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Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot – A Detailed Review

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Rating : 9.4/10
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Performance Breakdown


Bottom Line

To withstand extremely cold work environments, this boot embraces your foot with extra warmth and comfort.


  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • 200 grams of insulation
  • Non-marking outsole with outstanding traction
  • Comfortable and cushy with Anti-Fatigue Technology
  • Electrical hazard protection


  • No safety toe



Type of Toe

Soft Toe


2.5lb / 1.13kg / 39.86oz



Shaft Size

6 inches



Boot type

Electrical hazard safe


Timberland PRO

Safety certifications


Price range

$149.99 to $199.00


The Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot has the qualities to keep up with demanding, cold work settings. One of the features that drew me in was its insulation – 200 grams of comfortable insulation that warded off the chill without the extremely bulky feel. This boot felt cushy and comfortable, with the Anti-Fatigue Technology working to prevent pain even with all-day walking.


The waterproof leather’s seam-sealed design blocked liquids for continuous foot dryness in wet surroundings. This boot offered electrical hazard protection for added safety around electrically charged objects. Get to know this boot’s remarkable features by reading our comprehensive review below.

When you prefer work shoes that come with a classic silhouette, this high-quality footwear choice will work wonderfully for your needs in and out of the job site.

Ideal For

  • People who are after ruggedly stylish, comfortable work boots
  • Cold and wet environments
  • Work settings that aren’t exposed to compression and impact threats


Performance Analysis


A comfortable work boot is even more of a necessity in cold conditions, and the Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot didn’t disappoint in this aspect (as well as in others). From the bottom, the Anti-Fatigue Technology worked to absorb the shock resulting from continuous walking on hard surfaces. The impact was then dispersed throughout the boot, so it doesn’t stay concentrated on specific areas of the foot. The strong shock absorption enabled me to enjoy a comfortable walking experience even when I stayed on my feet for almost the entire day. I welcomed the way the fatigue-fighting technology also delivered the energy back to my steps for longer pain-free walking. The padding offered ample softness to cradle my foot comfortably while also helping maintain its proper alignment.

I appreciated the soft toe design that kept the toe box comfortable because there wasn’t a hard toe cap that would’ve dug painfully into my toes from the top. I did feel some rubbing on my small toe, but it’s not something that would cause a great deal of pain. To avoid this issue, you may want to go up half a size to make the toe box more spacious. I loved the generously cushioned collar that embraced my calf with enough softness to prevent painful chafing. This component also had another advantage as it helped secure my ankle in place. At the same time, it gave enough room for my ankle to move naturally while preventing accidental twisting when navigating tricky surfaces.

With 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation built into the boot, my foot didn’t feel uncomfortably chilled when I worked in low-temperature environments. This enhancement kept my foot comfortably warm, so I was able to continue working in cold conditions for extended periods of time without my feet getting too cold. If you want to further increase the boot’s warmth, you can go up half a size and then use a thick pair of socks to ward off the unbearable coldness in some job sites. I especially liked the insulation material’s thin structure because it didn’t take up a lot of space, making the boot roomy enough to allow my foot to move comfortably. It’s worth noting though, that the boot made my foot feel extra warm in hot settings. As such, I won’t recommend it for long periods of use in high-temperature job areas.



I appreciated this boot’s hefty structure because it added to my comfort instead of bringing an unwelcome feeling. This boot isn’t as heavy as safety toe work boots I’ve used before, but it’s not exactly lightweight, either. Its considerable weight worked to my advantage when I was in cold conditions as it enhanced comfort and helped ward off the unwelcome chill, with the thick leather successfully stopping cold air from seeping in.



The oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsole delivered powerful traction, allowing me to walk over unstable or wet surfaces without worrying that I would easily lose my secure footing. It strongly gripped the ground, and I felt my foot planted more firmly on tricky surfaces, which included rough concrete and slick floors. The abrasion-resistant structure held its own in tough environments without easily getting damaged, so I confidently used the boot without fear of premature damage. I liked the sole’s non-marking quality because it prevented me from tracking dirty footsteps on clean indoor floors. I should mention that they tend to be quite squeaky, though, especially when used in smooth surface conditions.


Fit and Sizing

The boot felt comfortably spacious. At first, I was worried that I’d have problems getting my foot into the boot because of the thickly cushioned collar. I was happy to discover that this wasn’t the case at all, as I easily slipped my foot in without discomfort. However, going up half a size may be a good idea to prevent the mild discomfort that I felt on my small toe. The upsizing will also allow you to more fully maximize the insulation as it would give the space needed to accommodate thick socks.



