection against live current exposure in dry conditions. It should be noted that the leather upper is water-repellent and not entirely waterproof, so using this boot in extremely wet areas or during a strong downpour may increase the risk of your foot getting thoroughly soaked in the process. Below we’ll detail the components that make this boot an amazing choice and peek at any feature that may need to be fine-tuned to improve overall performance.

When quick movements are required out in the field, this tactical boot will help boost your agility while protecting your foot from safety hazards.

Ideal For

  • Those who prefer a tactical boot with a side zipper
  • People who are after a lightweight work boot
  • Work settings that will benefit from water-repellent footwear


Performance Analysis


The Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot is fitted with a removable insole with memory foam that conforms to the foot’s shape for superior comfort. The boot felt wonderfully cushioned inside so walking and moving continuously throughout the day was much easier for me to do since I was saved from feeling severe foot pain, even when I needed to finish difficult tasks. This cushioned insole uses the Skechers Air Cooled technology for excellent breathability and works to deliver a high level of rebound to return the energy exactly when it’s needed. This enabled me to work nonstop with a bit of extra bounce so that my movements felt more effortless even with physically demanding tasks needing to be tackled.

I especially liked the flexibility of the leather upper because it allowed me to walk naturally without rigid materials digginginto the top of my foot. Without the discomfort of a stiff boot to worry about, I was able to focus on the most important tasks of the day and was still able to enjoy comfort and efficiency in the process. The mid-calf height worked to keep debris and small critters from getting into the boot’s interior when I was working outdoors, and also helped maintain foot dryness as I walked over wet floor conditions.

This height offered remarkable support for my ankle to protect it from being twisted painfully, especially during those times when I needed to navigate uneven ground conditions indoors and outdoors. The boot is equipped with a padded tongue and collar that eased the friction around the calf and on top of my foot, so these areas were kept safe from the development of painful blisters. Soft fabric lines the interior of the boot, ensuring that my foot was enveloped in a welcoming texture that further enhanced the comfortable benefits of the memory foam insole and the flexible leather upper. The midsole is created to absorb the impact of all-day movements so that foot fatigue can be prevented without sacrificing overall boot flexibility.


This boot comes with a lightweight construction that makes it a joy to wear for long periods. The flexible midsole is designed to be the boot’s shock absorber where the brunt of continuous movements fall so that the foot can be protected from a fatigued feeling, even when the boot is worn for the entire day. This midsole and outsole retain a lightweight profile, so they don’t contribute much in terms of the boot’s overall weight.



The outsole delivered good traction, so I was able to walk around with confidence even on wet and slippery surface conditions. I didn’t feel unsafe as I navigated uneven terrains as the boot bit firmly into the ground, and this allowed me to continue working efficiently without compromising my safety in the process.



This boot is not completely waterproof, but the leather upper is protected with RepelWell treatment that repels rain, mud, oil, stains, and dirt. The treatment keeps the boot protected from liquids and stops these substances from seeping inside so that your foot can stay comfortable and dry when something spills onto the boot, or when you need to work in wet conditions. However, as the boot is not totally waterproof, liquids may start to enter when the footwear is submerged for a long time.



The interior of the boot is fitted with an Air-Cooled cushioned insole that not only provides ample padding to prevent foot discomfort but also works to sustain a breathable environment. The insole keeps air flowing freely throughout the inside of the boot so that built-up heat and sweat can easily be dispersed, keeping your foot from overheating.


Quality and Durability

The Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot is constructed with strong yet flexible leather that resists premature damage while working hard to adapt to your foot’s movements, ensuring you’ll be able to continue your efficiency without sacrificing your natural agility and comfort.

This leather has been treated with a substance that repels stains so you can continue working on the most intense tasks without worrying that exposure to certain substances will result in long-lasting aesthetic damage.

This stain-repellent treatment makes it possible for you to maintain the strong and smooth appearance of the boot for a long time with only minimal effort required.

The same treatment repels water and other liquid substances, but without fully waterproof components, this boot may not be the most suitable choice for working in extremely wet or harsh conditions.

Sections of textured Cordura are added to the sides of the upper to facilitate ventilation within the boot and to protect these areas from abrasives so that the boot can sustain the noteworthy aesthetic and functionality for a long time. The heel overlay panel reinforces the area for additional protection and is fitted with a pull loop to aid in easier foot entry and exit. This boot has a lace-up design that can be used to adjust the fit as necessary, with metal eyelets as well as nonmetallic hook eyelets at the top for securing the laces in place while maintaining a snug fit according to your preference. A flexible midsole absorbs most of the impact that comes from repetitive walking and moving around so that the foot and calf can be spared from feeling the effects of foot fatigue. The side zipper runs the full length of the boot’s side for convenience but still doesn’t manage to make getting the boot on and off truly effortless because the boot construction makes the task challenging. A strap is placed at the top of the zipper to secure the zipped area in place and prevent it from being accidentally opened during the course of the day. The boot is built with a sturdy rubber outsole that offers strong traction to help maintain your stability when walking on wet, slippery, or uneven ground conditions indoors and outdoors.