The waterproof leather formed a protective barrier against liquids, stopping them from entering so I was able to enjoy total foot dryness for hours even when I was working in wet conditions. I appreciated the seam-sealed construction and the waterproof leather as it further prevented moisture from seeping in.



The inner lining has a breathable design that encouraged the air to move continuously inside the boot. It allowed excess heat to quickly escape before it could cause overheating, even when I used the boot for a long time in hot environments. The lining also drew away moisture, so my foot stayed dry throughout the day. I liked the antimicrobial treatment that worked to control foot odor.


Quality and Durability

The Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot showcases a rugged structure that can keep up with tough job sites. However, it didn’t look as bulky as other work boots that I’ve tried before. It’s actually quite stylish and fits in nicely not only with workwear but also with casual outfits. The thick leather didn’t feel too heavy but instead worked to my advantage as it kept the warmth intact and stopped cold air from getting in. The electrical hazard protection delivered extra protection against electric shock, making this boot a suitable choice for those who work in job sites that have exposure to electrically charged items.

The waterproof leather upper blocked out water, mud, and other moisture sources, giving me the assurance of enjoying complete foot dryness when I needed to work in wet surroundings. I liked the seam-sealed design because it enhanced protection against liquid penetration, so I was able to work in challenging job sites without getting my feet wet. Double and quadruple stitching delivered a nice contrast to the plain leather upper while also ensuring that the components were strongly attached to one another for superior durability. The metallic eyelets supported the shoelaces and felt robust enough to withstand numerous lace adjustments. Like those used in hiking boots, the thick laces were long enough to be double knotted for extra stability and to trap the warmth inside the boot.

Speaking of warmth, this boot excelled in that department because of its 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation. The interior felt warm enough to ward off the uncomfortable chill when I was working in cold settings, allowing me to walk and move around normally without frozen feet. What makes this insulation material even better is its low-profile design that doesn’t take up all the space, leaving enough room to allow my foot to shift in place to prevent painful cramping. To further take advantage of the insulation properties, you may want to go up half a size – this way, you can use thick socks in cold conditions. I should mention that this boot felt extremely warm in already warm surroundings, so it’s best used in low-temperature environments.

Comfort wasn’t an issue with this boot, thanks to the Anti-Fatigue Technology that worked to absorb most of the force that’s produced by long hours of standing or walking on unforgiving surfaces. I liked how the technology also worked to return the energy to my steps, so I was able to walk for longer periods without feeling a lot of pain. The shock diffusion plate worked to manage the impact coming from repetitive steps, at the same time delivering the rigidity that’s needed to maintain the boot’s structural strength. I loved the collar’s thick padding that surrounded my calf with comfortable softness, preventing chafing while also keeping my ankle in a secured position so it didn’t easily twist when walking quickly in challenging surface conditions.

The rubber outsole delivered outstanding traction that made it easy for me to walk on tricky surfaces, including rough concrete and slick floors, without compromising my balance. The outsole had a powerful grip on various surfaces, and it was also abrasion-resistant, so it easily kept up with demanding settings without getting damaged. I especially liked how the heel added stability by biting strongly into unstable ground and offering a strong grip on ladder rungs. However, the sole was squeaky on some smooth surfaces. It should be noted that this boot doesn’t have a safety toe cap, so it may not keep the foot protected against impact and compression hazards.


Other Versions

The Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot is offered in wheat nubuck and Turkish coffee color schemes. It also comes in a steel toe version.


The Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot is offered in wheat nubuck and Turkish coffee color schemes. It also comes in a steel toe version.

The Challengers

Thorogood Soft Streets Series Women’s Insulated Boot

The Thorogood Soft Streets Series Women’s Insulated Boot is made with water-resistant full-grain leather that protects the foot against excessive wetness in case of exposure to limited amounts of water, mud, and other liquids. It’s insulated with 400 grams of Thinsulate to ensure that your foot will be kept warm and comfortable as you walk and move around in exceptionally cold conditions. The moisture-wicking lining draws away moisture to promote comfortable foot dryness for a longer period. The PU footbed cradles the foot with enough padding, supporting the foot’s proper alignment while protecting it from feeling the extreme hardness of unforgiving surfaces. The Soft Streets outsole offers extra cushioning from the bottom to keep you walking comfortably all day long. It also delivers strong traction to keep you walking safely over tricky surfaces without losing your balance. The cushioned collar helps secure the ankle in its proper position but tends to rub painfully against the skin.