Other Versions

The Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot has a version crafted with a HydroGuard waterproof membrane for superior protection against water and other liquid substances. This version also comes with the Air-Cooled memory foam for remarkable cushioning and long-lasting breathability, as well as a side zipper that makes it easier getting the boot on and off. This Markan Bovill Tactical Boot is available in black.


The Challengers

Skechers Work Markan Tactical Boot

The Skechers Work Markan Tactical Boot is a wonderful alternative if you want complete waterproofing for your work boot. This boot comes with a seam-sealed design and the HydroGuard waterproof membrane that doesn’t allow water and other liquids to seep into the interior, providing you with the assurance that you can enjoy long-lasting foot dryness as you perform your duties in harsh weather or wet surroundings. The side zipper helps make the boot entry and exit much quicker and convenient so you won’t need to exert a lot of effort and time for this task on a regular basis. The top and sides of the upper are built with strong ripstop mesh panels that allow air to move freely within the boot and deliver enhanced protection against premature damage coming from abrasive materials all around. The boot also has synthetic material overlays on the heel and toe portions to increase the durability of these critical points. The memory foam insole cradles the foot and offers customized comfort while easing pressure points and allows proper ventilation to stop overheating.

Skechers Work Wascana Benen Waterproof Tactical Boot

The Skechers Work Wascana Benen Waterproof Tactical Boot offers complete protection against rain, water, and mud in a lower price range. This boot also takes advantage of the HydroGuard technology to preserve foot dryness by stopping liquids from entering while working hard to maintain a breathable environment that dissipates accumulated heat and perspiration. This boot comes with a classic lace-up style that allows you to easily modify the fit so that you can get to a secure and comfortable feeling without too much effort involved. It has a relaxed fit design that offers more space for the foot and toes to wiggle as needed to fight off cramps that can quickly set in after you have spent most of the day on your feet. The midsole delivers remarkable flexibility to allow you to move naturally while absorbing most of the impact resulting from nonstop walking and other movements

Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boot

The Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boot is a great choice that can easily maintain foot comfort throughout the day. This boot features a lightweight structure that moves with your foot so there’ll be nothing to interfere with your naturally efficient movements. A side zipper makes foot entry and exit more effortless so you won’t need to spend a lot of time on this activity. A special ankle support system molds to the shape of your ankle for remarkable support exactly where you need it the most. A sturdy toe cap offers increased protection in this area without compromising your comfort and mobility with its flexible profile. An antimicrobial sock liner follows the contours of your foot for enhanced comfort and works to preserve a fresh smell and feeling throughout the boot’s interior.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot

The NORTIV 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot offers great value without compromising on essential features. The upper consists of abrasion-resistant leather and breathable fabric to deliver remarkable durability while working hard to prevent overheating within the boot, especially with long hours of continuous use. The side zipper elevates your convenience by cutting the time that you need to spend on getting the boot on and off. The EVA midsole takes on the shock absorption role to protect your foot from being attacked by foot fatigue throughout long hours of working on your feet. The insole likewise protects the foot from discomfort even as it delivers nonstop support to relieve pressure points that can lead to painful blisters. At a price that averages around $50, this boot is hard to beat when it comes to affordability and functionality.

Tactical Research TR Men’s MAXX6Z Maximalist Tactical Boot

The Tactical Research TR Men’s MAXX6Z Maximalist Tactical Boot offers outstanding cushioning and shock absorption that allow you to work on your duties in the most comfortable manner. This boot comes with a 10% rubber Vibram ballistic outsole that offers strong traction, so you confidently walk over a variety of surfaces while being safe from accidental slipping. The interior is fitted with an Ortholite insole enhanced with memory foam to provide maximum cushioning to cradle your foot and protect it from pain and ease pressure spots throughout the day. A heel cup stabilizer secures your heel in place to maintain your steady footing without sacrificing your comfort in the process. The side zipper offers increased convenience when you put on and take off the boot, while the rocker midsole structure aids in a smoother gait that can improve your agile movements.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers Work Markan Bovill Tactical Boot offers superior comfort in a structure that combines the best features of a sports sneaker and a tactical boot. The lightweight design allows effortless movements while the thick outsole offers strong traction to prevent slipping, without the additional bulk and heaviness that can be expected from other tactical boots. The side zipper is designed to increase convenience but in reality, it makes the foot entry and exit more challenging because it results in a snugger fit.


Luke Davis

Luke is the lead author on He has a vast experience in construction engineering and project management in California and Texas, where he had the chance to put to test a wide range of safety boots and PPE. Outside work, Luke is an avid hiker and not surprisingly a DIY fanatic!