Carhartt Women’s Rugged Flex 6-Inch Comp Toe Work Boot

The Carhartt Women’s Rugged Flex 6-Inch Comp Toe Work Boot is a great choice that’s packed with outstanding features without the sky-high price. The composite toe cap protects the foot against serious crushing injuries in case heavy objects suddenly drop onto the boot from high areas. It’s not as heavy as steel so it offers continuous protection without making the boot uncomfortably bulky. The electrical hazard safe design provides additional protection against electric shock in case you accidentally touch open circuits in dry conditions. The EVA midsole soaks up the force resulting from long hours of nonstop walking on hard surfaces and keeps the impact dispersed. The boot has a spacious interior that allows natural foot movements without the restrictive feeling while still promoting a stable walking experience. The outsole with its aggressive treads strongly grips various surfaces to keep you walking safely. This component is very flexible, easily adapting to your foot’s movements for unhampered comfort and agility. However, this boot isn’t waterproof, so it’s not recommended for exceptionally wet settings.

Muck Boot Women’s Muck Originals Lace-Up Boot

The Muck Boot Women’s Muck Originals Lace-Up Boot has a stylish profile that easily matches workwear as well as jeans for a fashionably laidback aesthetic. The hand-laid rubber upper delivers maximum waterproof protection, guaranteeing that your foot will remain dry while you’re working in extremely wet conditions. The upper doesn’t have open seams where moisture can seep, which enhances the boot’s liquid resistance. The full neoprene bootie conforms to the foot’s curves for remarkable comfort and at the same time delivers insulation that’s rated to sub-freezing temperatures (65°F or 18°C). The molded PU footbed cradles the foot with comforting softness, with the memory foam cover molding to the foot’s shape to relieve pressure points and prevent blisters. However, the rubber structure may not be ideal for job settings that strictly require leather footwear.

Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot

The Keen Women’s 6-Inch San Jose Boot has a waterproof body that blocks liquids to promote long-lasting foot dryness when you’re walking around exceptionally wet surroundings. It has an aluminum toe cap that guards the foot against compression and impact risks to prevent serious harm in case these hazards are dropped on the boot. This toe enhancement doesn’t weigh as much as steel, so the boot maintains a reduced weight level and doesn’t drag uncomfortably on the foot even with long hours of use. The electrical hazard safe structure offers a secondary source of protection against electrocution should you unknowingly come in contact with electrically charged materials in dry conditions. The robust construction is designed to keep up with demanding work settings, maintaining the boot’s structural strength and resisting premature damage even with heavy use. The outsole powerfully grips different surfaces, allowing you to continue walking on slick or unstable ground conditions while avoiding slipping at the same time. The boot feels a bit loose, though, so the back part tends to rub painfully against the heel.

Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Boot

The Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Boot has a sporty profile that seamlessly blends in with workwear and also goes remarkably well with jeans for a more laidback style. The waterproof leather stops water and other liquids from coming in to ensure continuous foot dryness when you’re in particularly wet environments. The proprietary M Select DRY membrane blocks moisture penetration and at the same time allows moisture to evaporate quickly, allowing the interior to maintain its dry condition for a long period of time. The bellows tongue stops debris and dirt from creeping into the boot and also prevents moisture sources from sneaking in through the shoelaces and eyelets. The rubber rand and toe cap deliver additional protection against abrasion to prolong the boot’s life, especially in tough work conditions. The 200 grams of M Select WARM insulation keeps the foot warm and comfortable to ward off a painfully frozen feeling in low temperatures. This boot doesn’t feel very rigid and supportive, though, so it doesn’t always feel completely stable on uneven surfaces.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Timberland PRO 6-Inch Direct Attach Women’s Insulated Boot is a great choice that provides superior comfort and support in cold conditions. I especially liked the Thinsulate insulation that kept my foot comfortably warm without making the boot feel too tight and bulky from within. The durable construction is designed to last through days of tough activities, with the waterproof seam-sealed structure blocking liquids to promote continuous foot dryness. I loved the comfortable cushioning and anti-fatigue technology that contributed to pain-free walking all day long. However, as it doesn’t have a safety toe, it’s not the best choice for hazardous work settings.


What we like

  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • High-traction, non-marking outsole
  • Comfortable, with Anti-Fatigue Technology
  • Electrical hazard safe

What we don’t like

  • No safety toe

Professions These Are Ideal For

Plumbers, Carpenters, Farmers, Ranch Workers, Electricians

Emma Ray

Emma is a senior editor at where her role mainly involves testing and writing about women’s safety work wear. Emma has 12 years of experience with leading work wear stores in Houston and San Antonio alike, where she helped hundreds of customers to choose the right work wear for their profession.